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Bumped: Gators catch flight while travelers wait

GAINESVILLE -- The No. 15 Gators men’s basketball team, who lost a buzzer-beater to No. 12 Connecticut 65-64 Monday night in Storrs, Conn., had some issues leaving the Gainesville Regional Airport on Sunday afternoon, but eventually they caught their ride.

Unfortunately, roughly 50 stranded passengers -- travelling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving -- weren’t so lucky.

As first reported by the Gainesville Sun, Florida’s charter plane, scheduled to depart at 3 p.m., was grounded due to engine maintenance issues.

In an effort to limit delays, Delta Airlines Flight 5059 -- an Atlanta-bound commercial connection plane scheduled to depart Gainesville at 3:26 p.m. -- was converted into a private charter for the basketball team.

Delta delayed and ultimately cancelled Flight 5059, originally telling travelers there were mechanical difficulties until some of the passengers noticed the team boarding their aircraft.

The Sun reported several passengers drove to Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa to catch alternate flights, but some were stranded in Gainesville as late as Monday afternoon. 

Delta Airlines accepted full responsibility for the travelers’ inconvenience, saying “the University of Florida in no way participated in the decision-making process.”

In an official statement, Delta explained they intended to accommodate both the Florida basketball team and the private passengers but their plan fell through.

“Delta Connection partner ExpressJet, which operated both the charter as well as the regularly scheduled flight, made the operational decision to swap aircraft as the maintenance work was expected to be done quickly. Unfortunately, it was not and Delta flight 5059 was cancelled.  Delta made every effort to reaccommodate those customers on alternate flights and we apologize to the 50 customers who were inconvenienced.”

The airline also said an internal review is underway to determine “the specific circumstances around this aircraft substitution.”

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Keepin' it classy, Gatr Trash:

UF fans gleefully clung to the negative attention FSU has been receiving with tasteless jokes and crude T-shirts, thus cementing the image in Americans’ brains of UF as a party school full of drunken idiots who lack sensitivity about campus rape — a national problem that affects about one in five college women.

“The Alligator’s editorial board would like to apologize to the victim and her family on behalf of the UF fans who apparently have no regard for the real people involved in the Winston case and the 20 percent of college women affected by sexual assault and rape.”

Can the raging dumpster fire get any lower? Me thinks not.

It would have sucked if you were one of those 50. I wasn't and I don't know anyone who was, therefore this is a non issue with me.
Go Gators!

Own the trash, jlo you lil' b*th. Perfect example of the ostrich defense. I see nothing therefore it doesn't exist.

Wish you would use that with your little sky fairy friend, you cross-clutching angry, spiteful, revengeful maggot.

Easy there fake Gallo "the atheist S.O.B." don't fall off your phony soap box. I'm talking about a handful of folks who were inconvenienced for a little while. Again this is no big deal to me and to the rest of the people inhabiting this planet God lovingly made for us. This only matters to those who lived it and their relatives, maybe.
You call me a "cross-clutching angry, spiteful, revengeful maggot". Seems to me you are the angry one, you hypocrite. "Spiteful", "revengeful" and "maggot" you got all those form my simple post? You must be looking in the mirron again while posting.
And stop with your fake and phony indignation about what may have happened in the stands of a college football game, that and much worse has been going on for ever. All of it is directed at the opponent, which happened to be Winston on that day. None of it is directed towards any victim or women in general. But you know that. everyone knows that. You only pretend you are outraged you spineless bleeding heart wannabe.
Now don't start gain the anti religion rant, Jesse has already warned you twice, you miserable S.O.B. And do get help for your anger and your projecting.

Gallo, there's so much anger in your post. Dude, you're seriously effed up in the head. Go visit a psychologist.

By the way, is that you posting a bunch of anti-Cane stuff on the Cane blogs?

You're freaking wierder, crazier, and sadder than I thought.

I'm going to clutch my cross extra tight now.

