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HOOPS: Walker "not a savior," Harris likely done at UF

GAINESVILLE -- Five-star freshman Chris Walker -- a 6-foot-10 athletic power forward -- is expected to boost No. 16 Florida with his shotblocking, rim-rattling and rebounding skills, but coach Billy Donovan immediately tempered all expectations for the McDonald’s All-American on Monday.

“He is going to find out just how far behind he really is,” Donovan said. “I think there is obviously a lot of attention with him coming into school, but I think the one thing that people have got to realize is the fact that he is going to come in here and totally change our team, that is the furthest thing from the truth. He's got such a long way to go and it's not his fault.”

Walker, who missed the fall semester, joined the Gators on Saturday after compelling the necessary requirements to gain academic eligibility, but the freshman forward has only practiced with the team as he awaits the final decision by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Walker will not play -- or even travel -- when UF takes on No. 15 Memphis at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (9 p.m., ESPN) in New York City.  

Donovan said Walker’s final eligibility is “totally out of our hands,” placing no timetable on when he anticipates Walker seeing the floor.

“It's just going to be a process for him and I just hope he doesn't get frustrated,” Donovan explained. “I hope people realize he's not going to be the savior and all of a sudden like he doesn't just change our team. I'm just happy to have a body, happy that he's able to participate. I'm happy for him more than anything else.''


Donovan has publicly expressed his frustrations with former South Carolina transfer Damontre Harris, who remains suspended indefinitely due to undisclosed violations. 

On Monday, Florida’s coach took his disappointment in the 6-foot-11, 228-pound center a step further.

Harris is unlikely to ever play for the Gators.

“Nothing changed at all,” Donovan said.

“He has shown no signs of wanting to do the things necessary to come back. I really don’t know what his plans would be or where he’ll go, but right now I don’t ever anticipate him playing here at Florida.”


Senior point guard Scottie Wilbekin was named the Southeastern Conference Player of the Week after tallying a career-high 18 points along with six assists and four steals in UF’s 67-61 win over Kansas. 

VIDEO: Senior forward Will Yeguete talks NYC, Walker, the Tigers and more. 


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Walker just needs to get ready for tournament time, no hurry. Too bad it didn't work out with Harris, maybe he can transfer to the sorry canes. They sure could use some talent down there in that wasteland.

jlo, all the Gatr Trash really need is a kicker. Then all will be well. Delusional fans like you are the maggots of organized sports. At least Suckyo sees this dumpster fire for what it is.

No way Murphy leaves if he felt he would be given a fair shake. Just as likely, he sees the train-wreck that is the Gatr Trash Oline and does not want to take another beating next year.

Gatr Trash will be irrelevant before September is out but you will be here talking about kickers and how the games were "given" away and how Grier is the answer, just like Driskel was, and Brantly before him.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

7 transfers in 4 days? Noooo problem.

No QB, OL or LB depth? Noooo problem.

NO OC or OL coach? Noooo problem.

Just get me a kicker.

Duuuuhhh, Go Gatah?


jlo the h*mo.

Turds are trash....and the SEC can't compete. Oh yeah, that Seminole war machine is comin

This is a basketball story little Moron. I know the sorry canes don't play much basketball, just a flash in the pan season last year, and now it's back to normal NIT if lucky and get bounced early at best. I offered a good suggestion for you chumps to try get a very good player that can't make it in Gville. Wishful thinking for you, Harris would never consider a crap program like the sorry canes anyway.

What do UF and Miami students have in common?

They both got into UF.


Jlo, you lil' bitter maggot. Keep trying to convince yourself you care about the UFraud cagers until next August. We know the truth. 2014 will be another classic trainwreck in trailerville.

Waaaaahhhhh, this is a basketball article, wahhhhhhhaaa. Don't post about our foosball team. I am trying to forget.....but all we need is a kicker then we will be back.

Waaahahhahah, no foosball, just basketball until Jesse writes another post about more transfers and decommits, waaahahahaha.

Holley punks the Gatr Trash. He won't be the last, trailer donkeys.

lmao @ Gallo...puttin the TURDS in their place

Gallo is stupid on the canes blog,but he sure is funny here. Thanks for the laugh gallo.

What do the majority of the cane fans on here like Jim Gallo have in common? They got rejected from every major university in the state of florida and resorted to community college and bragging about the education everyone that actually went to UM received.

Same goes for gator fans gatordumb....

Being that yall dont have anyplace to go for the holidays,yall can come to our bowl game.

Not quite Sid, the majority of Gator fans actually went to school there. The cane fan base consists of about 85% who never stepped foot on the campus. The point is, don't talk smack about an education or the quality of education received at each school when you never attended. Just sayin'!

Santa Fe Alum, gatah alum righhtttt? Bet you never set foot in a classroom at uf, I am sure you set foot on campus as every redneck in Gville chasing their sister does but attending the less than prominent University, probably not. Now make sure you get to bed as the bossman on the landscaping team does not like sleepy slouches in the early AM.

I hate people like gatordumb. First of all, the majority of a teams fans in any major college never stepped foot on their teams campus.Do U really believe a majority of gator fans went to school there? If yes I suggest U look up the defi.ition of majority. Second,as for Cane fans, i cant help it if we have a smaller college and fans across this nation. Most fans love us because we have a history of beating up the " bullies of college football". When the Canes of tbe early 80's started changing the perception of college football(see ga southern) it was love at first sight. Im not going to apologize for us having more fans than Ufelons.

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