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See ya: Six offensive players leave program

GAINESVILLE -- Florida’s bumbling offense ranked last in the Southeastern Conference in most categories in 2013, and with so much uncertainty (no offensive coordinator or line coach) six reserves chose to leave the program Thursday.

In a house cleaning of sorts, UF announced the departure of six offensive players -- including freshman quarterback Max Staver and former five-star tight end sophomore Kent Taylor -- in a statement released by the school. 

Coach Will Muschamp confirmed the transfers of Staver, Taylor, redshirt junior offensive lineman Ian Silberman, redshirt freshman offensive tackle Quinteze Williams, freshman offensive tackle Trayon Young and redshirt freshman fullback Raheim Ledbetter.

“These young men felt it was in their best interest to look for an opportunity to play somewhere else,” Muschamp said. “We wish all of them the best of luck.”

The mass exodus may not be complete, as additional departures loom.

Several players tweeted goodbyes throughout the day. 

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.45.57 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.48.23 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 7.50.49 PM

Silberman, who started seven games in the last two seasons, actually graduates Saturday and is eligible to play his senior year at any school outside the SEC in the fall. 

Staver, Young and Williams were all three-star prospects who never saw the field at Florida, while Ledbetter came to UF as a safety but was switched to fullback last spring. The cousin of former UF star linebacker Brandon Spikes played sparingly on special teams during Florida’s 4-8 season.

Taylor, a hybrid tight end who struggled with weight gain and run blocking, was hampered by injuries during his sophomore season and never saw the field after catching a touchdown pass in the Sugar Bowl. It was a disappointing end for the former heralded recruit who was positioned to vie for serious playing time during preseason camp.

Aside from Silberman's graduation,none of the transfers were surprising. The departures do open up scholarships for February's National Signing Day, allowing the Gators to add up to 22 players.   

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Al Golden wins Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching

Mass exodus transfers, de-commitments, no OC, no line coach and a garbage man for a coach, sounds like the boys of old florida. BAWAhaaaa

we are bailing out now because....

Lose 6 scrubs, then gain the #2 offensive tackle in the nation. Why no mention of that Jesse? Apparently things aren't looking so bad cane losers. Here's the thing, we lost half our team to injuries this year, so things will only get better with all the experience the guys got who would've never played had there not been so many injuries. Unfortunately for you, your team just sucks and shows no signs of that changing any time soon. I've said it before, be thankful your schedule is such a joke, otherwise you'd look a lot like the gators minus all the injuries. Congrats on finishing with a better record than a depleted gators team for the first time in 8 years. That's certainly an accomplishment. LOL!

#2 ESPN OT and ESPN Top-200 4-Star WR commit as well. Also ESPN Top-100 4-Star DT to decide between Penn. St. and the Gators... Plus many more to come.

How about U ? There are well over 80 uncommitted in ESPN's Top-300. How many will U get ? ZIP-NONE-NADDA-ZILCH. Ur full and half Ur class is soon to be scrubs the minute they step foot in Coral Gables. Ur Class rankings will fall faster than Creature Cookies dirty drawers at Grand n US-1 as the top-programs scoop all these kids up. And U ain't one of them.

5-Star 6-11 MONSTER Chris Walker is in Gville and will begin practice with the soon to be Final-4 Hoops team this weekend... Hey U ? How's that Hoops team doing ? ACC Champs to cellar dwellers ? U won't win 5 ACC games. It's off to the N.ot I.nvited T.ournament agaim for U.

5 transfers that weren't even sniffing second team and another that was a backup isn't news... Top commits and the next Kevin Garnett playing for the Gators are.

Do some research Jesse.

