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Holley flips to UF

GAINESVILLE -- Gators coach Will Muschamp struggled to win football games last year, but his proficiency to flip star recruits has dominated the headlines since the calendar changed to 2014. 

  Media.247sports.com(Courtesy media.247sports.com)

Florida's flipapalooza continued Wednesday, when four-star defensive tackle Thomas Holley switched his commitment from Penn State to UF. 

Holley's flip has been as been rumored ever since former PSU head coach Bill O'Brien departed for the Houston Texans. 

According to Rivals.com -- who first broke Holley's change of heart -- the Brooklyn, New York native waited on any final decision until the status of former PSU defensive line coach Larry Johnson was resolved. 

Johnson was not retained by new Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin and is now a part of Urban Meyer's staff at Ohio State. 

Holley, a 6-foot-4, 299 pound Rivals100 prospect, is just the latest coup on the recruiting trail for Florida, including flipping the commitments of five-star cornerback Jalen Tabor, four-star tailback Brandon Powell and four-star defensive lineman Gerald Willis III.

The Under Armour All-American is Florida's No. 21 commitment for its 2014 recruiting class. 

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Al gator is as ignorant as the rest of the fans...#1 gator is the one who brought up football. You're almost as bad as muschump thinking a new o coordinator is gonna fix your talent problem or jlo thinking all you need is a kicker.

Posted by: even your mascot is ignorant | January 16, 2014 at 05:27 PM

Cane fan types "#1 Gator". Classic.

Holley is just the beginning of the epic closing that Will will compose. At least 2 more top 100 commits and 2-3 - 4-star flips and then maybe 2-3 schollies for a present walk-on and perhaps 1-2 "projects" to develope.

U know what "projects" are riiiiet Cane ClUcks ? Those would be the 12-14 once unranked and 2-Stars out of Ur 26 in Ur 2014 Class (HALF UR CLASS) that are now BARELY 3-stars (bumped to 3-stars so U'll by subscriptions for info on them because there is no info on them as they're NOT Top recruits wanted by ANY Top-Programs) offered by NO Top-Programs, including Urs. Combine them with the 12-14 in each of the last 3 years Golden has dealt out schollies like a Vegas dealer and U have nearly HALF of Ur ENTIRE Roster comprised of these scrubs that provide 2-3 deep depth. And then U have that dumb look on Ur faces when U have to axe going into Goldies 4th. year, "Why are we still young, inexperienced, unranked and sooo bad on 'efense and have no overall depth as a team?"


All together now ... "WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR !!!" "NO EXCuSES!!!"

See you in the 'Dome in 8 - 10 Days ...



#74 gators, Holley is not the start, he is the fourth to flip.
All your ranting about quantity and quality is hollow. Didn't we just beat your team down with quantity? Heck, georgia southern beat down the gators without quantity or quality.....or depth. They started the year with 20 less scholarships and had more injuries at gametime. You guys aren't very good at trash talking.

Gators will always attract top talent just because we are The University of Florida, one of the top ahletic programs in the nation and The Flagship Univesity in our great State.
Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not just because you're the u of felons.....all major universities attract top talent. Top talent also doesnt mean squat. What has those last few top rated classes done other than lose 8 games( 1to div ll) and block each other ia an actual game. They have to have talent and be smart. And thats still not a guarantee to win 5 games. U know, dont U!

About time you came back jlo....I would bet if basketball wasnt doing alright you wouldnt be back til baseball season.

Why an I here ?

U just can't help Urselves... The Canes, just months after finalizing their NCAA sanctions, are back to their old ways and commit a serious recruiting violation providing on campus visiting recruits extra benefits from Booster Luther Campbell...

Not sure which is worse, the fact that Miami is still recruiting illegally (Boats n Hoes), Kaaya is going to decommit and flip to UCLA anyways, or the fact that Kaaya's Mom was the dirtbag chick in the movie Friday !

But Kaaya and Moms no doubt will enjoy their mini-Miami vacation, like all the other Jan. visitors that WON'T sign with U, before jetting back to L.A. for good and be a Bruin the next 4 years.

