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Murphy bolts UF

GAINESVILLE -- Quarterback Tyler Murphy decided four years at Florida was enough. After graduating with a degree in telecommunications on Saturday, the redshirt junior signal caller asked for his release Sunday afternoon. 

The school confirmed midweek rumors of an impending transfer in a short statement on Twitter.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 6.31.48 PM

Murphy, immediately eligible, will not have to sit out the 2014 season and becomes an attractive "free agent" for schools seeking a one-year plug-in at quarterback.  

Reportedly, Murphy exited UF in a rather unscrupulous manner, but the quarterback was a noble solider for four years. Murphy represented UF with dignity and grace during the team's most trying season in over 30 years.   

Murphy, who was repeatedly passed over in UF's yearly quarterback carousel, started six games in 2013, forced into action after starter Jeff Driskel broke his leg against Tennessee (Sep. 21). Murphy rallied the Gators against the Volunteers and won his first two career starts (Kentucky, Arkansas), becoming an instant sensation in Gainesville.  

Sportsillustrated(Courtesy SportsIllustrated.com)

But after seriously injuring his shoulder in a loss at LSU (Oct. 12), the duel-threat quarterback's performance was never the same. Murphy, who missed the final three games of the season with an AC shoulder sprain, tossed three interceptions in UF's humiliating homecoming defeat to Vanderbilt.

He finished the season with 1,216 yards, six touchdowns and five interceptions. 

Murphy is the seventh player to leave the program this week. Quarterback depth is now a serious concern for coach Will Muschamp, as Florida has just three scholarship quarterbacks -- Driskel, sophomore Skyler Morhinweg and incoming freshman Will Grier -- on the projected roster for the 2014 season.  

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His perogative but he wants to be assured of a starting job.

they runnin....like a deer in the headlights

Not unusual for a bunch of guys who know they have no shot at playing, to bolt for a chance to play elsewhere. Murphy clearly didn't have what it takes to be a starting QB in the SEC and knew Grier would be #2 next year. Don't blame him. He was a trooper for 4 years and got his chance and didn't succeed. Good luck and I hope you make the best of your final year! Funny how you cane fans keep making this into something more than it is. The funniest thing will be when cook stays committed when you guys think he's in the bag.

you don't sound very sure of yourself about Cook

Wow, maggots. 7 transfers but the clueless delusional klucks think all is well.

Did these players suck when recruited or do they suck now? Either your top recruiting classes were mirages or the Gatr Trash program does not develop players. Either way, 2014 is going to be fun to watch.

After a struggle to beat the Idaho Vandals, the Trash train will fall apart.

We will have jlo talking about how "we dominated statistically' we gave the game away," which is, of course, loser talk but is, of course, so typical of the Gatr Trash.

He knew even if he did win the starting job he wouldnt have nowhere near the protection as last year. And the same coach to boot and have to learn a new system too.

This is bad on a number of levels. It tells me Tyler Murphy does not trust or believe in Coach Muschamp. It tells me he doesn't think the quarterback competition will be fair. Why would a guy spend five years at a school, most of it sitting on a bench, and leave for his final year of eligibility? Either a) he thinks the competition will not be fair; or b) he thinks he stands no chance of beating Driskel and enjoyed playing so much he wants to go somewhere where he is assured a starting job.

I think based on what we've seen thus far, Murphy would've had an EXCELLENT chance of being the starting quarterback next season, or at the very least, a strong chance of seeing a great deal of playing time. Gator Nation is not sold on Jeff Driskel.

Sad to see this dude go. Wish him the best. Don't think Muschamp will survive next season. Hope I'm wrong.


_ _ _ ... _

SUICYCO relax my man, it's OK.
Listen, I was the first to praise Murph for his play in the UT game and the two that followed. But after the LSU game the dude was never the same and he played progressively worse until he finally gave way to Morninhweg. Driskel and Skyler are probably ahead of him right now and with Grier coming in he was back to #4 at best.
None of these 7 players that transferred matter much. Only Silberman will be missed in the 2 deep. None of the starters are going anywhere. Bench players and backups come and go looking for greener pastures.
It's all good.
Go Gators!

I agree with you jls. I know Murphy was no big deal, but: 1) it would be good to have him since he's experienced, poised, elusive, and will have improved; 2) he had a good shot at beating out Driskel, even though I don't think he would, and I would actually prefer Driskel, but Murph still had a shot; and 3) You would think the guy would be loyal to UF considering all he's been through, the last season, becoming a temporary star on campus, etc.

I wish Murph the best, and you have to do what's in your own best interest, but I still think this doesn't bode well for Muschamp. Plus, if Driskel goes down again, we would be relying on Skyler, who sucks big time, or Will Grier, who is probably just starting to grow pubic hair.

So we do need Tyler on board.

hahahaha Jlo making excuses

don't be fooled by thr rocks that I got....

Also jls, when Jacoby Brisset left, people were like "oh, he's nothing special... don't let the door hit you on the way out, etc." We all regretted that mindset this year.