Typical Gator...loves to talk a huge game when things are good but when things go bad, then it's, well your teams sucks and we were injured. The thing is, your Gators got beat by Miami's "crappy team" before most of those injuries had even occurred. Must be hard to comprehend in your arrogant little mind how Georgia Southern, an also-ran FBS school, can come go into the exalted Swamp, beat your "mighty" Gators and run for over 400 yards on your vaunted defense. But I know, all your players were injured, right? In other words, GSU's starters are better than UF's backups? Is that what you're saying? But I thought you had always crushed everyone in recruiting with all those 4- and 5-star recruits? Eat your humble pie like a good little Gator.

THere's no mention of Sharpe because I'm saving his commitment for another post. I've written about Chris Walker here several times including just the other day. So instead of calling me out on research, try reading. Sheesh.

Lol...spurrier took a shot at the gators today. He said they dont have anywhere to go so they should come watch the gamecocks play. He so fu.ny!

Again loser, the gators dominated the cane game. It really is hilarious how you guys can't grasp that fact. Still ignoring the fact that the canes suck though huh? If you think injuries had nothing to do with the outcome of this season, then you clearly know nothing about football. Loves to talk a huge game when things are good? Again, I only respond to idiots like you who come on here and talk trash non stop when things haven't been good in 10 years! You can criticize us all you want, but there's nothing worse than idiots talking trash when their team has done absolutely nothing in 10 years to warrant trash talk. Until you actually do something more than finishing with a better record then a depleted gator team, maybe you should shut your mouths for once? There's a thought. But no, that would require too much common sense, something cane fans lack!

And yes talking trash when things are good, is the way it's supposed to be. You twisted delusional idiots talk trash when your team sucks. What sense does that make? But then again, I guess you have to otherwise you'd never be able to open your mouths since things are never good! lol! The delusions are alive and well!

4-8! Ain't it great? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Georgia Southern? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

I guess it's not so great to be a Florida Gator.

The Seminoles spanked you both and will have a better recruiting class as well.

Stick to football cane dummy and leave the anti-religion talk to the atheists/agnostics that really know what they're talking about.

Man ,if the starters were this bad how bad were these guys? Goes to show these coaches cant recruit. Unfortunately Texas wont come get muschamp because he sucks. All those "top" recruiting classes and 4 wins as a result and if thats not bad enough...Georgia southern beat uf to boot! Well, at least spurrier invited uf to a bowl.

What kind of recruit is gonna want to join tbe .300 club?

Read todays Sun's Front Sports page Jesse ?

"Only one player started any games at Florida"

5 scrubs and a Senior nobody that never would be.

"Gators pick up pair of (ESPN Top) commits for 2014"

same day, not even a blurb or mention ?

"The mass exodus may not be complete, as additional departures loom."

Do tell ? lemme guess, Robinson. Who else ?

Chris Walker on campus right now ? Hmmmmmm, to meet with admissions today perhaps ? Rumor or no rumor ?

Women's Gymnastics #1 !

Winter Baseball conditioning ?


I'm Fu@kin with you. Been a long year... Here's a hint of what's to come with Walker... Do some research on the 1-3-1 Zone Defense. The Nation and Kansas just got a sniff of it Tuesday night. It's rarely used, because teams rarely have the personal to do so. And come crunch and Tourney time, it will be Florida's go to. Whit Billy being able to go Man, 2-3 into the 1-3-1 at anytime, back n forth, during any posession is going to be something to watch evolve this year. And 6-11 Walker will be playing the Yegutte right wing on the 3, thus backside under the basket as most teams run their offenses to the right. With 6-8 Doe Doe on the frontside 3 wing and 6-9 Young fronting the basket in the middle 3... All that with 6-6 Prather, 6-4 Frazier and 6-2 "Cheech" Wilbeken rotating the 1 n 1 top n bottom... Then 6-1 Hillenters on offensive possesions (while playing some top of the key 1).

Gonna be fun to watch. But study up and do some "research" on and write about the invention and genesis of the 1-3-1 D. It's a good story. Who knows, maybe it gets picked up Nationally since you have the access to some great quotes. Billy will talk at lenght with you about it if you schedule a sit down with him I'm sure.

