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HOOPS: Harris dismissed

GAINESVILLE -- After weeks of innuendo, Damontre Harris was officially dismissed from the Florida basketball team Saturday morning.

The 6-foot-10, 228-pound South Carolina transfer never played a game in a Gators uniform.

Harris, who sat out the 2012-13 season after leaving Columbia, was suspended indefinitely for an undisclosed violation of team rules at the start of the 2013-14 campaign.

Os-pictures-2013-uf-mens-basketball-media-day--026(Courtesy orlandosentinel.com)

Coach Billy Donovan publicly expressed his disappointment in the troubled center for weeks and just five days ago acknowledged Harris was unlikely to ever play at Florida.

On Saturday morning, Harris’ fate was officially sealed.

“He was never disrespectful as far as his attitude,” Donovan said in a statement. “He was a nice kid and never blamed anybody for what was happening. We tried to help him off the court and help him with some of the challenges he was dealing with, but there was never this reciprocation of wanting to be helped, or wanting to do the things necessary.”

Harris, who was expected to be a rotational frontcourt piece this year, was injured (hamstring) at the start of training camp and his role with the team quickly unraveled. Already suspended in the preseason, the center stopped showing up to the practice facility for treatment and rehab. Last month, Donovan announced Harris never practiced with the team since the season started.

“I think he realizes that a big opportunity for him is now gone,” Donovan told the school website Saturday. “The thing I tried to get across to him, if he has any aspirations of playing professional basketball there is not one team in this country or overseas that is going to tolerate this type of behavior, and I’d be doing him a disservice if I didn’t hold him accountable for these things.”

Harris, who did complete the fall semester in good academic standing, is permitted to transfer to any school without restrictions. 

No. 16 Florida (8-2) faces Fresno State (6-5) today at 4:30 p.m. (Sun Network) in Sunrise at the Orange Bowl Classic. 

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Willneverbeachamp is next!

Good thing about Alachua countys bowling program is if u get 3 strikes u dont get life. Arron hernandez should have went that route. Georgia southern is sponsoring the bowling program.

Fiu and fau want some now. Georgia southeast said U were a cake walk. Appalachian st just put in a bid too. Michigan was laughing when they wrote that check


Well the good thing is U have no bowl game so U cant drop in the national rankings anymore, unless u include that 118th ranked offense. Good thing defense wins championships...wait a minute, no the dont. Offense does! Lmao!

Forrest Gump produced more offense by himself!

I think they ought to get the fonz from waterboy...

We're#72!We're#72!We're sec sec secccccccccccc!


I'm so glad I graduated from FSU

As bad as a season we had, we are still on the minds of high school nobody's and community college wanna bees that claim they are cane fans. Let's face it, most schools that suck do not warrant the time nor inclination that we do from the losers on this blog. Go ahead and and respond and say something insulting like "gaytor", "canesville", " spermier", or whatever none sense you feel. You prove my point point by your mere existence on this blog and are an embarrassment to real cane fans and alumni. We have our fair share of riff raff, every program does, but coming on here and still talking about irrelevant crap shows that you are still pissed about playing the outfield in little league. Enjoy our downtime, we all know it will not last for long. Other than U, we have the money, facilities, and a nation of support to ensure that. Here's to not sucking year in and year out. Get your shots in, cause no one will remember the GASU game just like no one remembers u loosing to USF at home.

BTW Corso, being a 'nole doesn't excuse you from losing to the bulls either hot shot.

I know it's really hard for you ignorant cane fans to comprehend, but this is an article about basketball. I mean I know your team is an absolute joke and you have nothing to say about basketball so you resort to talking about football over and over again. But get over it. You guys finally had a better record than the gators for the first time in 8 years. I mean I guess it's something to be proud of, but you still accomplished absolutely nothing for the 10th year in a row. I'm still not exactly sure why you continue running your mouths. But then again you're delusional cane fans, that's what you do no matter how bad you are. I can't wait to watch that same terrible louisville team you guys loved to throw in our faces all year long run up and down the field against the lame canes. Even though they're not half the team they were last year. Everybody knows the canes can't beat a team that's ranked They can only beat up on high school teams!