P.S. Watch your vulgarities and your ghetto talk. That's just lazy writing, buddy. We all know Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson would never call anybody a "lil' b***h". That sort of language is unbecoming of a worldly, cultured, civilized gentleman such as yourself.

By the way Gallo, it's also hypocritical when you stand up for abused women, and then call somebody a b***h.

Man, you're a mess.

From now on, run your posts by me first so I can edit them for grammar and content.

You're welcome.

Oh and Gallo, I'm going to give you some free advice:
when a girl says no, she really means YES!!!

Maybe now you can get laid.

THAT'S ENOUGH, Y'ALL. Discuss sports or don't post at all.

Get'em jesse....suckio was hitting below the belt encouraging rape with his post.
Can U find out if the ncaa will be checking into this? Sounds like special treatment. Cant believe they lied to those passengers only to be exposed. Why didnt they make the bball team find alternate flights?

Jesse, could you go to the local gainesville municipal airport and ask who made the call on giving the gators " special treatment". Did the coaches ask for it or was it a random gator fan employee that helped them cheat? Inquiring minds want to know.

Man you cane fans will grasp at anything! NCAA checking into it?? Come on, give me a break! By the way Gallo, because everyone knows it's you. How is an airline making a decision to use another plane for the team cheating?? It's amazing what a delusional mind will come up with! Keep reaching! Move on buddy, the football season is over and you certainly have no right what so ever even talking about basketball. It's time to get a life and move on from Gator Clause. Go find a girlfriend or something else to occupy your time. It really is pathetic that you are so obsessed.

Yes gatordumb, why yes , we will.

I sure hope Willie Muschamp startes lookin in on those bowl perparations soon....


Southern conference sucks and the gators cant compete lol

First bowl game in 4 years and the little Moron is all wet. What happened to "act as if you have been there before", that's right, you haven't, not in a long long time. Enjoy your hard on now jerky boy your sorry team will get crushed in another second rate bowl game as usual. Heard that they may even pick Duke ahead of you for a better bowl. Duke is a better football
team than the sorry canes, who would have thought that.

Ga southern is a better football team than the gators, who would have thought that? Lmao

As reported in the story, UF had nothing to do with the flight change. Delta made the call to flip flights in hope of simply delaying the private passengers a short while as the other plane was being fixed. However, the flight was ultimately cancelled causing the major mishap.

There's no NCAA violation or even stain on UF.

Suckyo is a teacher of our children. Ever wonder why the US ranks 20 in math, science and reading? All they know from Suckyo is "street-talk" because that, according to this loser, is how they speak in Miami.

A peek in his vulgar classroom:

"Yo, homeboys, so dis dude, George Washington, he be like "Nah, King, I ain't playin'. I finna' blast all y'all."

And that, Gatr maggots, is the sad truth of the Suckyo.

Gallo, we all know you don't have any children. That would actually require you meeting a woman and winning her heart. That's something your diseased mind simply can't compute.

Stop worrying so much about my classroom, fool. Least I'm getting paid and not living off food stamps like you, sucka!

Must get back to work now. Too bad I'm not unemployed like Gallo. If I were, I could waste my entire day (and life) smack talking on the Gator Clause and the Cane blogs. Sad, so sad.

You guys know how the Herald has those Make A Wish articles that spotlight people who have suffered tragedies and need assistance? Jesse, maybe you can write an article like that, focusing on Gallo and how he's a total retard who can't find a job or get a ladyfriend. Then people could offer him some "middle management type job" bagging groceries or cleaning toilets.

Jesse, make sure to let Gallo know when the NCAA sanctions the UF basketball program for the whole flight incident. Apparently, Gallo didn't understand the part where Delta airlines said it was their decision.


Gallo go OWNED.... AGAIN!!!

Dear Gatr Trash:

As it is now the season when you maggots start chanting "SEC!", please don't be so classless as to feel as if you are included. Just chant "BAMA-LSU" and we may consider allowing you to remain in the SEC after your have soiled our reputation more than you usually do. You remain the most disgusting fanbase in all of college sports.

