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"We had them"

GAINESVILLE --  A pair of early evening videos...

* Florida linebacker Michael Taylor, the team's leading tackler (61 stops), candidly dishes on UF's five-game losing streak, the "frustrating loss" to South Carolina, stopping Georgia Southern's triple option and fixing the defense's assignment issues.


* Defensive tackle Leon Orr, a redshirt junior who met with reporters for the first time since media day in August, talked about the team's failed fake punt in the loss to USC, the origins of the play, his development at Florida and slowing down an offense (triple-option) most guys haven't seen since high school. 


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I am picking GA Southern, but I cant call it an upset because the game is between two division II schools.

Gators might as well forfeit this weeks game before getting embarrassed again. Heck,even with a w they will still not be able to go bowling. This coaching staff sucks and they can blame it on injuries all they want ,but in the end it is coaching that doesnt have this team prepared . We need an offensive coordinator that is not overrated and maybe a head coach too. Changes must be made. This ship is sinking fast with 5 straight shots to the bow.

Gators win by 4....in an upset.

@mikey b - 'we', 'they' which ship are you on man?

Spermier, Mickey b and "Gallo". 2 "new" trolls on the block and one certified loser with a stolen name.

haters, mickey b troll is on the loser cane ship pretending to be a Gator, he is so dumb he can't keep the "we" and "they" straight. Reminds me of "swamp fever" the loser pretender.
These trolls change names every few weeks but post the same crap and think we will not be able to recognize them. Shows you how dumb they are.

Barry Jackson has a story on how a cane "insider" says they want to sport an SEC caliber defense but all the experts say that next year their D will be as sorry as the one they have now and will be so for years to come.
Imagine if the sorry canes played a real schedule. If they played USC, UGA, and Mizzou instead of UNC, GaTech, and Wake. That would be 3 more losses so they would be 4 - 6.
It is telling that they can't put up a winning team while playing all these ACC patsys, if they were in any other conference they would be a .500 team every single year.
And these collection of Morons have the gall to come here and trash talk.
Stupid enough they can't pretend to be a Gator fan correctly and stupid enough to post here when their team has sucked for the past decade. The thing all these Miami Morons have in common, they are all stupid.

The funny thing is the canes suck and fail to recognize, yet alone accept it. I guess when you suck for so long, the slightest glimpse of winning distorts all reality. " Gee, we're 7-3 better than 4-6". Ok, your right, the thing is that we know that we have areas to fix where you idiots think that your going to a BCS bowl. We'll fix our problems but you retards will field the same crappy defense and be sucky again this time next year losing to Duke again.

Stoopid as canetrash,gallo,canefan72, harriet, soldy,curse? U asked for it U got it.lol!4 wins is all U have. Oh, and a bunch of trolls haunting U.

"We'll fix our problems.."

errrr, there ain't not fix for Driskel, the sieve O-line, best defenders leaving and Muscrap.

Other than that, yeah, you should be fine. Go back and read Jesse's post from Sunday. 2014 ain't looking too bright. Then again, a UFraud grad ain't too bright either.

@ its not et al - enlightening for someone that's never been north of Miami/Dade county line

Was referring to the coaching staff "they". I am not a coach. Sorry if little things like we and they bother you.technically we (me and you) are not on the team sowe should all use they if commenting.

"2014 ain't looking too bright."

Look at young Jimmy Gallo using lazy ghetto talk. "Ain't" isn't a word son. Somebody as worldly and cultured as you should know that.

Did Voltaire use "ain't" when he wrote Candide? Didn't think so.

Jimmy Gallo, a posterboy for hypocrisy.

No wonder you got rejected by U.F. You probably used "ain't" in your essay. No lazy ghetto talk, son.

Class is in session chUmp.

You get a detention for being a hypocrite.

"Stoopid as canetrash,gallo,canefan72, harriet, soldy,curse?"
You call fellow cane minions "stoopid", if you say so. You even threw in gallo there, you mean the real Jim Gallo right?
But to answer your question, no. You are "stoopidier" than all those combined.

"errrr, there ain't not fix for Driskel, the sieve O-line, best defenders leaving and Muscrap."

1 - The jury is still out on Driskel but either Grier or Skyler can push him next year. Better than what you will field next year.
2 - the O line will be much better just by having the injured guys back and playing together all the way from the Spring to the start of the season.
3 - the best defenders are not leaving, Fowler and Bullard are back, so is Hardgraves, Morrison and all the safeties.
plus many more.
4 - Muschamp has proven he can put a winning team together just last year he did so. What has Golden Boy done besides lose to crappy ACC teams every single year. No ACC ship ever.
You go back and read Barry Jackson's article and get ready for more of the same next year. That would be more cane crap just like the past 10 years.

True indeed JLS.


Plus, UF will upset FSU!!!

Lol at the three amigos. Jlo,gatordumb,and suckio. Dish it and cant take it. Just punt on 3rd down like spurrier used to do. J , can You tell me who the real gallo is being that you are so surethe fake gallo is now on the gator blog too?

Dish it and can't take it? That's hilarious! The delusions are alive and well. It really is comical how you idiots forget that this is "GATOR" clause. You're here every day all day talking smack and we react. What do you expect reject? We don't dish anything, we react to your idiocy and hypocrisy. When you're on another teams blog, you're dishing it. I know that concept is really hard for you community college superstars to comprehend. It's simple, your team sucks just as much as ours. You've just benefited from an absolute joke of a schedule, so get clue and shut your mouths for once. You've had your 15 mins of fame, then reality set in just like it has for the past 10 years.

Funny how fans from team that just lost the last 3 games by a total of 63 points come here and talk trash.

If they beat Virgina this year, will they tear down the goalposts? Or will Virginia make it 4 in a row?

2 win Virginia has beaten the sorry canes the past two years and here they are ready to beat them again.
Spurrier is a genius, sometimes punting on 3rd down is the right thing to do, only Spurrier has the balls to do so.
Hope we start Skyler and let him throw early and often, the kid needs game time experience.
Go gators!!

JLS, you've got it wrong, Virginia has beaten Miami the last 3 in a row, Golden has never won against UVA, the series is now tied up at 5-5.

Go Gators!

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