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Bleak: Florida by the numbers

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s season mercifully ended following Saturday’s 37-7 whooping at the hands of archrival Florida State. The Gators ended the season on a seven-game losing streak. Here’s Florida’s 2013 statistical finish. Note: All rankings are national.


* No. 112 scoring offense (18.8 points per game). From the power five conferences, only Wake Forest, Kansas and Purdue finished behind UF.

* Florida State (84) scored 57 more touchdowns than Florida (27). 

* No. 114 total offense (316.7 yards per game) 

* No. 110 yards per play (4.79). Florida was the only Southeastern Conference offense to average less than five yards a play.

* No. 87 rushing yards (144.58 ypg). Florida’s 3.63 yards per carry ranked No. 100 in the country. 

* No. 82 sacks allowed (27). 

* No. 78 third down conversion rate (38.73 percent).

* No. 114 scrimmage plays 10+ yards (131). Oregon led the country with 251. 

* No. 121 red zone efficiency (69.77 percent).


* No. 19 scoring defense (21.1 ppg). Florida was the SEC’s fourth-best scoring defense.

* No. 10 total defense (314.3 ypg). The Gators played the seventh-fewest defensive snaps in the nation.

* No. 34 rushing defense (142.42 ypg). However, Florida’s 4.35 ypr ranked No. 74. 

* No. 8 passing defense (171.8 ypg). Florida allowed just nine passing touchdowns -- third-fewest nationally. 

* No. 91 sacks (19).

* No. 102 tackles for loss (61). Clemson topped the country with 113.

* No. 21 opponent third down conversion rate (34 percent).


* No. 4 time of possession (33:49 mpg).

* No. 103 penalty yardage per game (59.3).  UF finished last in the SEC for the third consecutive season.

* No. 71 turnover margin (-2). After forcing 35 turnovers in 2012, the Gators tallied just 18 takeaways this season.

* No. 117 field goal rate (12-of-22, 54.5 percent). UF’s 10 missed kicks is tied for third-worst in the country. 

And you wonder how Florida went 4-8?

Thoughts? Any category I didn’t include you’re interested in?

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"Can't wipe the stink off fast enough. I'm audi."

/s/ Loucheiz Purifoy

(psssst, Gatr Trash. He won't be the last to declare. Can you say "gutted")?


I can't wait for next year. I mean, Driskel is back, so is Muscrap, and, um, errr...., hmmmm. Who else? Oh, yeah, our kickers. And those WRs that made no plays.

Well, let's talk 2015.

Lots more of the same next season. No more practices until spring. Qb recruit bolting because of pourous oline. Same carousel of kickers. Same lame receivers.NOT GOOD EH WHAT SAY D?

And the best D players bolting early. GTFO!

What say you jlo and gatordumb eh? Your team resembles the truck stop exit your skewl is located at, trailers and churches eh. Reality has taken its bite and you are unable to man up and admit that next year will be much of the same, what say you eh?

lol lol lol

This blog is funny:-)

Hey canes, can you tell us how to spend our time when we aren't going to bowls as you have so much more experience in that area?

Not in gville... in miami you can do anything. We have beaches, clubs, pro sports,and just about anything else U want to do.gville, not so much. Hey ,here is an idea, study for finals....thats about all U have.

I guess U could go cow tipping, or hog huntin'. LOL!

Thanks, I knew all your experience sitting home during the holidays would come in useful.

Oh yea, U can shoot up your town, or beat your girlfriend, or steal some taco's. I hear stealing mopeds is fun too. Beating up bouncers at bars your not allowed to get into is fun also ,i guess.

man we have lost our bite

It's not an apples to apples comparison, SouthMiamiTrash. You know the things to do in Miami and there are too many to list.

As for Trailerville, you could:

- Kill or maim others;
- Threaten people in a bar with a machete;
- Cook more meth in your trailer;
- have sex with your sister;
- send threatening tweets to the UFraud athletes;
- have roach bar-b-que's every weekend.

Those are just some of the things a trailermaggot can do to waste time until next year's beatdowns commence.

Dumb question s.miamigator. you are just asking for a verbal beating.

Jesse, your numbers are incomplete. Ranked #72 in the country

You can also dump cremated human remains on the field which is something redneck SEC trailertrash likes to do.

Is there no bottom to the level of disgusting behavior that an SEC fan will stoop to?

8 Moron posts before SoMiamiGator broke the string and then 8 more in response to him. Talk about no life, no friends, no family.
This lonely imbecile steals so many IDs that he forgets who he is posting as. "D" ranting against churches, that is for fake Jim gallo the atheist S.O.B. to do, get your stolen names straight Moron.
You are one sick S.O.B. talking to yourself all the time.

Jesse those numbers speak for themselves, the offense has been awful. Getting rid of Pease and Davis is the right thing to do. How much more dominant would the D be if we had an offense that could sustain some long drives and score. That 3 and out routine will wear down even the best defenders in the end.
The future is bright under the right leadership we can turn this around inside one year, we are The Gators.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator!

al golden voted the best seminar/powerpoint coach in ncaa....

10 keys to losing coastal and division championship.

