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Back to the well: Roper hired as Gators OC?

GAINESVILLE -- The last time Florida poached an offensive coach from Duke it worked out quite well.

Could it happen again?

********** UPDATE NO. 2 **********

Well about a lengthy wait...

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 4.29.35 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 4.29.12 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 4.36.46 PM

I was told there is unlikely to be an official announcement during the holidays but that "could change."

********** UPDATE **********

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 6.22.13 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 6.22.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 6.23.14 PM

While I don't know the validity of others' sources, this much is definitely true: Muschamp knows he must hit a home run with this hire. Patience and prudence are key, as Muschamp's future at Florida rests on the success of UF's next OC. Other factors are in play here too. Many candidates are presumably off the board after receiving raises, extensions or head coaching jobs, while others may not be cleared to interview until after their school's bowl game. Same goes for potential NFL suitors. ...

...According to CoachingSearch.com and Flight Finder, Gators head coach Will Muschamp interviewed Blue Devils offensive coordinator Kurt Roper for the same position Monday. Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 11.35.16 AM

According to the travel history on the University Athletic Association's private plane, the UAA jet left the Gainesville Regional airport at 4:30 a.m., arriving in Raleigh, NC shortly before 6 a.m. The plane quickly departed Raleigh-Durham International and arrived back in Gainesville just after 8 a.m. 

Duke's attack ranked No. 69 nationally in total offense (408.1 y/g) and Roper was named a finalist for the Broyles Coaching Award as the nation's top assistant.

Roper has been a longtime offensive Lieutenant of Blue Devils head coach David Cutcliffe. He has extensive experience in the Southeastern Conference, starting his career as a graduate assistant at Tennessee (1996-98), working as the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator at Ole Miss (1999-04) and serving as Kentucky's quarterbacks coach for a lone season (2005). 

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lmao..we are really gonna suck now

This guys offense put up 359 rushing yards against the canes. Must not suck that bad! Although that's not saying much. Just funny that a cane fan is criticizing him.

Is that mr roper crom 3's comany?

Who was that that said ACC coaches were not as good as sec coaches????? Oh, thats right , gators....karma is a biach! If Brent pease cant help that offense noone can.lmao

Lol gatordumb...didnt a div ll school just put up 400 on the ground against your D and won without a pass completion?

And U kept your d coordinator ..maybe yall should interview their o coordinator.LMAO! Bounces of us and sticks on U!

Off...sorry , was laughing so hard....well U know...

Jesse, how about some more of those funny xmas parity's of gator football U do on twitter? If i didnt know any better i would tbink you're a gator hater. How about , brentpease got run over by georgia southern, or dj s dreaming of a div ll christmas...?

How about " deck the halls with muschamps anger spit?

Or , all i want for christmas is an ACC assistant?

Or a good one to sum up the season....oh well,oh well instead of noel?

Wow jesse, U call that extensive experience in the sec?

Hey Sid, I'm pretty sure we were fielding the equivalent of a Div II team at the time that happened. Not quite the same thing as the full compliment of players the canes fielded at the time they played Duke. You know what's even sadder? This O-coordinator led his basketball school to the ACC championship game. Something the mighty lol canes have never done. But you'd never know the way you talk trash. You'd think the canes won every single ACC championship and National title ever played! By they way, I don't recall ever seeing anyone claim ACC coaches were not as good, just that the ACC in general is not as good as the SEC. And there's not a single knowledgable college football fan that would argue that fact. Only delusional cane fans do. When's the louisville game? I'm looking forward to some great comedy!

This guys offense put up 359 rushing yards against the canes. Must not suck that bad! Although that's not saying much. Just funny that a cane fan is criticizing him.
Posted by: GatorAlum | December 23, 2013 at 04:37 PM

And got dismantled by FSU...you do remember FSU is our rival right?

