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A straightforward blueprint: Roper explains offensive philosophy

GAINESVILLE -- Florida tabbed Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper as the man to revive UF’s anemic attack Thursday. 

Florida’s stagnant offense morphed into a national punching bag this fall, as the Gators stumbled to their worst record -- and first losing season -- since Jimmy Carter was president. 

During his introductory teleconference, Roper -- who remains with the Blue Devils through their Chick-Fil-A Bowl game against Texas A&M (Dec. 31) -- openly acknowledged he knows very little about Florida’s personnel and has no preconceived notions or predetermined offensive scheme.

But unlike his predecessors, Roper seems intent on evaluating UF’s talent first and then building a blueprint that best suits his players.   

Good start. 

While ESPN.com reported the Gators would transition to an “up-tempo spread offense,” Roper laid out a straightforward offensive philosophy not pigeonholed to any set system:

“It's very simple, but it's the truth of the matter. Our whole philosophy is five points: We want to get 11 people on the field. We want to get them lined up. We want to get them set with motion. We want to snap the ball before the playclock runs out, and we want the ball at the end of the play. And those things are what we will coach. Coaching is not plays or formations or this; it's how to make decisions and how to play the game with effort and those types of things. We've got to go in and find out who are the playmakers with the ball and what our players of capable of doing up front and what we're capable of doing at the quarterback position." 

Admittedly, the K.I.S.S. philosophy sounds awful familiar, but the idea of tailoring a system that best suits your players is a totally different tune. 

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LMAO...now that the courtship is over, he will quickly realize he is in over his head. Les, Jimbo, Steve, and Nick will show no mercy.

Now they just need a QB, a few RB's and a few receivers.

Sounds vanilla and the other SEC defenses are licking their chops. Gator tail anyone?

5 point offensive scheme and its
Get 11 players on the field (uh,thats a rule)
Get 11 players llined up
Get them lined up
Snap the ball
Finish play with ball

Really? Isnt that what 1/2 of football is about. Arent those basic rules? Shouldnt he say " protect the qb"? Or" open some holes"? Or "focus on the kicker"? Get 11 guys on the field? Really? Should have kept pease!

Did he have that jotted down on a napkin? Or did he store that whole philosophy in his head?

Gatoralum, really, your post are hilarious so you say he coached 12 of 18 years in the SEC so that means what? He was a Grad Asst at Tennessee (glorified chart holder), then QB coach and Passing Coord. at Ole Miss.( Ole Miss. enough said), Kentucky as a QB coach (Great QB school, not), Tennessee as RB coach (needed a paycheck so they threw him a bone obviously he had no RB experience) and then DUKE! (one good year every 20 years school). Wow I am impressed, I am sure Alabama, FSU, Miami, Oregon and USC had this guy at the top of their wish list. Is it clear how ignorant your post are now?

So now you're OrlandoCane? Man you cane fans can't just stick to one name. I think the entire fan base is composed of people with multiple personality disorder! Refer to my answer on the previous article to your clueless double post. Hey Sid, maybe you should write his speeches from now on, since you seem to think you know what should and shouldn't be said. I'm pretty sure the Gators had huge success the last time they plucked a coach from Duke in 1990. The guy had more success at a basketball school than any coordinator has had in the last 10 years at UM, so I'm not exactly sure what you're basing your clueless opinions on. But then again you're the most delusional fan base in all of college football!

even the recruits can smell the stinch in gainesville...they are bailing faster than gatoralums national championship dreams

Funny how this guy wiped his butt with the mighty U while at Duke but now he sucks and is a moron? He did that with way less talent by the way.

Pee you or is it Jls, Gatoralum, I see what you mean by sick gator fans changing their names they post under. 1 win in 4 years as OC for Duke does not make him worthy of saying he is a top flight OC. Guess you boys will find out soon enough next season however he may do ok because from what I can see this year the SEC teams really did not have much of anything resembling a defense in the seccg.

gatoralum, you are really delusional and nonsensical in your thought process. Manning was gift wrapped to the program since Eli wanted to attend his dad's school. He had the talent from coaching received since he was old enough to hold a football. How did the QB before Manning do under Ropers coaching? You don't know the answer so don't google it. Then you say second rate players who care more about education than becoming Prof. Football players like it is a bad thing, wow your warped. At uf they become neither good students nor NFL players so whats the difference between Duke and uf, a degree that is worth something is from Duke.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/12/official-gators-hire-roper-.html#storylink=cpy

Just in from ESPN the top 10 Worst Plays of 2013 and the Number 1 play was (Drum Roll Please)
The two gator players blocking each other on a running play!
You gator fans must be so proud of your team, not only is everyone laughing at the band of misfits Muschamp has put together but now you are getting recognition because this play will now overshadow the butt fumble by the Jets. Thanks for the laughs this year and I am sure many more to come next year.

