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HOOPS: Extra Effort

GAINESVILLE -- This is a senior who really wants to win a championship.

Patric_Young_Rebound_1_6(Courtesy sbnation.com)


In Billy Donovan's postgame radio interview, No. 3 Florida's coach called Patric Young's spectacular-save "the play of the year." 

After the game, Young tweeted:

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 8.40.04 PM

The Gators -- united, experienced and hungry -- have won 16 straight and take on No. 14 Kentucky in primetime Saturday (9 p.m., ESPN) in Rupp Arena.  

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United, experienced and hungry.
I like that.
We're going dancing in March.
How bout you?

Young's had an up-and-down career, much-maligned (and deservedly so) at times but that was an incredible play to seal a win.

He's definitely got a fire in his eyes this year. Wilbekin is playing off the charts as well!

SHHHHH no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When all is said and done the gators will disappoint.


at the VERY least u have that going 4 u... Nothing else, but it's something.

Disappoint in the last 14 years with back to back to back national titles and consistently appearing in the sweet 16, elite 8 and final 4?

You really are an efing buffoon.

Keep cheering from the couch against us because there is no way in h*ll your team will ever have a fraction of our success. idiot!

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