Lol, fielding a div ll team? Your backups cant compete with div ll? Reload,reload,reload! How easy you guys forget how stupid you sound in hindsight. GA SE had more injured players and 20 less schollys to boot. Thats coaching my friend! Well, and overhyped sec talent. Now that we kicked the ncaa's a55 other teams cant use that against us anymore and things will change. Same as when tebow bolted fron ufelony. Things change all the time. We have lost or won or been screwed out of more NC's than yall played in. We are in a hot bed of talent and its coming back around.

C'mon, gimme somthin' good to pick apart when I get up in the morning...thanks in advance.lol!

How quickly you guys forget your team sucks too, and has for 10 straight years, yet here you are continuing to talk trash as if you're the greatest team on earth. How stupid do you sound? At least we know when to admit our team sucks. You guys are just so completely delusional, you don't know when to shut your mouths! I can guarantee you one thing, we'll never go 10 straight years of never winning more than 9 games! Chew on that one for a little while Sid, because there's absolutely nothing you can pick apart about that. You'll just continue to talk about Georgia Southern like you did louisville and karma is going to smack you right across the face on Sat. And yes Gatah, I do remember FSU, they're the same team that scored more points against your extremely over-ranked #7 team, than our sorry unranked team loll! Not sure why you brought that up, but again you guys are a bunch of delusional idiots!

It doesn't matter who the Gators hire. There is so much talent in Gainesville that anyone can produce a great offense. The Gators finishing in triple digits on offense the last three years? That's just an illusion put out by the liberal media. I watch Fox News and know the liberals doctored the statistics. The Gators will have a record setting offense next year because the offense will be built around everyone's All-American Jeff Driskel. Defensive coordinators on UF's schedule next year will be defecating on themselves at the mere mention of Driskel's name. Jeff Driskel for the Heisman!

Waaaaaahhhh, we gifted the games we lost.

Waaahhhhh, we were injured. We fielded a D-II team against Ga Southeastern West (of course, this underlies two facts: One, Ga Southeatern West had more injuries and less scholarship players so they where then fielding a D-III or NAIA squad; and 2) none of the players on the entire Ga Southeastern roster were recruited by UFraud.)

Excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse. Only UFraud delusional clucks think this is not a downward spiral and that next year, with Driskel at QB, they will miraculously win 10 or more games:

- 2010: 7 - 5
- 2011: 6-6
- 2012: 11-2
- 2013: 4-8

It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad, you trailer donkeys. I will be watching.....and laughing.

Wow gatordumb, we only claim to be the best in the history of the state. As far as you decades of no more than 9 wins.... how abkut 1921-1970 without a season with mor than 9 wins? Only 1 of those did have 9 wins and the rest average about6 wins...thats 7 straight 10 year stretches and I only included seasons where 9 wins were possible,chew on that a little while. so much for cant pick that apart! Sheesh U guys are easy. We did field the best team in the history of football though.

Sid once again living in the past? Were you even alive then? I know I wasn't. I'm talking about now, you know when the canes are currently carrying a 10 year streak of sorriness. I said the Gators WILL NEVER, not have never, will never go on a streak of 10 straight years and counting of sorriness. I know, you have to go way back into the archives to find a time when the Gators were continuously sorry like the canes are. That's okay though. I mean you've got to grasp at something to make yourself feel better. Imagine if during those years way back then, that Gator fans talked trash as if they were the best team ever. That's what you guys look like now. Pretty pathetic! Then you got Jim Gallo throwing out 4 years, one of which was a great season by most standards, as if that's proving some kind of point. We're talking about consecutive years of sorriness Jim. I know it's hard for you to comprehend, but when you have a great season then a bad season, that means you've had 1 bad year. The streak of 2 bad years in 10-11 were ended by an 11 win season. I'm pretty sure a 3rd grader could figure that out! But then again I am dealing with the uneducated portion of the cane fan base.

