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NSD Recap: Gators finish with consensus top 10 class

National-signing-day-1024x576(Courtesy wcbi.com)

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's final class rankings -- via all four major recruiting services:

Rivals - No. 7

ESPN - No. 6

Scout - No. 9 

247Sports - No. 9

Yes, Florida was the laughingstock of college football in 2013, and considering that, the Gators did quite well on National Signing Day.

Having said that, it could've been even better and yesterday again proved it's really, really hard for Florida to NOT be among the nation's top-ranked classes. 

At UF, the priority should be coaching >> recruiting considering how the program naturally sells itself. 

Anyways, a brunch buffet of hot links… 

* Rebuilding plan underway for Gators with infused talent

* UM, UF & FSU all boast strong classes 

* No Sunshine State Triple Crown for J.C. Jackson

* Treon Harris flips to UF

* South Dade's C.J. Worton signs with Gators

Later, I'll have a brief breakdown on each of Florida's 24 signees, accompanied by comments from head coach Will Muschamp. 

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Jesse - good job covering NSD. While it is great landing a top 10 class this year, it is somewhat disconcerting that 5 teams on our schedule also had a top 10 class, with 2 others in there that we could be playing (should we be fortunate enough to do so) in December. Your thoughts?

Florida kept up with the Joneses, and that's what's most important.

Schools like Florida and Georgia are actually at a disadvantage on NSD (and during the entire process as a whole) bc they dont oversign. Both have an exact amount of scholarships accounted for, so when Adoree' Jackson doesnt commit to UF that scholarship goes un-used or is filled at a later date. Schools that dont OS can't give out two offers at the same time and just hope one prospect doesnt sign. It's tricky and Muschamp actually commented on this very subject yesterday.

"You need to know where you are, and you've gotta have some hard conversations, and you don't get into much of the fanfare of signing day and all that. You need to know, to be fair for the University of Florida, I need to know where we are with a young man. And that's to be fair to our program and what we need to do moving forward, and sometimes people work with you a little bit and sometimes they don't, and that's part of it."

As for Florida's haul: I think it's an effective class. No linebackers (especially BUCK position guys) is concerning and I dont know that much about Powell but a game-changing tailback (or playmaker) was a key miss, overall though, the Gators filled needs (QB, OL, WR) and added serious depth (DL, DBs).

Mike, The SEC had 7 of the top 10 classes so it follows we will play a lot of teams with top classes. It is sick that Bama keeps landing the top class every year but that's what winning consistently does for you. Same for FSU. Just like Auburn and Mizzou rose form the dead last year we can do the same but it all starts with the QB. Look at what Winston was able to do for the Noles. They couldn't make it with Manuel.
So let's hope that Roper can get Driskel to play like he did in High School when he garnered all those accolades. Let's hope he can insert Treon Harris as a change of pace like he did at Duke. Our team will go as far as our QB and offense takes us.
The defense is there but if we can't move the ball no defense will last a whole season without being tired, broken and demoralized.

Oline people....how many times do I hwve to tell you. Muschamp figured it out after ,8-9 games into the season. You picked up a couple olinemen but too little too late. Muschamp will be fired when he fields this team . The qb is set for 2014 and the oline ,well, good luck with them. And before jlo starts whining about injuries, " you dont rebuild, you reload"....riiiieeeeegghhtttt!. Why are yall worried about teams you have to play with top classes? All those top classes got yall 4-8 last year. Heck , georgia southern took yall to the woodshed with yalls top 10 classes. Dont worry so much. You will play and you will lose.

Cant wait to see this kid Grier behind that noline. Hope he has some stamina. He is gonna be on his back intentional ground after intentional ground. More strip sacs in the future. That noline is a sieve . Utes are a comin', better come to play.

yall also have to consider all of the transfers over the past 2 months. That hurts depth. Maybe you can beat Idaho...but I doubt it.

Ga Southern is still laughing at the uf efense.

Me and Mark are still laughing at your awful facilities in U-ville.

Lol, marky is an idiot an lou is off his meds.....what does that say about people that do a bad job of quoting their words? Why dont yall quote them about what yhey said about the georgia southern beatdown?

We're idiots, ESPN/SEC bias..blah, blah, blah. Just tell the new recruits to bring their hazmat suits when they report.

