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Gators hire Summers to lead offensive line

GAINESVILLE -- Florida no longer has any coaching vacancies.

The Gators completed their offensive overhaul, hiring Southern California offensive line coach Mike Summers to the same position, the school announced Monday.

811393(Courtesy foxsportswest.com)

"I'm excited to have Coach Summers join our staff," UF head coach Will Muschamp said in a statement. "He has 34 years of experience, has been an offensive coordinator for 15 years and has coached in the SEC. He has a diverse background and has experience in the NFL. He will be a great addition to our staff." 

Summers, 57, definitely brings a wealth of experience, with multiple stops in the SEC including a two-year stint at Kentucky (2010-12) working under former Wildcats head coach and current UF receivers assistant/recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips.

A graduate of UK, Summers was also a pivotal member of Bobby Petrino's staffs at Louisville, Arkansas and the Atlanta Falcons. Florida will serve as Summers' 11th stop in his lengthy coaching career.

"I'm honored to be joining Coach Muschamp and his staff," Summers said. "I have the utmost respect for Coach Muschamp, the staff and the support system in place. Having been in the SEC, I have always held the Florida program in high regard and I'm looking forward to getting right to work." 

Summers replaces Tim Davis, fired Dec. 1 after Florida’s offensive line surrendered a conference-high 66 sacks in two years despite operating in a run-oriented attack.

More on the hire to come… 

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Now U just need some offensive lineman that know the object of the game. He needs to focus on blocking the other team in the spring and in the fall, takling you own players just before touchdowns. He has his work cut out for him lol.

Now U just need facilities that don't suck (and fans).

"takling you own players just before touchdowns"....

I don't know GED superstar, maybe you can teach them how to not "takling you own players".

Speaking English looks like it has its work cut out for u genius. We will however stick with Summers.

How does that defense look next year under D'Onofrio? lol

Sorry pu...i work sometimes 18 hours a day. I woke at 6 a.m. the previous morning and was still in the office when I typed that post. Someone has to pay for gator fans welfare,foodstamps,and free healthcare. My typing doesnt help his case though. He has his work cut out for him.
However you will stick with summers( sorry I didnt capitilize the s in Summers)? LOL you just hired him! You have no choice. Just like driskel and that horrid oline. Good thing defense wins championships right? And no rbs to boot!
As far as our defense? Teams can get as many yards as they want as long as we keep them out of the endzone. The felons got alot of yards and only sixteen(16)points, maybe,just maybe, offense wins not defense. Im not happy with D'onofrio but its what we have. Just like your offensive players and whats left of your defensive players that didnt "bolt". Look at the bright side though, you have 8 or 9 new players coming in in this class. Bwahahahahaha!

LOL, heard an interview on espn and the guysaid he was stunned Texas hired an african american as head coach. He siad the only way he would be more stunned is if uf hired an african american coach. I was rotfl. The only incorrect part of my statment is Strong isnt african nor does he have dual citizenship. They used a color to describe him and i didnt think the herald would let me use "black". Ufelons should have held on to him. The one that got away due to ole timers.

Why do you guys even get out of bed in the morning?

I heard blocking the player nexto you confuses defenses. Is this true?

Working 18 hours a day but finding time to post her 18 times a day? That equals obsessed, deranged, looser cane fan.

Good job. Do you think the head landscaper would be pissed that you were milking the clock starting internet arguments? Next time I see him mowing the median on I-75 I will stop and tell him. Like you say retard, Bwahahahahaha!

I'd still love to know why you loser cane fans or fan in this case, continue to talk smack? I could understand it coming from FSU fans, but coming from fans of a team that have accomplished absolutely nothing for 10 straight years? It really makes no sense at all! I mean do you even have a clue how ridiculously stupid you look running your mouth as if your team is great? WAKE UP…..your team sucks too!

Unlike U p u, Im the boss. I have this thing called a smartphone. It should be in gville in the next ten years. As i said , I was in an office, have U ever seen an office on I 75? Would be a nice state contract though. Now , quit selling the foodstamps I provide U with for drugs. Can U not argue my points or do U just revert to namecalling? No oline,no rbs,no qbs,no receivers, head coach is a janitor,lost to div ll,lost to us,quit both series,dropping recruits fast,losing players fast, and wost of all learning a new system with second teamers you have left over. Maybe I will stick around another year and go back on my word of only being here a year. Yall better get ready for utah st.

We dont 4-8 div ll lose suck gatordummy. Gators are on our blogs 24/7 even before the UM beatdown and now its coming back to U. At least I dont make stuff up or misquote people for the purpose of negative recruiting. I speak the truth. It really does set U free!