Now if they only had a Lee Humphries to pump in 6-7 Three's a game. All we got is Wilbeken n Frazier. Oh yeah, and "not" so Free Throws.

Later, Miami Gator .

Oh, and a Serious question to all U Cane Jackazzzes that we Gators tore U multiple AZZZHOLES the last 8 years Kicking UR AZZZES in FOOTBALL-BASKETBALL and BASEBALL that are hanging out in here like pre-teen Justin Bieber girl groupies that haven't won Sheeet in a Decade ...

Who will SUCK more this year ? A 2013 GATOR Football Team Completely riddled with injuries more than half it's Starters out for the year ?

Or that present rag-tag bunch of Flash in the pan 2014 Cane Cagers Completely Void of any Talent what so ever that won't win 5 ACC games and will play their Home games in front of Hundreds in that echoing JUCO gym U call the BUC ?

I don't know mang ... It'll be close. Depends on if U even make the NIT.


I concur with the real Florida fans, injuries caused them major problems during the past football season. Over the past 10 years, Florida has dominated college sports in the south. I believe Florida and the U have good coaches, but not sure if they make excellent HCs. Florida missed out on Strong and the U had to hire someone to effectively manage the NCAA storm. As a U fan, I just accepted that you are what is on film or on the field. What is mentioned in this article should not impact the Gators moving forward. I think the Gators need to find an OC to match the skills of the players. If Tebow decides to coach...there's the HC.

Gators , please stop with all of the "U" bashing...you guys may have more wins than the U the past 4-6 years, but also in that same time span,,you guys have lost more 4 Star and 5 Star recruits than most teams recruit. What up with that? Sound like no development is being implemented on the practice field. And to lose 6 in one day pluse the early departures to the NFL will only further erode the Gators on field play. Cant expect 2014 class to come in and play well right away. Reviewing the class, its maybe 1 or 2 players who can contribute right away. Cook will eventually come to the U as well.

who cares about the U on a Gator blog? Not hating. Being a long time S. Fla resident there's always been a soft spot in my heart for UM. I think the ill thoughts are going to these individual posters not the players, coaches, or alumns. the guy that copies the posts from here and posts on cane blogs and vice-versa, that's the guy garnering all the hate. UM is made up of local kids, they deserve some success because of where they are from. i get you're butt hurt over some naughty posts on your blog (probably your posts anyways), but give Jesse and everyone else a break nobody cares what you think.

To whom it may concern,
The only " U bashing" going on here is in response to
Moron cane posters like sid and the atheist who are here 24/7 with their crap. Not sure who is the guy "garnering all the hate" but the 2 I mention are the main culprits.
Frenchy not sure that we have "lost more 4 and 5 star recruits" than anyone else. Every big time program has some turnover. Those 6 that left in a day are no big deal, they rarely played. Only exception is Silverman he would have helped in the 2 or 3 deep.
No one is expecting the 2014 class to contribute right away. We are expecting all the injured guys to come back strong and play.
Thanks for your positive contribution Richmond cane, we always welcome discussion from intelligent fans no matter what team they root for.
It is always great to be a Florida Gator!

looks like 'al' was making the assertion (anecdotal no less) about the 4 and 5 star recruits. i'm all for letting kids transfer if they are not happy. kids rarely transfer into a better situation than the one they leave. it happens i'm sure but rare. the dirty truth is that coaches sometimes 'convince' kids it is in their best interest to do so. saban is the king of that. i'm sure muschamp is doing the same here. gambling a scholly on a highly rated kid out of HS is better than using it up on a tackling dummy in practice for 4 yrs.

Here's why yesterday's departures are still news: depth. Think that wasnt a problem for FLorida this year? No matter the quality of these kids, they were all on scholarship and the Gators lost several o-linemen (leaving them with lots of underclassmen next season), another quarterback and a former five-star tight end.

we unfortunately only see game days. the coaches and players see what's going on in practice and training everyday. even with depth issues these kids weren't playing. what's that say about them? like i said coaches thin out the ranks all the time (see above post) i believe this process is in full swing now.