Ga S. Ha

Deere Gators you can continue the blind confidence. You are arguably the sixth worse team in the state of Florida and one of the worst teams in an average conference. You lost to Georgia Southern. DO U NOT Realize what that means? stop and recognize how embarrassing your football team is. This is not to mention that your coach looks like a lunatic and your Gator Nation is a gross embarrassment

Noone has forgotten app st beating michigan yet. They brought it up several times this football season. Unless u are a gator, then its last season.

I left yall boyz in bad shape. Yall boyz suck.

After the ga southeast defeat at home you are still on the minds of espn,major radio networks,ga southeast,and will be for years to come. Its burnt into history.

.remember, free taco friday starts on dec.27th. Im documenting it for all to see.

Now Jlo is logging in as pee u, very funny. To ashamed to admit this season will live with this blog until next football season then another 3 -4 win season for football will come with all the memorable excuses that gatah fans are know for. Jlo we know your still in high school and at best will work at Walmart in your future but no need to act as if you or "gatoralum" actually went to uf. At best you both work the electronics section as walmart, riggghhhtt.

Georgia southern feasted on gatortail after thanksgiving break as told in several newspaper articles. They agreed it tastes like chicken.

Jlo and gatoraluminum are at the Cane blog full time now. I guess if U cant beat'em,join'em. LMAO at the bandwagon defectors.

Riddle me this batman....why does uf keep hiring has been coaches and assistant coaches to coach their football team?

I'm on the cane blog? Thats hilarious! Why on earth would I ever post a comment on the cane blog? Sorry, I leave that immaturity to you pathetic cane fans! I'm just curious delusional cane fans. What do you think the canes would look like if they lost 12 starters to season ending injuries, and 26 players overall who missed games throughout the season?? I'd say much worse than the gators did, as they lost to pathetic teams with a full compliment of players. Keep running your mouths though you delusional losers, because one thing will never change. You will never see the gators go on a 10 year and counting marathon of mediocrity. Good luck next year trying not to continue that streak! Keep puffing out those chests. 9 wins is something to be proud of. lol!

We have had years with injuries and didnt finish that bad. What happened to " in the sec we reload"? Excuses,excuses excuses.... your team is at a half decade and counting fast....next year new assistants and schemes then muschamp will be fired and back to starting over again. Do u think there is a reason muschump wasnt offered at texas? Talk about delusional! Sheesh!

gatoralum, you sound surprisingly like jlo with all of the excuses. Blah blah, we had injuries, blah blah, we reload, blah blah the OC stinks. Just admit you are 6 years into mediocrity and counting and unfortunately for you no one wants to play or coach at uf that is worth anything. Stop projecting and go relieve the door greeter and then get back to electronics to stock the shelves boy.

So an 11 win season and a goal line turnover away from the national title game and bcs bowl game appearance is mediocre? That's a national championship season to the canes! But then again, you cane fans know nothing about college football, so I wouldn't expect you to understand that's a great season! Sorry cane fans, we're 1 bad season in right now. And if you actually did know something about college football, you'd know that that many injuries isn't an excuse, it's a reality. There's not a single team in college football, including Alabama the last 3 years that could overcome that. Again, since you know nothing about college football, I wouldn't expect you the grasp that reality. And to working on your decade, sorry there's not a team in recent memory that has had that many injuries. Nice try though! The canes just plain ole suck! But hey, you guys are the best team in college football for the last 500 years, that's why you continue coming on here and talking trash, right? I mean that could be the only possible excuse for talking as much trash as you do. Oh wait who am I kidding, you guys are the most delusional fan base in all of college football!

