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Gators set Pro Day date


Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 11.43.17 AM

Getcha stopwatches ready. 

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No need to mark it down, no gator will make in the the NFL anyway.

It's great to be a FLORIDA GATOR! See Percy Harvin making it in the NFL here:

Getcha stopwatches ready? If only Jesse knew how funny this was going to be. How long does it take the canes to violate NCAA rules after being punished? Not even 4 months fellas. You guys are the stupidest cheaters outside of SMU. At least SMU didn't care, you guys, just plain 'ol crap stupid. Did his fake mustache and wig give him away or was it the fact he did it front of camera shot of the televised baseball game?

Oh, what is that? You guys will forfeit another Meineke Bowl as penance? Gotcha, nothing to loose anyhow.

For a secondary violation that noone even knows if it actuall happened? are u that mad because we beat your team lastnight?

No need to mark it down, no gator will make in the the NFL anyway.

Posted by: Jls14234 panties | February 21, 2014 at 06:53 PM

For someone who routinely posts stupid things, lies and just plain delusion. This one covers all of those and more.
Guess facts and truth are alien to you, what a Moron!

Posted by Pee U

That is too funny. Makes you wonder if these guys are really so clueless and stupid or they just don't care.
Probably all of the above.

If UM wins the next two baseball games, the U have a .500 baseball team and a .333 football team.lol.

maybe yall can pull off 6 wins this year. If so, would foley decline a bowl with UM? Most likley.

funny how jls/pee u talks about his own post, very delusional the jilly. I guess you forgot that Miami is NFL U riiggghhhttt.

The Hurricanes hold the record for most players selected in the first round in a single draft (6, in 2004),
most first-round draft picks in a two-year period (11, from 2003 to 2004),
most first-round draft picks in a three-year period (15, from 2002 through 2004),
and most first-round picks in a four-year period (19, from 2001 through 2004).
For a 14-year period, from 1994 through 2008, the University of Miami had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, a NFL Draft record.
The Miami Hurricanes are also 10th overall on the NFL's all-time number of draft picks with 315.[1]
As of the 2013 NFL season, UM has the most players active in the NFL of any university in the nation, with 44, including players on NFL Practice Squads and Injured Reserves and not including current Free Agents.[2]
As of the 2013 NFL Draft, Miami now has had at least one NFL draft pick in every draft since 1975, each of the last 39 NFL drafts, one of the longest streaks among FBS programs. [3]
The Hurricanes once had a streak of 149 consecutive regular season weeks where a former Hurricane scored a touchdown in an NFL game; the streak started in Week 15 of the 2002 NFL regular season and ended in Week 11 of the 2011 season.[4] During the streak, 33 different former Hurricanes scored touchdowns and a total of 661 touchdowns were scored.
From the 2001 Miami Hurricanes football team alone, 42 players went on to be drafted into the NFL from (2002-2006), including 17 1st round picks.[5][6]
The Hurricanes have had at least one former player make the Pro Bowl every season since 1985, 28 years in a row.

I responded to Pee U because his post was funny. In contrast to you I do not change my ID every other post, I am not posting as PEE U as you imply.
I understand you think everyone else does the same stupid things you do, such as stealing IDs and using several different posts. Most of the rest of us don't, only losers like you find that normal.

As far as your long and tired diatribe I couldn't help but notice and laugh at the fact that you have to go all the way back to 2004 and beyond to list all those things. Come to the 21rst century loser. Stop living in the past fool.
Fact is the current streak is no player drafted in the first round since 2008 and you won't break that this year either. That is your situation right now. Today. In the 21rst century. In the modern era. So keep your history lessons to yourself we don't care about ancient history on this blog.

You're not a real turd fan if you're not living in the distant past these days anymore.

It's their natural state of being, they're so comfortable throwing stones through their glass house that they can't remember they're always owned and the biggest waste of college athletics dollars out there.


Who was that talking smack about " getting out brooms? Wasnt a cane fan. Well im getting out my broom tomorrow.

I agree The University of Mediocre is a big waste of college athletic dollars. In fact to call them an athletic program is a big strecth since they only play football, and suck at it to boot.
It is also the biggest waste of dirty money. I mean you have Shapiro paying players, coaches and recruits mega dollars for years and years and what do you get for that? A decade of mediocrity. Pretty sad and pathetic.
Now I know you are all excited cause you just won 2 home BB games but in reality it is very early in a long season, we will see where we are come the regionals. You know about those. The ones you can't get past. Thanks to the Gators for the last few years now.

Jlo....uh , your response makes U look dumber....do U know when the 21st century started? The year 2000. Uf degree at its best....wrong as usual.

How many NCs do the gators have in baseball again? And U want to talk about getting past regionals when your team has never finished on top? Man you guys are either ignorant or just plain stupid.
Jesse, you need to have an iq teat that people have to pass to post.

333 thank you for making the point that the 21st Century started in 2000, Jls is just soiling himself because the Canes own ufelony in Football and Baseball seems to have corrected the karma. Also jlo notice that a few facts go all the way to 2013 you know just 2 months ago loser and those are continuing on, selective reading at a 3rd grade level I guess with that ufelony ed.

Actually you bunch of ignorant Miami Morons, the 21rst century began on January 1, 2001. So it turns out you are the ones who look dumber, who are wrong as usual, plain stupid, in need of an IQ test to be allowed to post and have a 3rd grade level education at best with your GED/MDC diploma. You dummies are quick to insult others and project all your inadequacies when in fact it is you who do not know what you are talking about. As usual.

Enough with your ancient championships, they are as relevant today as the Greek victory over the Trojans.
And I'm not talking about the team from USC for those of you in Miami. Fact is, you haven't gotten out of the Regionals since 2008 as I said before.
You are irrelevant in all sports in this century, as I said before.
Now go back to the hole you crawled out from dummies.

Don't worry GATOR fans, all these pussy candy cane fans will soon disappear from here once the 2014 season starts. GO GATORS!!

Jlo and Ollie Trojan, love birds defending each other how quaint. Now to facts you morons, the list I provided above goes through 2013 and is continuing so you are owned again, you cant dispute facts, just continue to make yourself look dumber with your inadequate arguments. Miami is and will continue to be a Higher learning institution ranked much higher than Ufailure will ever be, the football tradition in just 30 years for Miami overshadows over 100 years plus of Ufailure football and Miami's Baseball team is millennia's above Ufailure baseball with their (0) championships. I would go on but you two need to get your facts straight and reply with some facts.

There's nothing funnier than a cane fan using the past to cover up the present. Here's some facts Sid. 9 wins or less for 10 straight years. Never stepped foot on a conference championship field since joining the ACC. Multiple years in a row finishing unranked in every poll. But you're definitely 10 straight years national champs of delusional trash talking! Keep up the great results on the field, because it makes for great comedy when you run your mouths as if you're the greatest team in the history of college football! Congrats on the oh so close but not quite a sweep. You're now winners of 3 of the last 17 games. LOL!

" the list I provided above goes through 2013 and is continuing so you are owned again"

Only in your tiny pea sized brain. Actually the list you mention is so long I did not bother to read or verify. Bunch of cane clown make belief.
You have done nothing in baseball since 2008.
Nothing in basketball since forever, and that fluke once in a lifetime last season does not count for beans.
Nothing in football for over a decade
And you have nothing else, no other sports .

"definitely 10 straight years national champs of delusional trash talking"

Good one, and oh so true.

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