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Roundup: Gators football news & updates

GAINESVILLE -- Giddy up.

Here’s everything you may have missed since Florida’s dreadful season mercifully ended one week ago.

What’s that you say? Florida canned its offensive coordinator and offensive line coach?

Ok, y’all already knew that, but UF’s brain trust (coach Will Muschamp and athletic director Jeremy Foley) is taking its sweet-time searching for Florida’s third coordinator in four seasons.

Good call.

While speculation has run rampant since Brent Pease’s firing, the Gators are unlikely to hire a new coach before the end of bowl season.

Muschamp actually took a similar approach the last time he faced such a predicament -- hiring Pease on Jan. 10, 2012 -- but considering his ultimate fate with the Gators likely rides on his next hire, he’d be wise to take his time again. 

Florida’s (rumored) list of potential coordinator candidates runs longer than an episode of A Prairie Home Companion, but here she goes. 

Arizona State’s Mike Norvell and Southern California’s Clay Helton are the presumed frontrunners, while Dave Christensen (ex-Wyoming head coach), Texas’ Major Applewhite, Texas A&M’s Jake Spavital and North Carolina’s Blake Anderson are alleged candidates too.

Really, who the hell knows right now?

I continue to hold out hope for Ed Orgeron because why not? Having no offensive coordinator would be the most Will Muschamp thing ever.   

Stay tuned.


As anticipated, junior cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy declared for the 2014 NFL Draft earlier this week.

In an official statement released by the school, Purifoy said, “I have had a great three years at the University of Florida, but at this time I think it's best for me and my family to pursue a career in the NFL. Coach Muschamp and Coach [Travaris] Robinson have put me in a position to take the next step. I know there is still a lot of work for me ahead, but I appreciate what everyone at Florida did to get me to this point. As much as I look forward to playing in the NFL, I will miss my teammates and coaches and look forward to watching them play next year."

Img.bleacherreport.net(courtesy img.bleacherreport.net)

Purifoy, a dynamic athlete ranked as the No. 27 overall prospect according to Scouts Inc., ended his Florida career as a tantalizing talent.

The junior flashed his playmaking skills with blocked punts, blindside sacks and interceptions, but his inconsistencies (especially tackling) frustrated many fans’ lofty expectations.

During the preseason, the junior was hyped as a potential offensive threat, but a lingering wrist issue thwarted any extensive role.

Purifoy finished his junior year with two interceptions (one for a touchdown), seven pass breakups and 3.5 tackles for loss (two sacks).

"There are a lot of factors that go into making these individual and personal decisions and I'm 100 percent supportive of Loucheiz's choice to enter into the NFL Draft," Muschamp said. "Loucheiz has come a long way from when I sat in his living room with his family during the recruiting process, and he also knows his work is not done. We wish him nothing but the best of luck and look forward to watching him on Sundays. As we have with other former Gators, we encourage him to return to Florida and complete his degree." 


Right guard Jon Halapio and defensive back Jaylen Watkins both accepted invitations to the 2014 Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL. 

Watkins, who mostly played safety as a senior, finished third on the Gators in tackles with 52, while Halapio tallied 43 career starts.  


2014 wideout Ryan Sousa (Lake Nona High, Orlando) flipped his verbal commitment from Florida State to Florida late Monday evening. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound three-star prospect had been a longtime Seminoles commit before switching his allegiance to the Gators following his visit to Gainesville during the FSU-UF game. The Gators’ 2014 class, ranked No. 15 by Rivals.com, now has 16 verbal commitments.

Meanwhile, five-star tailback Dalvin Cook has reportedly (according to multiple recruiting websites) signed financial aid agreements with Miami, FSU and UF, allowing the teams’ staff unlimited contact throughout the remainder of the recruiting process. While it’s been a bumpy recruitment, Cook remains a UF commit despite rumors swirling of an impending flip to an archrival school.

