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VIDEO: A snippet of Muschamp's press conference after loss to Vandy

GAINESVILLE -- A somber and dejected Will Muschamp addresses the media after Florida's embarrassing 34-17 loss to Vanderbilt on homecoming. 


Random Fact: With today's defeat, Muschamp is now 22-13 (in three seasons) as a head coach at Florida. Vanderbilt's James Franklin is 20-15 over the same time period. 


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LMAO at all the trash talk after the game and here we are now and silence! Getting smashed by UNRANKED VT at home. A team that got beat by Duke and Boston College. Hilarious!!! Reality hurts!! Talk all the trash you want about the Gators, but the fact is, if you played a schedule worth a damn you'd have the same record. Again, the most overrated team in the history of college football! Welcome back to reality cane fans!

Lmao...7-2 is waaay better than 4-5.lol. we can still play in a decent bowl...lmao , yall aren't even gonna qualify. I stand tall with my team!

Sidcane, you can stand tall with your team all you want, but they still sUck! I was laughing my butt off reading all the Cane fans crying on their blog. They unanimously want Al Golden (and D'Onofrio) fired! One guy actually wrote that if the Gators fire Muschamp, Miami should hire him, that way at least Miami would have a defense! Hilarious!

I feel bad for Muschamp. He's a good guy. I hope next year he leads the Gators back to prominence. I would love to see the Gators have a championship season with him at the helm.

Truthfully though, I don't see that happening. I don't think Muschamp has what it takes. I see us sucking through next year as well, and Muschamp being fired midway through the season.

Hey, it's better to suck than to be mediocre. At least when you suck, people get fired and changes happen.


We're going to get killed by South Carolina and FSU is going to embarrass us, but GO GATORS anyways.

We're so bad, you just have to laugh at this mess!

Funny thing is, the biggest victory the Canes had all year was when they beat us. I guess our revenge was sucking so bad throughout the rest of the year as to make that victory mean little.

Funny how quickly things change. It goes from we're back and going to win a title this year to at least we have a better record than you. lol! It's just another year in a row of accomplishing nothing but a championship of running your mouth.

Funny how U go from "we dont rebuild we reload" to 4-5....LMAO!

Funny part is we haven't been to a bowl in two years by forced choice....y'all ain't even gonna qualify. We lost to two of the best D's in the country and beat 1 . Sc will beat U next week then U have a possible win in ga southern.4-6...maybe 4-7 headedinto the seminole game, ok lets say 5-6..... your still not going to a bowl game.lmao! We are, thats an improvement for us. The funny part is U wont qualify. Gators are the new vandy of the south.

Posted by: ttoo many 10+ yrd plays | November 10, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Posted by: 21-16 17-6 36-17 23-20 34-17 +L +?+ L | November 10, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Get off the Gator blog fools. You're a retard(s) for trying to talk trash after the way UM played last night.

Lol sarasota....they have been talking trash all these years even after we beat them and are still on our blogs talking trash and U have the nerve to call us "retards"? Do U know that is an offensive word to people who have mentally challenged children( including gator inbred kids)? By using that one word U are talking trash to all those parents that cant help their situation. Try choosing better words when U try to call someone out. It makes U look like one of them. They have no morals and neither do U. Wont help their season anyway,lol!

Suckyo..we beat your best team U fielded with all your starters...then when players started dropping like flies, U were supposed to "reload" like U say. So much for the reload theory.Did bama call and tell y'all to quit chanting sec,sec,sec, because y'all haven't been doing that for awhile? FSU is the best team in the country so at least there will be no shame in losing to them.

Sid, you are a retard. Period. Sarasota is correct.
We gifted you a game, put you on the map. Gave you a brief 7 week stretch of fake glory but now you revert back to your old selves. You still may very well lose to Pitt and Duke, pathetic.
We suck. But we know we do.
You suck. You think you are good.
Delusional idiots.
Yet you are still here. MORON.

Lol...and going bowling!

Jls...another example of moralless gator hick! Thanks for proving my point in your opening sentence! We may not be great, but we ARE better than U...lol! The funny part is if we lose our last 3 we will still have a better record thanU. ACC,ACC,ACC LOL.

Retard Sid,
I am not a hick
You are still a retard
Calling you so has nothing to do with "morals"
You are definitively not "great"
7 - 2 in the ACC is equivalent to 4 - 5 in the SEC
So we are about the same
Funny part is you may lose the remaining 3
Very funny indeed

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