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Saturday Selection: Florida-South Carolina thread

COLUMBIA, SC – I’m in the house here at Williams-Brice Stadium. With Georgia getting shellacked at Auburn, this should be a rowdy nighttime crowd. 


Redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy is out stretching, but has yet to throw a pass. I still expect Skyler Morhinweg to make his first-career appearance today. That or we could see a whole-lotta Trey Burton Wild-Gator magic!

***** UPDATE *****

It's official, Morhinweg is the announced starter. Also, junior cornerback Marcus Roberson is suspended for violating team rules. 

My pregame teaser…

GAINESVILLE -- No. 11 South Carolina (7-2, 5-2 SEC) has won six of its last seven games, is fresh off an idle date and stars two of the top players -- tailback Mike Davis and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney -- in the Southeastern Conference.

Meanwhile, Florida (4-5, 3-4 SEC) limps into Columbia down to its fourth- and fifth-string offensive tackles and could start a redshirt freshman at quarterback taking his first-career collegiate snap. 

This could get ugly -- fast.

Florida and South Carolina square off in prime time Saturday night (7 p.m., ESPN2) in a battle of the ascending versus the fading. 

The Gators -- in the midst of their second four-game losing streak in three seasons -- must pull off at least one upset -- over No. 11 USC or No. 2 FSU -- to avoid their first losing season since the Iran hostage crisis (1979).

Embattled head coach Will Muschamp -- who received a public vote of confidence from the UF administration on Wednesday -- called his team “fragile” this week and cited a pervasive “woe-is-me” mentality after the humbling loss to Vanderbilt last Saturday.

“We’ve got to coach better. We’ve got to find ways to put our guys in better position, better situations to overcome that,” he said. “The psychological battle of getting our guys in the right situations to be successful. That’s our job as coaches.” 


Scoreboard: 39-22-2 ATS, 5-4 selecting Florida games 

I've been on the road today, so this week’s six-pack single selection: South Carolina (-13.5) vs. Florida. With so much uncertainty at quarterback, I’ll be impressed if Florida scores over 10 points today.  

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This offense doesnt stand a chance. Neither does a freshman qb. Well my Canes lost tonigt. But I have a warm feeling inside knowing that even if we lose our last two and yall( chuckle) win your last 3 ( that would include an upset win over georgia southern) we are still better than U.

Wrong cane tard, when you loose to USF at home, you're the 4th best. Even though that was a few years ago, that will take another 5 years to loose that stink. You have to loose to the bottom dwelleres to be considered a bottom dweller.

Jls or Gatoralm posting under several different names indicates damaged psyche, what say you both eh. A hard fought game but yet more disappointment meets your team again, enough of ill will towards others take your medicine and find a hobby, what say you eh

Another SEC whoopin, gators cant compete with them cockks. Spurrier toyed with them boys tonight and that QB you have looks like a bad Tebow wanna be.BAWAHHHH

Talk about projecting D, you hypocrite! I've never posted under any other name but this one. That immaturity is left to cane fans. I think its pretty obvious the canes are the 4th best team in the state. We actually have half our team out with injuries. There's not a single team in the country that wouldn't be having the same results we are when 8 starters go down. The canes just plain ole suck! Just like they have for the past 10 years! Welcome back to the world of unranked LOSERS!

D projecting again, stealing IDs is a cane thing, just ask your alter ego sid The Moron cane.
Gators did compete with USC but this roster is too depleted to beat a top 15 team on the road.
Hey Jesse they scored 14 what you say?
Told you the other day that Phillips should be the kicker for those 20 yarders.
Only a Moron will come to trash talk here after his team got destroyed by Duke.

Jls and gatoralm still negative and projecting your ill will now towards me not productive what say you eh.
Just absorb the beatings your team is receiving as this is not uncommon for you or your team and stop the abuse toward others eh. Just remember your team plays in the SEC and though they are one of the worst in the SEC they do try hard, what say you eh.

JLS: I wrote as much. Pease called a great gameplan with the toys available.

We do absorb the losses and chalk it up to a depleted roster. Again, what's the canes excuse? You don't want a response, then go back to the cane blog and continue bashing your own sorry team!

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