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Report: Pease, Davis fired

GAINESVILLE -- According to multiple reports (AP, CBS Sports), offensive coordinator Brent Pease has been fired following Florida's first losing season in 34 years. 

Offensive line coach Tim Davis was also let go, according to several reports.

***** UPDATE *****

The school offically confirms Pease and Davis were fired. 

Pease, scapegoated following Florida's 4-8 year including a 37-7 thrashing at the hands of archrival No. 2 Florida State, presided over an offense that ended the year ranked No. 114 nationally. Florida's offense was decimated by injuries, but for the third straight season the unit finished in the bottom-20 of the country in total yards. 

Pease is owed roughly 1.2 million for the two years remaining on his contract. 

More to come. 

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That guy is laughing to the bank. Wow,didnt have the balls to fire muschump too? I hear weiss is available

Just got back from vacation. WE LOST TO WHO? Divll?

lmao... the turds are in free fall! What a great day!

Nice try Moron but some of us do unplug when on vacation.
Jesse I disagree that Pease was made a scapegoat. His unit was the main problem. Under his leadership the offense was boring, predictable, and could ot score. It got worse from the previous year, it was dismal.
This is a much needed change.
We identified the problem and moved swiftly to correct it.
Foley does not mess around, he is quick to act. I expect we will have a new hire inside of one week.
Go Gators!!

Jlo, I heard the same crap from you when Weiss was let go and now you are regurgitating the same old boring excuses. Just accept your team is 4th best in the state and move on, you guys are years behind even UCF now, what say you eh.

So you have been trolling for at least 3 years. It has become a way of life for you. Sad and pathetic.

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