1. have a 300 page binder handy at all times
2. make sure you hug injured players on the field when the cameras are rolling
3. have equipment manager stitch quotes inside collars of game jerseys
4. have gimmick cane walks to tease alumni
5. purchase game day tickets so the stats show good attendance since camera pans and stadium cover ups show tumble weeds rolling thru
6. be sure to hang "ghandi" nonviolent resistance quotes in the weight room
7. wear a long sleeve shirt with a tie and no gloves or coat when the temperature is 31'
8. stage whenever possible fake TD's in stadium with players hugging each other so herald photographer gets great picture
9. make sure you have at least 9 teams on your schedule that have losing records
10. have key quotes to deffer press questions like..."TMZ" and "freelancing"

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/11/duke-beats-carolina-heads-to-acc-title-game-um-shifts-focus-to-final-exams-bowl-practices-recruiting.html#storylink=cpy

Jlo....hahaha....where U been hiding since the georgia southern div ll beatdown at home? Will muschamp is the worst coach in all of college and highschool football. Maybe yall can lick our bowl when we are done with it lol. Cant wait for next season to see how many Ls yall get. Foley fired the wrong coach!

Realgallo do u realize the sinkhole ,or swamp as yall call it " the swamp", would fit inside our stadium? Heck , even the swamp has been looking a little empty since the rajun cajuns almost beat U there. Not to mention georgia southern.
Will muschamp was not voted best anything....unless you count ga southerns polls lmao! LOOSERS!

Real Gallo, keep your posts on the loser cane blog where they belong and take the fake Gallo atheist S.O.B. with you.
dumbcane, what stadium are you talking about Moron? You fools aint got one and No Life, as the name suggests, can't hold a candle to the Swamp as far as game time atmosphere goes. Not even close.

Going 9 - 3 while mostly playing losing teams in the ACC and OOC is no big accomplishment. Even Duke can do it, and better than you. Try playing more than one top 20 team and see how you do. You are one lonely and pathetic S.O.B.

Lol jlo, we beat U as a top 20 team. We played fsu as a top 10 team. Duke is in the top 25 ranked 44 spots ahead of ufelony. Heck most teams we played are ranked ahead of U. Thanks for bringing down our soc wit that georgia southern beatdown at home. Its teams like yours that make us look worse than we actually are.

National Championship game will have an ACC Team, sec not so much. Guess its obvious that the ACC is now the best conference.

Jesse, although numbers don't lie they don't tell the whole story either.

Number of currently ranked top 10 teams played: FSU-0, Gators-3
Number of currently ranked teams played: FSU-1, Gators-5

So, while it's easy to slam the Gators now, the numbers need to be put in context.

Funny, JLS, in the summer, all you hear from the Canes is that "preseason ranking don't matter," but now, the Gators were a great team when they beat us. And they brag that they played 2 ranked teams, did they forget they lost to both of them by a combined 45 points? Now there is something to be proud of!

Of course, you can understand their disappointment and frustration, after 3 years of "the process", they beat 1 team with a winning record this year. They had such high hopes with the "wall of Coral Gables", their "elite offense" and the ultra soft schedule, how could this NOT be the year they played in the ACC championship game, but Duke snatched their dream away. And next year will be more of the same and they know it.

Lol...georgia southern snatched away your bowl dreams. Georgia southern....not tech...not Uof...ga southern div ll . Lmao Although it would have been nic to play in the acccg, we are going bowling. U ,not so much. Win some games before U talk trash. Georgia southern and the rest of the country will be laughing at you for years to come. Sad thing is several other divll teams almost did the same thing over the last few years. That is a sign of decline from bad coaching. Foley fired the wrong guy lol. Get used to it. It is the new look Ufelony.

Look at the bright side, U beat kentucky. But then again , they lost to a div ll school this year too.

Lol....come to think about it....that goes to prove the gators couldnt even dominate div ll football. Bowling green gave you heck, rajun cajuns had you on the ropes and then georgia southern.....we all know how that turned out. Lmao at U. Talk about scheduling weak opponents. Look at the bright side. U have 3 div ll games next year and if it weren't for the state U could have 4. But then again U will likely lose to one or two of them. Remember, muschump is coming back,driskel too. Any halgass players U do have are bolting asap. Future looks bleak! Your season is done. Now be like your team and the other fans and be gone until sept. Scram, this is our blog now. We optically own this blog.

"Posted by: SouthMiamiGator | December 04, 2013 at 02:47 AM"

Look at ol' smoke and mirrors SouthMiamiTrash. So the Gatrs played some ranked teams? Yawn. They weren't competitive in any of them.

Know who else played several ranked teams? Missy State. Wazzu. Fresno State. Half the MAC teams and WAC teams and they were more competitive than the Gatr Trash.

I hear you SouthMiami, these Morons spent all Summer telling us the had the best offense in college football, they had 2 Heisman candidates in Morris and Duke, they had the best O line, the best set of Wrs and TEs and that they would play in the ACC ship.
As usual, none of these things came to pass, none of them are remotely true.
We have one down year and they wet themselves in ecstasy. They spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend posting their usual crap here.
These lonely POS, S.O.B.s live for any bad Gator news. Their team has been mediocre for a decade, finally musters 9 wins courtesy of one of the weakest schedules in history and they think everything is peachy. Never mind the fact that they get schooled every single time they play a good team and that they will get blown out in their upcoming bowl game, as usual.
Must suck being a cane fan that your only gratification comes from posting on Gator Clause.

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