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See your injury crisis and raise you a catastrophe

GAINESVILLE -- Sheesh. There's a Black Knight Monty Python joke somewhere in here.  Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 3.46.47 PM

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Hate to see any team decimated by injuries. Injuries suck and you must move on.
Like Coach says it's not an excuse, it's reality. No Gator is making excuses, we deal with it and move on.
Leave the excuses for that other team's "fans".

Jls is delUsional! If ga south beats the gators with more injuries ,then what coach? At home? Ga south is watching rajun cajun film and thinking" we can" "we can". How low have You stooped when you have to beat the cajuns at home in the final seconds with a blocked punt? What channel is that game on again? You guys gotta quit pickin on those little schools, there starting to pick back. Remember Appalachian st?

that would be almost as bad as losing to the ACC's top chess team by 3 touchdowns

U mean like loosing to USF at home?

Jls14234, what happened to the "reload" theory everyone says the sec does? Remember, we dont rebuild, we reload? If it was that simple, you would have more wins now. Right? You kept saying that all offseason when I said this season wouldnt be as good as last years fluke season.

canetrash? Yu gots som xplanin to do

New cutesy name, same ole Moron. Could this be my fan club president sid The Moron cane?
Listen jerky, I've told you before, I'm not interested.
I know you can't find a girl, I know you don't have any friends, but camping here 24/7, changing names every other post and posting the same crap is not going to help you.
Move from that trailer in Bunnel. Go live in Miramar, closer to No Life or go to Miami and be among other Morons of your ilk. Only an idiot would live around the Jacksonville area and walk around town in a Goodwill-issue faded cane T shirt and not expect to be made fun of. Get a clue dummy.

I bet the acc's top chess team can beat the gators at football this season

I bet you are the same ole Moron with a different name

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