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Muschamp Musings: On early enrollees, flipping prospects & more

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Will Muschamp discussed a number of recruiting topics last week, including a brief breakdown of Florida’s nine early enrollees.

UF’s coach -- on a sizzling streak flipping prospects as UF looks to complete its highly-ranked 2014 class -- offered his thoughts on eight of UF’s newest freshmen. 

DL Taven Bryan (6-5, 250) ***

“From Casper, Wyoming, he is broad-shouldered, looks great. Excited to get him on campus. Did a fantastic job at our summer camps this past year. … He is a guy that was very athletic in the workouts here. He showed great athleticism, for a guy that’s 6-5, 6-5 ½, 265 pounds to run like he runs. There’s a tremendous upside and there’s multiple positions he probably could play. He’s still young for his age who knows where his body’s gonna grow. But you always think size and speed when you have the athleticism. Great work ethic, great toughness, and a guy that I’m really pleased to have as a part of the program. I think he’s got tremendous upside as a player.”

DB Duke Dawson (5-11, 195) ****

“From Dixie County, over in Cross City, a guy that we feel like had a great senior season and a guy who continued to impress and improve.”

TE Deandre Goolsby (6-4, 225) ***

“We need some help at the tight end position. He’s a guy that’s going to come in here and be here and certainly get his opportunities.”

QB Will Grier (6-2, 177) ****

“[He has] the ability to learn, athleticism. Obviously you look at accuracy as a thrower, being able to throw the ball into tight spots. He’s shown the ability to do that. We had him in camp multiple times. He showed tremendous leadership ability here while he was on campus positively affecting guys around him. The athleticism and accuracy, we feel like is, there.”

OL Kavaris Harkless (6-5, 270) ***

“Had a little change of heart there at the end where he was going to go to school. We’re fortunate to been recruiting him throughout the fall of his senior year. Had a great senior year. Had a great state championship from Trinity Christian.”

RB Brandon Powell (5-9, 167) ****

“[He] was a running back we’ve been on and had an opportunity there to get him there [after he flipped from Miami].” 

OL Drew Sarvary (6-7, 310) ***

“He is a junior college offensive lineman from Tyler, originally from Tallahassee. He finished his senior year at North Florida Christian. [He’s] a guy that had been on our radar at the time. We we’re not going to take a junior college lineman, and then we had some attrition there at the end of the season and felt like we needed a more mature guy to step up up front and go through the spring with us.” 

DB Jalen Tabor (6-1, 186) *****

“He was a corner we added late there [afrer flipping from Arizona]. A 6-1 corner that’s got a lot of length and athleticism on the top, and he can finish some plays.”

Muschamp also mentioned four-star OL Nolan Kelleher (6-6, 285) but did not offer any added thoughts on the South Carolina native.

(All rankings according to Rivals.com)


On current 2014 class…

“I feel like considering we didn’t have a great season, I feel very comfortable where we are recruiting wise.”

On Florida’s sales pitch to offensive recruits…

“Help us improve. I think a great opportunity to walk into a great situation to improve, play in an exciting offense. This is still the University of Florida. It’s a great education. We’ll compete and play for championships. That hasn’t changed. Not in one year, that hasn’t.”

On flipping so many recent prospects… 

“You stay on guys and try to make valid points you’ve made throughout the entire recruiting process all the way through. Some guys, again, recruiting is happening so early sometimes maybe they don’t have all the information and they make a decision before they’re ready. For whatever reason, that’s kind of the way it’s fallen out.”

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who's []_[]r next 2-star ?

LMAO! Hahahaha! Did muschump just actually say "we'll compete and play for championships. That hasn't changed. Not in one year, that hasnt." And to boot he threw in "a good education". If he considers strip sacks "exciting" then yea, its an exciting offense. These recruits must be dumb enough to qualify at ufelony if the believe that line.

Anyone qualifies for sec football. Look at the 46 arrest in the past 4 years and now a murderer added to the illustrious history of gator nation. This janitor at uf sure is funny, those $400 hand shakes work on the weak minded recruits but when they get on the field well it turns out to be 4-8, blocking each other and tacking each other on Int. returns, you cant make this stuff up. Oh yea Miami is 7-1 against uf with a pounding of gator bait last they met.

Oh yeah, Miami still sucks and has for 10 years and counting. But continue ignoring that fact and acting as if they're great. It's much easier to cope with I guess.

46 arrests? What in the world are you talking about?

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46 arrests? What in the world are you talking about?

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What are they talking about?
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Check the local police docket jlo. You know as well as anyone there were more arrests than that under urbie and muschamp. If you add multiple arrests by each individual it comes up in the 60's. Denial, its a gator thing. You wouldnt understand because your in it.

They're still in denial about the ga southern beatdown.

C'mon Jesse, give us some more of those tweets!

I have a tweet: "Hazmat team spotted at UM facilities"

Jesse, add up the arrest under Urbie and now the Janitor and I believe I was wrong, it more than 46.

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