Lol gator dumb...georgia southern overcame mor injuries and essentially beat u with 39 less players.also it was a 11-2 season last year and louisvill proved it was a fluke season. As far as NC seasons for UM, We prefer to go undefeated. Its a Canes thing, U dont understand.

Dear little Moron, I am not logging on as "pee u".
I am not GatorAlum.
I am not posting on the loser cane blog.
I do have a Bachelor of Science degree from UF, and that's not all but I'm not giving you Bunnel Idiots any more personal info.
I am currently on vacation and will post here sporadically at best. Time off for me means to unplug, and spend time with friends and family. I now losers like you do not understand what that means. I know you have no friends and you are an embarrassment to your family. You should accept SUICYCO's offer and go get the free soup at the shelter.
On second thought you would fit better at the animal shelter though. Maybe if they can spay and neuter you then you wouldn't be so angry and bitter.

In case I don't make it back here in the next few days I want to wish Jesse, SUICYCO, GatorAlum, SoMiamiGator and all the rest of Gator Nation a very Merry Christmas!
It's always great to be a Florida Gator!!!

Lol at jlo being "unplugged"...yet he still posts. I personally dont think your gatoralum. He is a alot more mature than U. Usually someone with a bs degree doesnt use words like douche or virgin in their arguments so i doubt that part is true either. Usually someone with a bs degree knows how to spell know also. Also ,,U cant spay and neuter anything , its one or the other.typical uneducated gator fan . As for posting on Canes blog, Im just gonna straight out call U a liar.

Ahhh, it's so easy with you, GatrDum. Talk about counting just one side of the ledger.

"So an 11 win season and a goal line turnover away from the national title game and bcs bowl game appearance is mediocre?"

- Gatr Trash also needed a blocked punt in the last minute to beat UL-Laff at home. Without that, you fall from the top-10 never to sniff the NC. What about struggling with Furman into the 4th Q. Think the voters would have put you in the NC with that gem? You are truly a moron and everything that epitomizes the arrogant and most disgusting fanbase in all college sports.

But it doesn't end there:

"we're 1 bad season in right now.:

Ummm, does tunnel-vision mean anything to you? Check your records. You are actually just 1 good season (and the 'Ville beatdown puts an asterisk on "good") in 4. Gatr Trash's record:

- 2010: 7 - 5
- 2011: 6-6
- 2012: 11-2
- 2013: 4-8

Yep, sure looks like a team that just had one "down" year. Any non-moron (and by non-moron I mean anyone but Gatr Trash_ can see the trend is down not up. Only the "Erng n' blue" doesn't.

But then again, it is what makes you, you, trailer donkeys. DOn't let your Cane envy blind you to the downward spiral of mediocrity you are in.

Jim can't even get his facts correct. Gators were 8-5 in 2010 and 7-6 in 2011. 50% of his facts are incorrect, typical cane, doesn't know what he's talking about.

How about a comparison to his canes:

2010, UF 8-5, UM 7-6
2011, UF 7-6, UM 6-6
2012, UF 11-2, UM 7-5
2013, UF 4-8, UM 9-3

So over the last 4 years, Gators have a better record
in 3 of the 4 years and combined our record of 30-21 beats UM's 29-20. then let's compare SOS(Canes HATE when you do this):

2013: UF #5, UM #54
2012: UF #5, UM #50
2011: UF #20, UM #66
According to: http://www.teamrankings.com/college-

2010: UF #21, UM #33

So not only do the Gators have a better record over the years you mentioned, but we played a MUCH tougher schedule. Seems like the Gator envy is blinding you to the facts - you really should stick to the 80's, current events are not your forte.


Yeah, dope, I get it. There is no doubt the Canes had bad teams. But this is meant to show the delusional trailertrash that their "one down year" was actually only one good year; that all of your alleged top classes were anything but; that all of your facilities and money have meant squat; and you are a run-of-the mill program on the downward spiral into the cesspool from whence you came.

Canes on the rise.

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