Teacher players to block team wearing other colored jersey.

Lmao...almost forgot about the players blocking each other after the ga southeast beatdown...thanks for the memories! Coaches may change but the talent is the same. Expect more team blocking and sack fumbles next season.

I wonder if anyone showed him the viedo of the players blocking each other? Thats why the first few turned the job down. How do you work with that talent?

OrlandoCane, you are the most hypocritical person amongst the most hypocritical fan base in all of college football. First of all, I stick with the same name all the time. I mean you're so warped you post the exact same comment using 2 different names! I never said he was a top flight OC, just that it's hilarious that you guys make fun of the hire when he's accomplished a lot more than any OC has in the last 10 years for the canes. 2nd of all, nowhere in my comment did I say wanting an education over football is a bad thing. Once again the uneducated portion of the cane fan base doesn't comprehend what was being said! My point was, they are second rate players who he coached and got to accomplish more than your joke of a team. The top rated players go to football factories with pipelines to the NFL, not Duke. Not sure how your warped mind twisted that. Clearly you never played football, because coaches can definitely handcuff a players talents. Being a cane fan you'd think you'd know that first hand. So to say he had nothing to do with the development of manning shows how little you know. Thank you for the laughs for the last 10 years, and I know there will be many many more to come! Because there is nothing funnier than a fan of a team talking trash as if they are 10 straight national title winners when its been 10 straight years of sorriness!

Lol at gatordumd...why all the whinning about changing screenames? Is that what bothers U most? I have used 20-30 diffefent names and U keep calling me sid for some reason. Just adress him as sid and carry on with your weak argument. As far as talent, this guy didnt have any players blocking each other so it appears he had way better talent at duke to work with. He better hit the trail soon or all the talent will be gone because muschamp sure cant find it. If he focuses on not blocking your own players and not talkling your own players on gimme touchdowns he should do better than pease

Gatoralum, actually I am signed in using Type pad so my ID is in blue and will not allow others to use my ID as has been done in the past, therefore I am free to use my regular ID. Your thought that Roper is a better OC than Miami has had in the past 10 years shows you are the warped one. Dukes offense was rated 47th and Miami's was 46th overall according to the 2013 NCAA statistics and 3 of the past 4 years since Roper has been at Duke, Miami's offensive was ranked much higher than Dukes so the hypocrite is you sir. My point was also valid on your comment regarding your point that Duke players are 2nd rate, seeing how the gators lost to GA. Southern a Div. II school this year, I guess they are 3rd and 4th rate players but somehow pounded the gators in your home stadium, I guess by that logic you employ the gator players are less than Div. II players academically and athletically. Also please make sure to comment next year when Muschamp is fired and Golden takes the Canes another step further now that the NCAA cloud is gone. I also remember you calling for the death penalty for Miami and I replied just a few scholly reductions is all that would happen and even though that was 2 years ago, appears I was correct.

Gatoralum above stated "Because there is nothing funnier than a fan of a team talking trash as if they are 10 straight national title winners when its been 10 straight years of sorriness!"

Below are the canes records for the past 10 years, not sure your definition of sorry but I would say 3 losses or less is pretty good and Miami has 6 seasons with more than 3 total losses over the last 10 years compared with the gators who have had 6 seasons over the same 10 year period with more than 3 total losses, and Miami has beaten uf 2 of 3 during the same period. Guess you should check facts before inserting your foot in your mouth!

Miami Records
2003 11-2
2004 9-3 pounded UF in bowl game
2005 9-3
2006 7-6
2007 5-7
2008 7-6
2009 9-4
2010 7-6
2011 6-6
2012 7-5
2013 9-3 pounded UF in wk 2

Correction, make that Miami has had 7 seasons of more than 3 losses and uf 6 seasons of more than 3 losses in the same 10 year period.

Overall Records the last 10 years.

U--- 74-50 in the lowly acc. Not even 1 acc coastal.

UF --- 94-36 in a Far Superior Conference... The S.E.C. 4 East Titles - 3 SEC Titles - 2 National Championships.

U Looose again.

Pu....and now U have a lowly acc assistant....wow! We are 2-1 against U in that same time frame so is that conference really superior?

I would tell U that the last 7 straight National Champions were 4 different teams from the SEC and going for an 8th. in a row, but U wouldn't understand. It's a delusional Cane thang.

UM doesnt need a conference for a dynasty....we create our own. Why do yall always revert back to sec sec sec ,its cam newton ,tebow, and bama. The worst part is thats what people will be hearing for the next twenty years even though the ACC is gonna break that streak. U dont hear us chanting ACC ACC ACC. We dont ride coattails.