Next year, I don't want to hear excuses (from Muschamp) about injuries. It's transfers like these that cause us to reign in Driskel (don't let him run, if he gets hurt, we have nobody), or collapse when the QB stings his shoulder or sprains an ankle or breaks a toenail.

A good coach would string this dude along and give him a legitimate chance to compete. Muschamp doesn't seem to be able to do that.

I know you love the Gators bro, and I love them too, but I don't like how this is looking. Let's hope you're right and I'm wrong.


Yes, no problem with the transfers. All the starters are back, except for seniors and Purifoy, from a team that won four games. What a foundation for greatness and Jeff Driskel looks like an All-American. If they aren't actually expected to play, the Gators will be fine as the All-Airport team. Just like everyone knows the Gators being better than Miami, it is very unfair to actually have to play a game on the field. Can't we just take pictures and look at the recruiting rankings? Everyone knows the Gators are loaded with talent, just take their word for that.

Mikey you sarcastic little Moron, go ahead and gloat now, the only time in recent history the canes look better than the Gators. Soon things will go back to normal.
The Brisset transfer hurt big time, both for him and for the team. But with Murph I don't think it will be a big deal, he has a similar skill set to Driskel with the dual threat capability but he has a lot less talent.
Gators will be fine.

This is just the beginning. More will go. Junoirs with half a name will be going too. This team will be thin for a couple of years. Muschamp wont be back for the 2015 season and recruiting will go downhill too. Some of 2014 recruits will bail too. They say " solid ", but you know how kids are.

@RobbieAndreu: "Tyler Murphy interest in transferring to either Louisville or Boston College, but UF would block both transfers."

Willie "da pimp" Muscramp is a d-bag...PAY ATTENTION RECRUITS, PAY ATTENTION.

Lol...bolting....nice choice of words. If I go i.to a store and someone is robbing it, im bolting. Interesting he is bolting , dont U think?

Are the Gators playing Louisville or Boston College? What's wrong with Muschamp? I know the Gators are scared to play Miami, but to block someone from transferring to a school in another conference is very childish. I guess it's true, they are babies at UF, they make excuses and whine when they lose and now act like idiots because someone doesn't want to play for them anymore. I would hope this treatment of a UF graduate will be made known to everyone contemplating going to Florida. If that's how they treat players that have been there for four years and have graduated, what does that tell you about how they will treat you when you don't turn out to be perfect? I always knew that a lot of Gators are creeps, this just confirms it. That doesn't mean everyone, but if you are a graduate of Florida, how can you justify treating one of your own in such a petty and childish manner?

it's the hillbilly way @mike winter

Idiotic cane fan, what did marble mouth Shannon due to Marve when he wanted to transfer? That's right, he limited him to where he could go and play. Geez u punks are either real dumb or just insanely hypocritical but let's not confuse u with the facts.

PEE UF is moar like it....hillbilly cluck. WE NEVER LAGGED AT 4-8, NOT EVEN IN OUR WORST TIMES turd. Raging dumpster fire in turdville.

Muschamp IS NOT BLOCKING ANY TRANSFERS. Rumors of such are false. Murphy is free to go where ever he chooses.

The mudslinging was poor on both sides but considering the turmoil surrounding Florida right now, it made little sense for Muschamp to get involved in a public spat. The situation could've been handled better but miscommunication caused it to unravel. Muschamp definitely wanted Murphy to stay and compete, but TM didnt feel like he'd get a fair shake at the starting job and thinks he can be a definitive starter somewhere else.

Thank you Jesse for the facts. The Morons talked all kinds of garbage which at the end proved to be unfounded, delusional, hypocritical, and plain manure. Nothing new here, such is the extent of Moron behavior.
Moron your sorry cane team has never been 4 - 8? Hope that is true, I mean, they play at most 3 good teams a year, maybe 4 once a decade, but usually just one or two. Tough to lose to 8 cupcakes in one season, if anyone can do that it would be Golden. Maybe next year.
If you idiots played in a real conference 4 - 8 would be the norm for you during the past decade.
I see we have new names, gator blues and mike winter douche. New names, same olde Morons.

Lol jlo, that tampon must be irritating this time of month. Its may not be a tough schedule in your diluted little world. By the way, how do U lose to georgia southern? Thats supposed to be an easybought and paid for win. How mucu did ufelons pay to get a beatdown at home? 550,000? $? They had 20 less scholorships by rule and 19 injured players. Thats more injuries than ufelony had+ 20 less schollys! Its hard to be right all the time when your team keeps proving U wrong. Heck,wait til next year. Utah southern is comin to get some. . Muschamp is done then back to square one where yall say" muschamp didnt leave any talent" .

jls, delusional as usual, stop projecting. Miami has played OSU, Okl, ND in the past 5 seasons and the gators play Citadel, GA Southern, FIU and still lose. Your argument makes you look dumber than we already knew you were.

After a beatdown by Georgia southern, I'd bolt too. Murphy knows he is better than driskel. Muschamp is holding on to those old highschool rankings as tight as he can for any hope. Not gonna happen. Next season is a wash already. Maybe he can go to um and help them out on defense?

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