*** The quarterback referenced by Campbell in his tweet is Miami commit Brad Kaaya, a four-star prospect of California who is one of several recruits visiting Coral Gables this weekend. Adding another layer to the story is the fact that Kaaya's mother is Angela Means-Kaaya, an actress best known for her role as Felicia in the comedy Friday.

That contact--however accidental--is technically a violation of NCAA Bylaw which reads as follows:

"All in-person, on-and off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect or the prospect’s relatives or legal guardian(s) shall be made only by authorized institutional staff members. Such contact, as well as correspondence and telephone calls, by representatives of an institution’s athletics interests are prohibited except as otherwise permitted in this section."

For Miami, which just weathered a lengthy NCAA investigation after former booster Nevin Shapiro detailed years worth of improper benefits he doled out to Hurricane athletes, NCAA violations of any sort are a serious matter.***

I love it every time I see a cane fan write that they beat us down. You beat us yes, but beat us down? You weren't watching the same game! Beating down is what all those teams that dropped 40+ on your sorry excuse of a defense did. Needing 5 turnovers to beat a team that thoroughly dominated your team, is more like playing with a rabbits foot in your sock instead of beating down! Stick with the Georgia Southern stuff, that makes more sense than continuing to bring up the lucky win you had. That's almost as dumb as saying you beat down UNC and Wake Forest.

LOL, you call taking a picture a major violation? What about signing bonuses to recruits?

Div ll? You lost to div ll? With all those top ranked classes of "quality" recruits?

Div ll applications are piling up. Some are offering to do it for free.
Bowling green:DENIED
Ragin' Cajun's: DENIED
Georgia southern: DENIED

gatorlum, the truth is Miami dominated the game and without a garbage time TD you guys had 9 points. That sorry D you say Miami has dominated U, so take the beating like a man, I think, and shut up.

Lets eat some bath salts and block each other in games.....lol....the coaches wont get mad.

FSU and UM will have more Titles than U next year.

How is that 5 star "strip sack" driskell working out with no oline?

Jesse, your football tweets are hilarious...keep them coming!

Look at the desperate Miami Moron comparing his sorry team to FSU. FSU has beat you down for several years now, at least we have a split the past two seasons.
You needed luck and several gifts by Driskel to beat the worst Florida team in over 30 years, barely at that. There is nothing for you to feel good about you still have the most imcompetent DC in college ball and a slick used car salesman as HC. We will be raned and in the mix for the playoffs a lot sooner than you will be even close to making it to the sorry ACC ship game.

jls, back to posting more moronic dribble, good to see you are still just as big a moron as before. uf has a janitor with a $400 hand shake and still your team was 4-8 with the same coming again next year. Just like gatorlum, you need to accept that Miami owns the gators 7 wins in the last 8 meetings and that Miami's defense actually played its best game against uf so I guess that means that our incompetent DC is more competent than you coaching staff, see reality makes sense doesn't it. BAWAAHHHAAA, you are still the laughing stock of this blog.

LOL...they're still calling strip-sacks " gifts ". Ignorant and funny.

"Golden needs to remove DC he is holding back the good players from coming here, they would rather sit on bench at FSU than play for Golden and his DC who knows nothing about defense, I see a long year and plenty of Golden excuses to protect his DC,"

A typical comment from the cane blog by a typical cane fan. Yet idiots like Orlando "Jim Gallo" Cane troll keep posting "moronic dribble" here. Like my man Will said, me thinks you are the laughing stock of this and every other blog. You are just too stupid to realize it.
The Gators have made the necessary changes to their coaching staff. The top rated recruits keep coming in.
Your mediocre canes have made no changes to the incompetent coaching staff. Something most cane fans
complain about every single day. You keep losing recruits, you have to bring in Uncle Luke to lure kids to come in and you have to fight ex canes like Cristobal from stealing the few good kids you have left.
Last summer it seemed you had such a good recruiting class but now when it counts you are losing kids right and left. Summer champs, NSD chumps.
Gators keep geting better, you kep getting stuck in mediocrity. Typical Miami Moron too stupid to know any better.

Jls, please stop projecting your gator nonsense on to the canes recruiting. uf has the quote top 5 class year in and out and yet you finish 4-8, I repeat 4-8 so now that you been presented reality again, go back to your duck dynasty neck.

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