Thank you.


The real SEC (which is to say, ever team except the Gatr Trash).

Its official....now that we own this blog we are petitioning the state to change gainesville to Canesville until yall renew the rivalry .

Suckio...of course it was the airlines decision. They own the plane. The question is who made the decision and why? Sombody arranged to switch the flights. That is not normal procedure. Thats why they are looking into it.
By the way , what is it with gator fans facination with virgins and douches? Anyone they dont agree with is one or the other.

Hey Canes, if you want to play UF every year, it's easy, just join the SEC. We've been in the SEC for 91 years adn we're not going anywhere, canes have changed conferences twice, SEC has expanded, TA&M and Missouri have managed to join the SEC, why don't the Canes? Oh, that's right, U are afraid to play LSU in the opener next year.

Well, hold on, you mathematically challenged dingbat. The Canes have only changed conferences once. "Independent" was not a conference you...well...let's just say you are a Gatr Trash grad so I understand the slow wit and difficulty with basic concepts. Plus, Miami would have to lower its academics by a factor of 10 to join the SEC. Mizzou and ATM are two of the worst academic skewwls in the country but somehow they have raised the academics of that trash conference. Says a lot about your worthless diploma.

Anyway, you mock the Canes for not accepting an invite to play LSU in Dallas (in a de facto home game for LSU) while the Gatr Trash has not travelled to play an OOC in 22 years?

Wow. Those who live in raging dumpster fires should not throw gasoline.

Too stupid for words, SouthMiamiGatrTrash.

Why do you use so many different IDs Moron? We all know who you are. We have the fake "Jim Gallo" the atheist S.O.B. and sid The Moron cane as the two resident trolls. The former is the douchebag and the latter is the virgin(and a douchebag as well).
No "fascination" silly A hole, just telling it like it is.
No way these sorry canes would ever join a real conference, they can't even compete in the weak ACC.

Just read that Chris Walker is ready to join the BB team in the next couple of weeks. About time we get some more help as we are dealing with a few injuries again. Once this team has all the parts playing together and healthy it will be a force to be reckoned with.

That's for you Moron

Gooooooooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW A hole, SoMiami is correct, your sorry canes were members of the Big Least conference. It later became the Big East and got competitive after the sorry canes left, but that is a different story.
Independent, Big Least and now crappy ACC.
Your whole rant about academic standards is a bunch of lies and B.S.
Seems like you are the "mathematically challenged dingbat" and the one with the "slow wit and difficulty with basic concepts".
I have told you before to stop projecting and to stop looking in the mirror while posting.
For the millionth time imbecile, we don't need to travel OOC for tough games, we play the best teams in the land every year in the best conference in the land.
It is sorry teams like your who play in the worst conference in the planet that need tough OOC games since you only have one real team in your crappy conference in FSU. That is why you are cowards for running away scared form LSU.
Cowards and douches. And lonely virgins too.

Jlo....je5us crist you make yourself look dumb. Lmao. We appearantly do better in the ACC than the gators. Do u realize what U say? Your math sucks too. I know word problems can be difficult for some but dont let it scare U . We changed from the Big East to the ACC. Thats 1 conference change. Diploma mill at work.

Wow, arguing semantics on a football blog, pathetic. UM joined the Big East, 1 change, UM left the Big East and joined the ACC, another change. If it makes you happy, I'll rephrase it, you joined 2 different conferences, SEC wasn't one of them.

We travel to play FSU (OOC) every other year. UM was afraid to play LSU in the opener - yes, we are mocking you. I guess Golden and staff remember what happened the last time LSU and UM met and they want to keep their jobs.

The said changed conferences not joined. Looks like comprehensive skills aren't a stong area for uf grads either,huh?

I cant believe how many gator fans dont understand " independent" is not a conference. But then again...

I bet yall were home schooled. LMAO. With teachers like suckio and one guy claiming to be alumni ( when singular is alumnus ). Thats why they call it a diploma mill.

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