Nott hate jlo, payback. U were on our blogs long before i got here. Having fun!
What "process" frenchy? According to gator fans, you dont rebuild, you reload. What happened to that theory?

psssssssssssssttttt, hey U ...

Got All-Americans ?

We SUCK and we do ...

Vernon Hargreaves III was named the Defensive Freshman of the Year in addition to being named to the All-Freshman First Team, as announced by College Football News. Dante Fowler was selected to the All-Sophomore Second Team and Kelvin Taylor was an honorable mention on the All-Freshman Team.

Hargreaves totaled 38 tackles on the season, with three interceptions and 11 passes broken up. His 11 pass break ups equal the most by a true freshman in school history, matching the total Janoris Jenkins had in 2008. Hargreaves was also named to the 2013 AP All-SEC First Team and 2013 Coaches’ All-SEC First Team; he was the only freshman on either list.

Fowler was one of just five Gators to start every game during the 2013 season. He finished fifth on the team with 50 tackles, including 10.5 tackles-for-loss and 3.5 sacks. He also forced three fumbles and had one fumble recovery.

Taylor saw action in 10 games and earned four starts in his true freshman campaign, finishing second on the team with for 508 rushing yards on 111 carries. He also caught five passes for 37 yards. Taylor tied for second for the Gators with four touchdowns and finished fourth in total offense.

a co-worker of mine has a brother that played for Bill Snyder in early 2K's. Snyder was the king of 'gray-shirting'(aka oversigning) and counseling kids into transferring if they couldn't find the field after their 2nd year.

i'm assuming you are counting the posts you copy from this blog and post on your own blog as 'gator fan' posts. if so perhaps you can speak of the theories you've created with your imaginary friends.

perhaps cane guy can 'wow' us with more of his atheist theology that he picked up from bill maher re-runs.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | December 13, 2013 at 09:04 AM

Kumbaya Canes !!! Yeah yeah yeah. We Gators deserve it. We SUCK for now, next year, who knows, but you Canes know how we feel now huh ?

Let's just say it's a State of Florida Thang.

and for the record, FU@K THE NOLES !!! but they sure are good.

Hey, when and where do the Canes and Gators open the Baseball Season ? Dimare bring in some arms n sticks ? Heard U got some good ones.

Tubby Sully had a top class they're saying. 2 really good pitchers. We'll see.

btw, watch how Larranaga gets that Canes hoops team to buy into the system and win some tough close games. That ole man can flat out Coach. 50/50 in the ACC is doable. Making the Tourney will be a chore, but that's the type of team, well Coached, that makes the NIT easily and could well get to New York and rip off two wins. Then recruit well... How's Larkin doing in Dallas? Sucks about his ankle but heard he was out of the cast and rehabing.

Kumbaya Canes !!! We're better at SUCKING than U... At least this year.

I disagree with the Gator fan(s) who said that we lost 6 "scrubs" and it's no big deal. Kent Taylor, a five star tight end, is one of the guys transferring, as well as three offensive linemen, and our biggest weakness (among many) is our o-line.

Jesse, you're a great reporter and you've done a great job all year. I had already read this news on gatorsports.com . Is there any way you could find out WHY these guys are transferring, particularly Kent Taylor?

Some Gator fans here seem defensive, and I understand why, being that the Cane trolls are always hating here 24 / 7. But I was really disappointed when I first heard this news. I agree with the critics who say that talent is not being developed at Florida. We get so many 4 star and 5 star recruits who end up sucking. That has to be an indication that Muschamp and company stink at developing talent. What the heck did Fulwood and Robinson do this year? Mack Brown and Matt Jones? Don't even get me started on Driskel.

And why didn't Kent Taylor see the field or see himself starting in the future? Our starting Tight End is Clay Burton and the guy freaking SUCKS. I don't think he caught more than 3 or 4 passes all year.

This is a very bad sign.