Depends on what U call sorry...in my opionion we have not had a sorry season since the 70's

How about Patrick Nix, he was a product of SEC

another sorry hire for the turds

Heartless: Aaron Hernandez In Court Makes Victims Family Leave Crying When He Starts Laughing It Up! -

That aron is a class act. Must be in the swampwater.

We will win a NC with this misfit group tard players and coaches

We better get this guy,he is #3 that we know of and the first two declined us. We are in for a world of hurt. We need offensive recruits bad and the more people we cant hire will be more ammo for other teams targeting the recruits we are after. Foley and Muschamp need to get something done by jan1st. NSD is right around the corner and offensive linemen ,runningbacks , and receivers are not a dime a dozen or we wouldnt be in this mess.

my bad it's just the implosion from UFrauds football program

Aaron Hernandez, Patriots accused murderer

Do yall realize we have had the 118th ranked offense two years in a row? With backups coming back? We must be gking for a threepeat. Someone needs to hire somebody...recruits are questioning their decisions with 2 months to go. Why do so many teams have people lining up to get in and we only have 15 considering and 13 of yhose aren't guaranteed? Something must be done. Foley must be fired too.

Great jesse, we went from one of the top offensive coordinators of college football to the 70th best. With this hire we will be dead last in offense output. Nice way to save your job muschamp!

Duke OC now gator oc, bawahhhaaa. This cant make this stuff up. I guess uf had their pick of the best riggghhttt.

I bet they are waiting to announce u.til they can find a viable spin to put on the hire. I guess when people are turning the job down so fast we have to hire who we can since we cant get who we want. After the last few failure choices, what could it hurt to try?

Ga soutbern coach got a nw job out of that win. Div ll with 20 less schollies and 19 injuries beatdown the 72nd ranked team in the country? He deserved it!

we losing so many recruits that it won't matter who we hire....we losin the 'crootin battle

Muschamp signed his own death warrant . Next year sucks and a new regime will come in and start over and it will be the same crop through 2015. This is bad if true. Expect not signing a full class because any recruit that can get into another school will flip . I bet there will be no last minute hat tricks. 4-8? What in the world is going on? Why cant we get who we want instead of working down the list and taking the first guy we can? Driskel just had his career ruined,not that it wasnt before ,but this just put a knife in it.

Da'Vante Phillips? Gone

Kent Taylor? Gone

At least you hired Duke's OC, an ACC castoff.

Wow, GatrTrash. Jlo must be feeling his thong get really tight. No one wants to play for that crap skewwwl, crap offense, and plumber-posing-as-lunatic coach.

The downward spiral has only begun, Gatr maggots. FEar not, you are returning to your historic mean of mediocrity.

We will be here laughing at you all the way as you blame injuries, mean refs, nasty opposing players and everything else except the one truth:

You suck.

Will the last transfer and decommit please pack the confederate flag, roach spray and trailer hitch.

Sorry about running the 3 posters off that are usually here jesse. If you look at the bright side though, this page is getting alot more hits now .

This gimmick offenseis going nowhere with the current talent and incoming talent is being evaluated the same way...more to come. Next season will be the demise of muschamp.

Never fear, Gatr maggots. Driskel is back.


Roper is confirmed...lmao....isnt he the from" lowly duke"?

Gatoralum, really, your post are hilarious so you say he coached 12 of 18 years in the SEC so that means what? He was a Grad Asst at Tennessee (glorified chart holder), then QB coach and Passing Coord. at Ole Miss.( Ole Miss. enough said), Kentucky as a QB coach (Great QB school, not), Tennessee as RB coach (needed a paycheck so they threw him a bone obviously he had no RB experience) and then DUKE! (one good year every 20 years school). Wow I am impressed, I am sure Alabama, FSU, Miami, Oregon and USC had this guy at the top of their wish list. Is it clear how ignorant your post are now?

I'm sure your DC has him at the top of his list, 359 yards rushing on your mighty canes. Funny how according to U this guy sucks but owns U. Make up ur mind dummy.

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