Finally, quarterback prospect Will Grier -- perhaps Florida’s most important oral commit in its 2014 class -- was named the Gatorade North Carolina Player of the Year for the second straight year. 

Enjoy Championship Saturday, y’all.

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We are the boys of old Florida!

Enjoy Championship Saturday gatahs because this is all you will be dong on this day for the foreseeable future is watching the game on tv. BAWAhhhhhaaaa

how's bowl practice going turds?

Purifoy is stupid. Should have stayed one more year. He will end up in the cfl if lucky.

It was great watching the SEC Championship, reminded me of all the times the Gators have played in that game. I think we played in it 10 times. Did watching the ACC Championship remind you of all the times the Canes played in the conference championship game? Help me out here, how many ACC Championship games have the Canes played in?

Cant wait to watch the National Championship game reminds me of all the times the Canes have played in that game. I think we played in it 10 times and won 5 National Titles. Did watching the SEC Championship remind you of all the times the Gators played in the National Title game? Help me out here, how may National Title games have the gators played in?
Difference between a gatah and Cane is we win National Championships and set that as the bar to be measured while small minded gatah fans worry only about a sec championship.

Another NC for the ACC coming up, book it. The new dominate conference is the ACC. 11 bowl teams vs. sec 10 bowl teams.

You win Championships? Yeah 20 years ago, now all you do is live in the past and watch everyone else play in them. Another NC for the ACC? Try winning 7 in a row, then start bragging! You guys only have 2 more than the gators, yet you act like you have 10 more. You cane fans are a joke!

Gatordummy, we have played in 10 more national championship game thau U have. Heck, we were screwed out of more than U have won.Heck, we have even been held out of more than U have won because people knew we were the best college football teams of all time. When U cant compete U revert to your conference . The only reason bama talks about your conference is to ensure they get a shot at titles with 1-2 loses. Other than that they quietly know they are the sec by themselves and let yall ride thier coattails.

ACC the dominate conference? Isn't it too early to be drinking?

SEC vs ACC 2013
Alabama vs Virginia Tech - W
Florida vs Miami - L
Florida vs Florida State - L
Georgia vs Clemson - L
Georgia vs Georgia Tech - W
South Carolina vs North Carolina - W
South Carolina vs Clemson - W
Vanderbilt vs Wake Forest - W

SEC VS ACC: 5-3, ACC have a very strange way of dominating.

From the latest AP Rankings:
SEC has 4 top 10 teams, ACC - 1
SEC has 7 ranked teams, ACC - 3

ACC wish they were the SEC.

Thats a weekly ranking south gator. A few weeks ago it was the acc with more in tbe top 10. Use what U need for the moment though.

OK, I see, so when you said "The new dominate conference IS the ACC." What you meant was "I've never mastered the past tense" or "I don't know the meaning of 'IS'"

"When U cant compete U revert to your conference." Yep, you said it and you're doing it! Canes can't compete, suddenly you are trying to claim ACC is/was the best. Of course, the ACC was not, is not, and will not be anytime soon.

Got SEC envy?

Not claiming anything. Just saying weekly rankings dont mean squat. When FSU beats aucrashandburn by 40 U will see. Enjoy waiting on the nc game just to be disappointed.

Lmao...georgia southern....that wont ever get old. Hahaha! Whew thats some everlasting sheet.

Cant just wash that stink off,

Kind've funny how it goes from we win championships to we've played in more championships. All you talk about is how many titles were won, now its how many you played in? Like I said, you cane fans are a joke! Newsflash cane loser, we won 2 of those 7 straight, so saying bama is the only reason the SEC has won 7 in a row shows what delusional idiots you are. Make up your mind loser! It doesn't really matter though, because in the present the canes still suck and have for the last 10 years!! By the way talk about Georgia Southern all you want. Its the first time in school history we've lost to a team like that. The canes make loses like that the norm. Again, another reason why it's so HILARIOUS that you guys continue talking trash!

