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HOOPS: Harris "realizes big mistake," seeks redemption

GAINESVILLE -- Redshirt junior center Damontre Harris, dismissed from the No. 10 Florida men's basketball team in late December, has been granted a second chance. 

Following Wednesday's 74-58 win over South Carolina, Gators coach Billy Donovan abruptly announced at the end of his postgame press conference that Harris, a 6-foot-10 transfer from USC, has re-enrolled at Florida in hopes of working his way back onto the team.

Donovan said Harris, who has yet to play a single game at Florida, contacted him via text message several times during the holidays, "realizing he'd made a big mistake."

"He wants to be here," Donovan said.

Harris was suspended indefinitely Nov. 1 for undisclosed violation(s) of team rules. On Dec. 21, the center was officially dismissed from the team and was contacted by various schools as a potential transfer prospect.

But the center had a change of heart and Donovan said Harris could resume practicing with the team sometime this spring.

Florida's coach was adamant Harris will not play at all this season.

"He wants to work his way back," Donovan said. "It's going to be similar to the Scottie Wilbekin situation. He has to meet lots of terms and conditions. Can he make it? I don't know, but if he does it will be a great comeback story."

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Here's looking down at U again... Cream rises to the Top !

GATORS-7 > u-10

u enjoy ur 13, half ur class, barely 3-stars.

QUALITY > qUantity


Make that 21-TWENTY-ONE 3-stars according to Scout.com !

21 out of 28 and U wonder why U have no talented depth.

qUantity over Quality is a trUe U thang.

I hope at least one of ur so called quality guys 1) doesn't end up in the alachua county jail 2) doesn't end up being a flop and 3) helps u turds finally start to reach us for the # of players on a NFL roster.

Hilarious, a degenerate cane fan on another team's blog calling someone else delusional. I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

Go make the donuts jag off.

Lol jlo the first poster on this blov posted the same thing on a canes blog today and used the same screenname. He cant even keep his blogs straight. Wanna talk delusional? How about two months ago, what if i told U gators suck so bad they block each other in games? Thats your problem...U think everyone else is delusional. Look in the mirror. Talk about delusional, defense wins championships! Riieeeght!

Didnt Ialso tell U the Canes would beat lowly uf and U called me delusional then too? Define delusional? Because alot of what we say are facts and U cant rufute them so your inner 12 year old starts calling people virgins and such. Its ok kindof...its a mental problem and there is help out there that can help U face facts. Dont go to uf for gods sake, they cant help,seek an accredited school with a top notch medical program,say like ....MIAMI!

Now that I think about it...I called the ga southeast game by 3 and U called me delusional then also. They covered my spread.

When I said ufelons were 4th best in the state too....Denial is the first symptom....U have to admit you are wrong all the time and we are right to begin healin.

Facts are kryptonite to jlo....

Lol....uf is kryptonite to offensive coordinators....and

8:30 p.m. update: UM lost a key oral commitment tonight when Booker T. Washington 4-star cornerback Nigel Bethel announced he's flipping to Texas Tech. "Better opportunity for me at Tech," he said. Bethel had criticized UM's defensive scheme but said that didn't factor into his decision.

That leaves UM with three-star Miami Northwestern prospect Ryan Mayes as the only cornerback in the class, though at least two of UM's three safety commitments are possibilities to play cornerback, and Carol City receiver Trayone Gray also can play corner. And UM remains in the mix for four-star CB J.C. Jackson, a soft UF oral commitment.

Meanwhile, UM also stands at risk of losing another four-star oral commitment: Deerfield Beach running back Brandon Powell. Three days after Al Golden announced Powell would be a part of this UM class, he told The Miami Herald that's he rethinking whether to come here and is now considering UF.

Lol...bethel is looking for playing time . Tech may get him but most recruits having doubts have reaffirmed their commitment since golden has reaffirmed his commitment tho THE U. Most said they were glad to hear it, others said they were committed to UM not golden. Every team has a couple last minute flips, ask tracy howard. How many commits do yall have now? 8or9....? U cant even fill a full class with a4-8 record and a div ll lose. U will be lucky to sign 10 players.

10:30 update 4-8 is still kryptonite to recruits...lmao

Umm, guys, this blog post was about GATORS HOOPS.

Gators Hoops > cane hoops

NCAA Tourney > NIT

Do they still play basketball ? Is that still considered a sport? Is ufelons badminton>UMs badminton? Is georgia southeast football> ufelons football?

4-8 is kryptonite to recruits except for UM decommitment Brandon Powell. Do you realize that you are an obsessed low life cane degenerate that every time you speak you show how stupid u really are?

Now back to making the donuts boss.

What kind of doughnuts do U make? I hope you make them better than U spell them...lol.


Uh, it's called a play on words genius. u of all people should know how you spell your employer's name.

The fact that I have to explain that speaks volumes to your intelligence. u are best keeping your trap shut so you stop embarrassing your self.

Jlo getting his panties in a bunch so he post as Pee u, funny and sad all at once. Jlo we know you are a teenage boy and your affection for donut holes is what drives you as it is familiar to your guy friends.

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