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NSD Live Thread - How will Gators finish???

GAINESVILLE -- Time for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

First, Florida flipped its eighth prospect on the eve of National Sigining Day, landing the committment of  offensive tackle Andrew Mike (Tucson, Az.). The three-star prospect was formally pledged to Vanderbilt, but his commitment late Tuesday night likely means the Gators will miss on five-star tackle Damian Prince.  

CONFIRMED LOIs (not including nine early enrollees) 

WR Ryan Sousa

DB Quincy Wilson

DB J.C. Jackson

DT Khairi Clark

TE C'yontai Lewis

TE Moral Stephens

ATH Deiondre Porter

DL Justus Reed

DL Gerald Willis III

DT Thomas Holley 

OL Andrew Mike

OL Travaris Dorsey

OL David Sharpe

QB Treon Harris 

WR C.J. Worton

--- UF has received the LOIs from all 24 members of its 2014 class. 

FLORIDA'S BIG BOARD (with announcement times)

DB J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) **** (8 a.m.) - CONFIRMED UF PLEDGE 

WR Isaiah McKenzie (American Heritage) **** (8:15 a.m.)  COMMITTED TO GEORGIA

WR CJ Worton (South Dade) *** 9 a.m. - COMMITTED TO FLORIDA 

QB Treon Harris (Booker T. Washington) **** (9 a.m.) - FLIPPED TO FLORIDA 

OT Damian Prince (Bishop McNamara, Md.) ***** (10:20 a.m., ESPNU) COMMITTED TO MARYLAND

OT Derrick Kelly (East Gadsden) *** (1 p.m.)  COMMITTED TO FSU

ATH Adoree' Jackson (Junipero Serra, Ca.) ***** (2:10 p.m., ESPNU) COMMITTED TO USC

DE Lorenzo Carter (Norcross, Ga.) ***** (3 p.m., ESPNU) COMMITTED TO GEORGIA

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Noon update: UM lost out on three players it hoped to land: Travonte Valentine (LSU), JC Jackson (UF) and Treon Harris (UF).

UM also made a late push for Dillard DE Randy Ramsey, who chose Arkansas, and Tavon Ross, who picked Missouri.... Hialeah quarterback Alin Edouard, who dropped his UM commitment committed to Syracuse.


OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fer SIX fer u

Don't forget Lamont Gaillard

silly turd...these morons will be scrambling after willie da pimp muskramp and jeff Shotputpasskil obliterate whats left of this county lanfill known as turd football. oh yea Willie da pimp SHARPEN UP YOUR RESUME.

silly Miami Moron, can't recognize reality in your delusional world. Even after a historically bad season Muschamp still lands a better class with better players than you. Here's a clue, no top prospect wants to play efense for a couple of clueless fools like Golden and Donofrio. I would say sharpen your resume Goldie Boy but he aint going nowhere. Shalala is content with mediocre football and won't get rid of the MAC coaches.
Sucks for you. Meanwhile we updated our offense, we are fixing what was broken in our team and Roper will have our offense humming next year. All is good.
Go Gators!!

how delusional is this...21-16

Donut boy,

Does your boss know your back to picking fights on the internet again? Your dad should have left that batch on his tube sock.

Its very delusional! That was 5 months ago and in the past where cane fans permanently reside. It's national signing day and apparently that game didn't affect recruiting at all. Recruits could see what happened. Cane fans are the only ones who can't grasp the reality of what happened in that game.

We did very well indeed. Treon Harris is a very good get, can't wait to see a rotation between him and Driskell in a Roper system.

Yea Gator Alum we do. You lost 21-16. Period.

Good point 'Seriously?'. Now get a mop and clean up that S-hole of a facility you got down there!

Yes that point is clear. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while. I'm sure we'll be hearing about it forever because you cane fans never move on from the past. That's probably why you're in a 10 years and counting hole that you'll never climb out of. Always looking back instead of forward. The point you cane fans, or I should say fan, don't understand is we know we should've won that game easily. So constantly bringing it up and thinking you're upsetting us, is the delusional part. If you want to continue being an insane individual, stick to the Georgia Southern talk, that's a more significant loss.

Facts are the Canes have pounded gator trash 7 of 8 and the 1 loss was with 2 freshman QB's for the U. Now get a shovel and dig out that sht hole you call a stadium in the worlds largest trailer park off the truck stop exit in Gville. Gatorlum and Jlo please keep your trailers in N. Miami up to Overtown standards please.

Gatorlum says "That was 5 months ago and in the past" but up until the a ss whoopin the U put on your boys in Sept. you were spinning how Ufelony beat the canes in 2009 and how the gators owned the U, talk about delusional. Now you and Jlo have to stop with the insane comments or Jesse may have to Baker Act you.


so how is that candy canes b.ball doing this year?

OH MY GOD! Where to start, hahahahaha. O fer 6 guy.... ufelons were 0 fer 5? Whats the big deal? Every team is O fer somthing. Somebody got in your head. LOL, thats like you idiots friends one liners that noone ever laughs at. Do you guys only use half of your brain?

Ah, jlo... Didnt moten flip? Top prospect? Some say he was better than "stars" made him out to be because he only played against top competition in highschool.
That O ain't gonna be humming by next season. U have less experienced players and some new guys you hope will help. Just like UM on D. Open both eyes when U turn on the other side of that brain.