Forgot to mention that last year (or the previous year), Gerald Christian, another top rated Tight End recruit, transferred to Louisville (along with WR Robert Clark).

Like we're so stacked at Tight End that we could shrug our shoulders when dudes like this transfer.

Think about it.

coaches put players in position to win. that's all they can do. players have to execute which could be whip the guy in front of them, hold on to the ball, etc. there is no 'magic dust' when it comes to developing a kid. the kid has to be committed and have the 'it' factor. though we look at stars and ratings, the odds a HS player becomes a big-time college kid are still astronomical even for highly rated kids. for every kid that pans out, a whole bunch don't. do you think bobby bowden as FSU suddenly forgot how to coach/recruit after 40 yrs in the biz? he had a great run in the '90's hitting on a tone of kids then had the odds catch up with him after 2K. i see your frustration and maybe muschamp won't cut it. it is not an accident that guys buried on the depth chart 'transferred'. we only had 15 scholly's and were flush with some underachievers. i agree with some churn to get us back up to 25 signees. let's get some new guys in there and see what they can do.

coaches put players in position to win. that's all they can do. players have to execute which could be whip the guy in front of them


We have no players...what ever do you mean sir??

They are getting out because muschamp is a defensive minded coach. This is just the beginning. Recruiting isnt going well either. Some recruits are on the fence while others use uf as a springboard to get other schools attention. Muschamp must go after next season especially if ther is another loss to a div ll school , even a close game to a div ll school. After last years div ll play and then georgia southern winning at the swamp he should have been fired. Thats the problem with government institutions , you can smoke crack and still retain your job. He is here until the state says different. The worst part is he keeps saying we are gonna get this fixed week after week. He kind of sounds like steve spurrier used to,blah,blah,blah,cant win them all,blah blah,blah. These guys cant coach and they are here for the long run. Its a sad,sad day.

Frenchy, please go back to who you are (JLO)nice try though. Can always see a turd through the blue and orange color glasses.
Gatoralu, why all the hate? Bitter that Miami fans are killing the lowly 4 win gator team, take it as you sure dished it out against them. Spurrier has invited the gator nation to follow the cocks in the bowl game, you should do so because watching a bowl is the only thing gators have to do this year and probably next.

Georgia southern? Lmao.....lol....hahahaha. they manhandled ufelons. Your coach is not qualified to coach highschool. U are a couple of eeked out wins last year from being below .500 with a secondhand d c as headcoach. .333 on an easy season and a loss to a div ll team. Bowling green gave yall heck,and rajun cajuns almost pulled a ga southern. Something is wrong and its not just the oline. How does div ll teams score so many on U? Coaching,thats how. Defense is overrated due to seceasy games. Look for 3-4 more bad seasons after muschamp gets fired next year and a whole new system starts. Too bad U cant just "reload"! Lmao. Where is all the supposed talent that was being brought in? Bad recruiting thats where. Overreacted and underachieving thats who u are!

If i am a recruit ,the only reason I go to UF is early playing time. Muschamp will win nothing on this level. He won a bowl with Meyers players and lost a bowldue to poor coaching and didnt even qualify for a bowl(not even close) in his third year. That is going backwards fast. Expect more until foley fires him to save his own job.

4 wins? That's it? With two ACC teams, two div ll teams and 5 of the worst sec teams we could get?

Muschump and lane kiffin are in the same league of coaches...waiting to be exposed as lifetime assistants.

Well we know Texas isn't coming after a 4-8 coach. Firing him is the only way. I cant believe Foley is giving this guy one more year. If he goes 6-6 next season then he will get another pass and then its one more year of bad coaching just to have to rehire a new coach to start all over again. Decade of mediocrity in the making.

Breaking news...Tim Tebow-Greatest Gator Ever cut from NFL Cheerleading Squad! LOL!!! Let's put this argument to rest. Bottom line, we have 5 (should be 7 with 2 that were highway robbery), you have 3.

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