Orlando, I stated the canes have not won more than 9 games in 10 straight seasons, which is mediocre, so thank you for proving my point. Not sure exactly what point you are trying to make. Why don't you post the Gators records during that same time frame, and you'll see it is far superior. Yeah, your offense ranked 1 position higher than Duke. I guess that's something to be proud of. Again, because I know it's hard for you to comprehend, my point was he accomplished far more than the canes with far less talent. You can go ahead and compare Duke to the gators when they're starting mostly 3rd and 4th stringers because of an absurd amount of injuries, but that just shows your stupidity. If you actually believe Duke has more talented players than the Gators when they are fielding all their first teamers, then again that shows how much you know. I love how you guys keep talking about how bad the Gators are as if injuries had nothing to do with it. I'd love to see what the canes would look like when half the o-line is out, they're down to their 3rd string QB. All 3 starting LBs are out, their 1st team RB is out. Arguably the most dominant defensive tackle in the country is out. I'm pretty sure you'd look a hell of a lot worse considering you lost to sorry teams with a full compliment of players. Injuries decimate a team , it's not an excuse it's a fact. But then again I wouldn't expect cane fans to grasp reality.

Gatordummy...3rd and 4 th stringers? I didnt realize yall had 44 plus injuries.

Also gator dummy, we lost to sorry teams? None as sorry as georgia southeastern! Thats a fact jack! Gators should have won that one with their scout team. Thats coaching not talent.

Again, and im sorry gatordumb....how did southeast georgia beat U with 20 less schollys and MORE INJURIES? Not 1 gator fan has answered that one. Its not because the whahsecwhah is so tough because ga se doesnt play in the sec. Answer that 1 question or vanish like jlo and mikey.

Also yall lost to us with your complete team? Riddle me that one batman....and yall weren't even blocking each other in that game.

LOL...Roper just added " get positve yardage" to his philosophy. He also said there was one about" no negative yardage" that he couldnt put his finger on but would get back to us on that one.

LMFAO!! Hey Sid how does it feel to be slapped across the face by Karma?? All that trash talk all year long about the Gators losing to Louisville, and the canes got destroyed worse than the Gators did. I guess it's a good thing the canes don't play Georgia Southern. LOL!! And don't give me that at least we were playing a a bowl game bs, because you ran your mouth like crazy when you weren't and we lost to them in a BCS bowl. Maybe now you'll shut your mouth for once and realize your team is a joke and has been for a long time! Don't look now, I think Louisville just scored again! By far the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!!

Ahem, the only thing funnier than the score is if Teddy would just run into the tunnel. For real though, to think we had Strong on our staff and let him go is hard to swallow. Hopefully he's around next year when if the Muchamp experiment doesn't work.

Gee, U think that will keep these idiots away for awhile? 36-9 where are you?

Was here the wbole time...lmao...im ok with 9-4, are U ok with 4-8? Lol....we took yall to school in sept with a noninjured team and spanked U. Im ok with 9-4..... love that" oh lets see you play ga se crag! They are div ll...we didnt play them , U did and they took U to the wood shed too! As long as we get a new D coordinator out of it, im good. Sweet dreams , see U tomorrow. Maybe jlo will be back from the moon.

That's a very deceptive 9-4, as you beat a bunch of high school teams to pad your record. We all saw what happened every time the canes played a halfway decent team. We also all saw what happened in the game against us. Yes I am ok with 4-8 as anyone with half a brain knows what happened to our team this year. 8 starters going down with season ending injuries and as many as 22 missing games with injuries won't happen every year. We know we will be better next year. As a cane fan, I'd be much more worried. But hey, keep living in the delusional world you cane fans live in, it's probably much better than facing reality!

PU, I mean Jlo to afraid to post as yourself? Hide behind another persona and gatoralum, really, the excuses are ridiculous, there is no way that GA Southern should come into your stadium and whoop on you and run for 400 yards, I don't care if you had to play all of your 3rd string players, they should be good enough to beat a Div. II school. So I believe it is "gator nation" that is delusional.

400 yards rushing...lol. that div lll team owned U in your house while your players were blocking each other. Yea, you MAY be better tban last season, but how hard is that? Dead last in offense,lost to div lll team at home and U actually dont know which team to block when. Cant get any worse than that ,so yea , you may get better.

Now they're Div III?? Whatever makes you cane fans feel better about once again getting spanked on national television! lol! I mean Bridgewater had more yards passing and rushing than the entire canes team had total! That is absolutely pathetic! No matter how many losses we had this year, not once did we get destroyed as badly as the canes did in every one of theirs! Keep deflecting though and don't face the reality that is your sorry excuse of a team. Not exactly sure what gives you hope for next year, but again that's why you guys are the most delusional fan base in college football!