Georgia southern.lol. cant help but laugh when i hear that name. I valled that they would win by three and tbey covered my spread.lmao

Muschamps faux heart attack and esophageal spasms will be flaring in the spring. Easy out. Defense is going down hill and offense wont go anywhere. Backups on an already bad oline are starters next year,no receivers, and driskel coming back with noone at rb to cover for inadequacies. Running back recruits decomitting with no help in the forseeable future. Its gonna take 2-3 years to get to .500 again. Kentucky and Tennessee win next year.

Defense win championships? Why arent yall playin fsu again in January?

When they say " the best defense is a good offense" they weren't talkin bout tha gatas.

It's that time of year. No, not the holidays. It's when the loser UFraud Gatr Trash cheers "SEC." Have some self-respect, you trailer donkeys, and just cheer "BAMA - Auburn - LSU."

You are lucky if they invite you back to the SEC LEast next year. They may replace you with Georgia Southern. Better team. Less trailertrash.

I guess Texas A&M and Missouri (Middle of the road teams in the Big Twelve) didn't find the SEC too hard, did they?

The SEC is just top heavy.....Alabama & LSU are the only good teams year in and year out!!

Duuuuhhhhh, we sell out! (Psst, not really. Check the empty seats this season.)

Duhhhhhh, rented stadium. (Pssst, yea, so what. Same as it always has been. Hasn't kept the Canes from owning the Gatr Trash. BTW, you realize Gainesville is a disgusting wasteland of brush and swamp).

Duuuuhhhh, largest athletic budget. (Pssst, when you have 60K undergrads and such a large budget, your failures are all that more glaring.)

UFraud: a history of cowardice and failure.

Strap it on, Gatr Trash. 2014, with Driskel at the helm, is going to be a bumpy ride. But you dropped Ga Southern from the sked and added Idaho so you now have a fighting chance at 5 wins.

Idaho lmao!?

It it too early to warn that the Idaho Vandals beat down looms?

Ahhh, screw it.


Vandals? Sounds like the uf team.

Wow the irony. Canes are playing louisville. After all that trash talk about losing to them last year, It's going to be quite hilarious when the canes get beat by them this year! Hey Jim, you can go on and on about stadiums and budgets, it still doesn't change the fact that the canes have sucked for 10 years and counting with no end in sight. Keep running your mouths as if your 10 straight national champs though, you guys are good at that!

Hey GatorAlum, it's true they beat 9 teams with a combined win/loss record of 38-69 and only 1 of those 9 teams has a winning record and the silly canes go on and one as if they've actually accomplished something. After 10 years of looking up to the Gators, watching us win NCs and go to BCS bowls, they know this is their one chance to getting in their licks before they go back to 7-5 and the Gators are on top again. I count 10 cane posts between 2 Gator posts, why are they so obsessed with us?

What bowl game can I catch the TURDS at?

Lol somiga...your team is in shambles. Next season muschump gets fired and then its back to the drawing board. Wrong players in wrong system in 15,its hard to get over coaching turnover. Especially as many as yall are going through. Then more next season? Bleak! If ufelons weren't such a " good 'ol boy "school, U could of had strong and never skipped a beat. Too little too late! Oh well, "defense wins championships"! Rieeeeght?

Gatordumb and Suck Mouth Gator, what say you about your feeble, week and languishing team, eh. You talk negatively about a superior team in Miami that owns the overall record against UF, beat UF the last time they played and has won 7 of 8 in the series, has 2 more National Titles, higher graduation rate and rated a better University nationwide what say you eh?

I say what a pathetic bunch of Morons the two o you make.
I say SoMiami is right on the money and you cannot accept reality.
I say you need to stop stealing IDs, man up, use your own name and better yet, stay off our boards.
I say you will not be able to do that cause you are one sorry, lonely, loser S.O.B.
I say we will be back on top sooner than you can make it to the ACC ship.
I say we are still the best school and best athletic program in the State, The Flagship University, The Mighty Gators.
Gooooooooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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