Lil Jls/Pee U I mean, your sophomoric banter and witless comments give you away every time. Now get back to cleaning my pool, mowing your yard and the gardening and when that's done clean the windows, its was a uf degree earns you. BAWAHHHAAAA


So this guy coached at mighty Kentucky, Louisville before Strong, Arky and a sanctioned USC, sounds like another reach by the janitor, oh well they will all get fired next year after another 4-8 season and loss to Utah State. I bet the D Coord. can get the lineman to tackle each other when the other teams have the ball, that will really confuse them rigghhhttt!

Are u serious, you expect anyone to believe that u are a boss? U come on here and run your mouth like a juvenile punk and expect us to believe that you are a responsible adult with a job and a life? Yeah, you're the boss alright, if you call the manager of a Dunkin Donuts a boss. Again, anyone coming on another fans blog and claiming they are a boss is a) not a boss and b) are having to convince more than just their internet foes that they are.

And by the way stupid, Gainesville is a college town where, get this, college kids go to get an education so that they don't have to work at Dunkin Donuts and convince people that they are the boss. And when they are done, they leave and go on with their lives elsewhere. Therefore, showing your lack of intelligence and assuming that a gator fan must mean they live in Gainesville shows just how smart u really are there boss man.

Blah,blah,blah is what I hear ... U like to make fun of people? Make fun of driskel and his returning one of a kind oline. Who blocks their own teammates?

who necks???

"Can U not argue my points or do U just revert to namecalling? No oline,no rbs,no qbs,no receivers, head coach is a janitor,lost to div ll,lost to us,quit both series,dropping recruits fast,losing players fast, and wost of all learning a new system with second teamers you have left over."

There are no "points" to argue here. This is just a long rant filled with exaggerations and stupidity.
There is also a lot of name calling, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Or just another day in the miserable life of a dumb and delusional cane idiot.

"Maybe I will stick around another year and go back on my word of only being here a year."

So the #1 cane idiot once again reveals himself, this is just another manifestation of the Bunnel Virgin, the one and only loser sidcane, using now yet another stupid ID.
Miserable dummy you have been here much longer than one year and you will remain here as this is your life.
Sad and pathetic at the same time.

The gators cant change their names nor can they hide from 21-16 and a division ll beatdown,and another acc beatdown from the worst conference in the land.

Orlando Cane: Summers coached at Louisville with Petrino -- a 41-9 record in four seasons. The Cards were pretty darn good before Charlie got there and reinvigorated the program.

Jesse - Please don't argue with idiots and confuse them with facts. Plus once you stoop to their level and argue with an idiot, it's hard to determine who the real idiot is.

Opps, time to make the donuts.

OrlandoCane is most definitively an idiot. An obsessed idiot with Gator envy. Dude has "cane" as part of his name yet he posts here 99% of the time. The very few times he posts at EOTU all he does is talk about the Gators. Whether it's Orlando or sid it's all the same, it probably IS the same idiot.
Bottom line is that the Gators made moves to right the ship and brought in some very good, proven and experienced coaches. The canes still suck, they have no defense and unless PSU wants Golden(why would they), no changes will be made there. Getting a winning record by virtue of playing 10 cupcakes a year won't get you anywhere, There are 8 teams with 4 losses ranked. Where are the 4 loss canes? There are 14 more teams in the "others receiving votes" category. Not the canes. So 22 teams have the same or worse record than the canes and they are all ranked or recognized. So tell me again cane idiot, what good is it for you to have a 9 - 4 record? Everyone knows you are far worse than the record shows that is why you are where you are, irrelevant, un ranked, not recognized at all.

Sid, whether you have a better record than us or who we lost to doesn't change the fact that the canes still suck and have for much much longer than the Gators have. Like I said, if you were a nole fan you'd have every right to talk all the smack you want, but when your team sucks you just look like an idiot! You can say what you want about a few gator fans that troll cane blogs, but I can pretty much guarantee you none of them post as many comments as you do. You post 20-30 comments a day! The fact that you base what you do on the fact that you're doing it because gator fans do, just shows how pathetic and immature you are. Don't you think it might be time to grow up? Ah, who am I kidding? Gator clause is your only life!

PeeU, fact check, I am the boss, jls is at his best when he/she post under the multiple names and delusional post. Must be terrible knowing a Miami grad employs the uf grads to do the gardening, pool cleaning and house work, but its what a uf degree earns you. Now back to work washing my car jlo and don't forget to shine the tires boy!

Jesse, now that Petrino is back at Lville don't be surprised if this guy bolts back to Lville.

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