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Tebow joins ESPN

GAINESVILLE -- Tim Tebow has found his next football job -- as an analyst for ESPN. 

The former Florida Gators star quarterback signed a three-year contract to become a commentator for the SEC Network -- which launches in August 2014 -- the network announced Monday.  


The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion will make his ESPN debut during ample pregame coverage of the BCS National Championship Game Jan. 6. 

According to ESPN, Tebow's contract will "not preclude him from continuing to pursue playing opportunities in the NFL."

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoprt added...

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 10.39.59 PM

“When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC," Tebow said in a statement released by ESPN. 

Tebow, who was cut by the New England Patriots in August and did not play in the league in 2013, will serve a variety of roles for ESPN, but the former "SEC icon" will mainly appear on the new network's SEC Nation -- the conference's version of GameDay (a traveling pregame show) -- alongside host Joe Tessitore and commentator Paul Finebaum. 

“Tim is a SEC icon with a national fan base and broad appeal," ESPN senior vice president Justin Connolly said in the news release. "He brings a wealth of knowledge about the game, the conference and the passion among SEC fans.”

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Maybe all that praying for a job helped.

Dear Santa,

Please bring us facilities and a stadium (with people in it).

Miami Coaches and Admin

P.S. - can you ask Mark and Lou to tone it down?

Tebow is a class act, good fo him and good hire by ESPN.
The Roper hire is good news for Gator Nation. Finally we get someone who will run the offense according to the talent of the players and not according to some pre conceived scheme. Having that and having all the injured guys back 100% and te Gators will make some noise next season.
Go Gators!

Today ...

acc ... 0 fer 3

SEC ... 2 FER 2

NEW YEARS BOWL Games Tomorrow ?

does the acc even have a team playing ?

When all else fails, which it usually does for gator fans, they chant sec, sec, sec. Problem with that is that you are at the bottom of the sec, sec, sec and Bama, LSU, USC, GA wish you would stay quiet because its quite embarrassing to admit uf plays in the sec, blocks each other during plays, has a coach that is also the school janitor and school is located off a truck stop exit in the middle of no where and right smack in the middle of the worlds largest trailer park. BAWahaaaahaaa

Lil Timmy now a tv broadcaster, guess that football thing never panned out huh. Jlo and gatoralum sure did post a lot on here saying how Timmy would tear up the NFL and represent uf, just remember boys its Miami that is NFLU, uf not so much and never will be. Also Timmy has an out clause to perform circumcisions on lil boys world wide if needed.

Al, get out while you can! Ex cane players have dog houses nicer than your facilities.....

Thats funny dr lou, guess your Alzheimer's is kicking in ....? Cant even remember what you said....lol. what is it with your speach patterns? Every third word sounds like a stoke victim.

Boy Orlando, you are the king of putting words in peoples mouths. Not once did I say Tebow would tear up the NFL. That's exactly why you troll cane fans are such a joke! I'm surprised you're still coming on a Gator blog and talking smack after your team just got embarrassed on national TV AGAIN! You trolls really don't know when to shut your mouths! Pathetic!

@ Doc Lou: Ugh...and what's with that stadium?

One other thing Orlando, because you seem to think you're an expert. It's kind've funny how you say UGA and USC wish we would stay quiet because we are at the bottom. Yes this year we are, but how many titles have they contributed to the 7 straight by the SEC???? Besides Bama, we've contributed more than anyone. But don't let facts get in the way of your stupid comments. The funny thing is, everything you said about the Gators, describes the canes to a tee in the ACC. LOL! You really are a joke!!

Orlando Candy Cane, let me remind how great the U is: 36-9

gatoralum, how does it feel that Miami embarrassed your team on National TV AGAIN! Please don't link your team with Bama, that's like comparing a VW (uf) to a Ferrari (Bama) you simply cant compete. Also your team cant compete with Miami so don't be so stupid to compare the two!
Oliver - 21-16 is what the U did to U!

Al good news! A bunch of rich alumni are donating a gazilion dollars to upgrade the high school facilities at Miami!

Ha! Ha! He's kidding Al! The Miami facilities, stadium, and fans still suck!!!!!

Looks like cook didnt want any part of the gators even though he was guaranteed playing time. Hard to join a 4-8 team especially when you have no real ties. More to come. Until muschamp is gone, expect more of the same

Cook wanted no part of UM either, for different reasons I'm sure, not the least of which being the high school-grade facilities he'd be subject to. Is a gazilion dollars enough to improve those awful facilities?

Uf cant afford to upgrade the University buildings and infrastructure as there are no funds in the state budget, Miami just built a $5MM athletic facility and has all the best facilities a college student could want besides being in a World Class City, not a truck stop. Thanks for your delusional thoughts Dr. Lou.

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