Lou is off his meds and thinks it the 70's....

Ah, gatorlumby. Driskell grasped what happened in that game. So did your oline....whay cant yall grasp it? U say we should move on fro the past? Why, were fans and its ours. Sorry if yall want to forget yalls past after that beatdown by georgia southern. Besides fans have nothing to do with the actual football team. Doesnt matter anyway...

Oliver rubber???? Lol. 21-16...losing scores do sting a little but not when its thrown at us by a team we beat. Remember....Louisville beat ufelony a year ago too. It kind of comes back on yall when yall do it. TURN ON BOTH HEMISPHERES!

Jesse, am I reading this right? JC Jackson confirmed his pledge? Didnt sign yet? What about worton and harris? Not signed yet?

Georgia southern

I wonder if, "we can beat teams like georgia southern with you in our class" is part of their sales pitch? Also jesse, could you follow up on powells tweet,"been strugling too long, gotta feed the fam"? I know what it sounds like ,but could you confirm any signing bonuses?

Uf needs a kicker !

One poster above was right about Moten. Makes you wonder what some of these overrated recruits that played in lesser highschool divisions are going to fare against div l , and div ll in this case , players on a weekly basis.

Dont undersrand offseason changes. If the Oline sucked so bad why fire the coordinator? Wouldnt you fire the line coach? In my opinion, its poor evaluation of talent. Pease was a good coordinator and now we have an ACC coordinator in his place? Muschamp will be gone by December . Then what, start over?

Welcome to " Cowtown" fella's! Play hard and maybe you can get to the NFL like so few before you. Remember, Emmitt Smith is the only legacy to come out of Gainesville, and he wont even admit it. You are now a part of a long line of NFL failures. Too bad defense doesn't win championships . Heck, georgia southern proved that it cant even get yoj a div ll win. Ute vandals up next and they are ready.

I called it at the beggining of last season the Oline would be the weakest link on this team and even posted a link to a story that backed my facts and jls said I was "delusional". WOW, delusional must be the new reality. This team is in worse shape going into the 2014 season. Two freshmen on the Oline ain't gonna help in year one. Expect some big lumps. If Muschamp survives this fanbase ,maybe 2015 will be a turnaround year.

How can muschamp let recruits flip to other schools? FSU got a couple. UM got a good one that was also committed to uf. These coaches just cant recruit well. UF could have had the #1 class if Muschamp could just hold onto these flippers. I guess money cant buy everyone like Powell. UF needs better position coaches on offense and defense if they cant evaluate talent well enough. You cant teach players blocking each other, thats something they are born with. Gotta raise those entrance standards. These players have been ballin' all their lives and still do stupid stuff like that. And the coaches say " all you can do is laugh when things like that happen". Really? this team needs new coaches across the board. Yes, on defense too. How can georgia southern score 26 on us?

"How can Muschamp let recruits flip to other schools?" -- 10 of Florida's 24 signees were once committed to other schools -- including four FSU prospects and one UM prospect.

Jesse why bother with the facts, these Morons live in an alternate reality and make up their own "truth" as they go, you can't reason with idiots.
rick aka really? aka delusional Moron etc, etc, we got 3 much better DTs than Moten, he looked at our roster and figured he would get immediate PT with the cane efense than with the Gator D, he is right. Good for him. FYI Morons the Gator O line was decimated with injuries last year, just like the rest of the team, all those injured players are coming back, we will be fine.
Funny how last summer you dummies were running your traps about how you had the "top rated recruiting class", ahead of both the Gators and FSU. Guess what you are behind the Gators and FSU again. Summer champs, Fall chumps as usual. Just like you had "the best offense in college football" and "the great wall of Coral Gables" too funny, more empty talk and meaningless slogans. Good for you you play in the crappy ACC imagine if you played in a real conference against real teams.
Bunch of Morons.

You mean like fsu and Louisville jlo? 1/3 of or weak conference beat the gators down last year. Thats not to mention Duke,Clemson GT,NC,NCS,and pitt would all beat ufelons.As for your queation jesse....sorry ,thats a play on what they do on our blog.

Wait a minute....didnt FSU and clemson also be a couple of the sec's best teams last year also? Man, y'alls arguments are weak. Like really said....use your whole brain before you post.

Jlo , georgia southern had more injuries than ufelons AND 20 less scholarships. They beat you with 1/2 of a div ll team. Care to explain that one away? Dont just call me a virgin or a douche, thats not considered an explanation.
Also jesse, could you do a story on whether or not " players blocking teammates " is gonna be a new fad like the " jump pass" was?

Jlo , out great wall of Coral Gables won 9 games. Wish we could think of a cool nick.ame for ufelons oline. The only one i can come up with is " the swiss cheese oline" because they stink and have holes all over. Even georvia southern got a strip sac,lmao!

so sid now you call yourself rick? You are still one sorry 43 year old virgin, no wonder you spend so much time here.
FSu is the only ACC team that's any good.
Louisville has been good the past couple of years with Bridgewater when they were not an ACC team, typical loser Moron claiming the success of others. UL is now an ACC team with no Teddy and no Charlie let's see how good they will be the jury is out. Clemson lost to USC last year just like usual. FSU and no one else.

Try again jlo....clemson beat up gerorgia,but forgetting is one of your traits. Like forgetting to explain away the georgia southern beatdown at home.

Nothing jlo? WOW!

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