Lol ...gatordumb is like a roach....guess Im gonna have to pull out the termidor. U didnt get spanked on national tv by fsu? And regardless if ga se was div ll or lll that was also a spanking on national tv.I would much rather be spanked by Louisville on tv than se ga st. That was the new Appalachian st game for the next ten years. Even Michigan was laughing.

LoL....at home to boot

gatoralum, I guess you forgot about the FSU and GA Souther Div. II beat downs huh? Your comments make no sense and its like having a little kid say I know you are but what am I. Accept your team is pathetic, a repeat season will occur next year and once again uf will be without a coach but of course you will have the pick of anyone they want, riggghhttt?

Orlando fool, Sid, spermier, 24/7 virgin and any other dumb GED superstar. U lost bad, real bad. We at least had a chance going into the 4th Qtr and your only chance was after 1 min in the 1st. Your POS defense put more points on the board through 3qtrs than your offense. Do I need to say more?

Keep bringing up the GA Southern game when u forgot u lost to the bulls at home. The only difference that separates the two from FBS and FCS is that USF has an athletic budget bigger due to state funding. Make no mistake, they are the bottom of the barrel getting the same scraps. The only reason why u don't hear about it over and over is because no one gives a crap about U and losing to that caliber of a team is not extraordinary. The real UM and UF losing in that capacity is a wow. U not so much.

Btw, when is Golden's resignation?

Funny to hear the cane cry babies calling for golden et al's head. U guys should be giving them a parade to rival the heat's rather than complaining, smh. This season was a good thermometer of where u guys are at but can't see the writing on the wall. Great at average and lesser talent and not so great at average and better. Coming over here and telling us we suck is ur therapy? We know that, we made adjustments. Even more ironic is saying that the guy we hired sucks. What was the score of that game again?

Even funnier is what u clowns are saying about comments made by Holtz and Maye during the telecast. Harsh, but true. The shine has been off ur apple for 10 years now and what gave u guys an edge is no longer in your favor. Strong and Louisville is my point. Look, u guys made ur bed in the 80's & 90's and then praised the 30 for 30 like it was the 2nd coming of Tony Montana. Settle down step child, settle down.

LOUISVILLE just scored again ...

Thufferin' Thuccatash, I know a dump when I see one!

LoL...USF could beat ga se with their second teamers and are div l. Answer one question....how did ga se be the unmighty ufelons with 20 less schollys and more injuries to boot? At the sinkhole to boot. They were essentially div lll with all those injuries. I will tell U... coaching. And to think people think our coaching is bad. 4-8 is what U are.muschamp is coming back. Driskel is coming back. No running backs are coming back. No oline is coming back. No receivers are coming back. No kickers are coming back. But hey, defense wins championships riiiieeeet?

Me too, Lou, me too.

A thousand losses to UL is not as bad as a loss at home to a depleted/injured/we gave the ball away/we gifted the game Ga Southern team.

Keep dreaming Gatr Trash.

LoL....blocking each other....lmao @ georgia southeastern c.c. on the road...

Im curious as to who coached those guys to block each other. Worst part is coaches said all you can do is laugh at something like that. Really? Isnt that a serious coaching problem? They should have fired muschamp.

You guys are fun to watch. Admit it you're both LOSERS. hahahahaha


Jlo, I mean PU, your sophomoric spews and pure envy of Miami gives U away. To bad U are in for more of the same next year and I will be here to hear your excuses, we have lots hurt, it was raining, it was to hot, our coach had a brain tumor, oh wait he already left. Uf is the laughing stock of the sec and college football, number one awful play of 2013 on ESPN is two gators blocking each other on a running play, you cant make this stuff up. Bawahhaaa

Lol...never gonna live that one down...how do y'all explain that one to incoming rb recruits?

And the number one quote on ESPN is "Al Golden leave that dump while you still can!" - Lou Holtz, Mark Maye, et.al.

Lol...never gonna live that one down...how do y'all explain that one to incoming rb recruits?

Posted by: div ll is div ll | December 30, 2013 at 07:13 PM

Does UM tell incoming recruits to bring their own equipment too?

Thanks to all gators this uear in helping with my gift giving....HoHoHo!

Speaking of #1s....is that an actual quote? Is it? Is it? I saw the i.interview ..liar. good ybing U guys arent politicians,wwlll would have started along time ago. Hahahaha. When all else fails, lie?

Mt stadium....we just tell them all the players on our team block players on the other team...lmao. U guys are easy!

Still laughing my a55 off at those blocking schemes....or is it the georgia community college? Doesnt matter i guess. Thats some funny stuff.

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