ACC sucks, that's the only thing you got right.
Little moron, Grier will redshirt. It will be Driskel and Harris in 2014. Keep harping on the O line you idiot, we are not worried about it. We made the changes that were needed with a new OC, O line coach and special teams coach. The players are already in place we just needed a better offensive scheme,
In contrast you still have the same incompetent DC, you have less players, less fan support, lesser facilities, less of everything.
Why is a 9 - 4 team not ranked?
TAM finished 9 - 4, so did Wisconsin and Washington and Vandy. They are all ranked. Why aren't you?
Every time the Gators finish 9 - 4 they were are ranked. A 9 - 4 cane team is equivalent to 7 - 6 team from any mayor conference. So pathetic.

Your team plays in the moghty sec. Its excusable to lose so many games.why arent you ranked. You play the schedule every year. UM,FSU and georgia southern were your only true loses. The sec is the only conference where a conference lose is still a win.

Just got off the phone with Foley. He assured me that all is well at uf. He guaranteed me an elusive undefeated season nextthis upcomi.g season. He said they have paid everyone well and they agreed to play hard. Although he said johnson would keep everyone out of jail he could not guarantee they would not get caught shooting up the town. He also guaranteed we would not have to face georgia southern again. He is also lobbying to get out of the FSU game . In the end , he is trying to get 4 div lll ooc games and our normal doormats in the seceasy plus a couple secwest teams( avoiding bama and lsu) so we will see immediate results . He also said our incompetent head coach is going nowhere. I now have full faith in foley and uf atletics.

Gators do play in the mighty SEC but it is not excusable to lose 8 games and that is why we are not ranked. With just 8 wins we would have been ranked though, 9 wins no question about it. That is because we do play the same schedule every year. One of the toughest schedules in the nation. We lost to all the good teams we played last year plus two doormats in GaSouthern and UM. That is why we made the changes we did.
All is very well at UF, undefeated seasons are nice but not required for SEC teams to win the NC.
We play both Bama and LSU next year. You can't fathom that since you ran away from playing LSU to open the 2014 season, Golden would have had a heart attack if told he must play that LSU game and Bama too. The SEC east alone has better teams than the whole ACC except for FSU of course.
Your incompetent head coach and his incompetent boyfriend DC are not going anywhere that is true, You will remain irrelevant thanks to Shalala and the sham that is UM "athletics". Irrelevant in football, basketball and baseball and nothing else, no other college sports, no track, no swimming, no golf, no soccer, no lacrosse, no gymnastics, no softball, nothing.
Everything you say is a projection of how sorry your team is and how sorry your "athletic" dept is.

Funny how the cane idiot uses "ACC sucks" as part of his ID. Of course he stole that name from "ACC sucks and the canes can't compete" who has been around for a long time. He is too stupid not to at least have changed the whole name to fit his delusion.
Speaking of ACC sucks, FSU is like a big bully. They are an SEC type team playing with a bunch of little girls in the ACC. I mean there is such a huge drop off FSU and the next tier of Acc teams. Clemson, and Duke just this year are the next tier. And then all the bottom feeders round out the conference. Talk about top heavy, that is the definition right there.
We can all agree that the ACC sucks that the cane idiots that post here are delusional and just plain dumb.

Speaking of bullies, Ga. Southern is your bully, Gatr Trash. All those alleged top recruits and you get pounded at home by a D-II team that doesn't even complete a pass.

Well, trailer donkey, it is understandable when your players block each other or transfer or are constantly arrested.

That campus is a pit surrounded by meth labs. But you knew that already.

Ga Southern called Foley to schedule a home and home. Foley hemmed and hawed, picked his bucked-teeth, then mumbled something about having to play a more "national" schedule then promptly called the AD at Murray State.


The Gatr Trash lost to both ACC teams they played.

" One of the toughest schedules in the nation.

Yep, absolutely. What with Kentucky, Vandy, Ole Piss, Piss St., and umm, yeah, that Arkansas team that lost to Rutgers. I can see how the SEC is a tough schedule.

Don't you really mean the top two teams in the SEC West? Stop riding their jock, jlo, you lil' fem maggot.

One of the toughest schedules in the nation.
Can't accept reality Miami Moron. can't recognize a fact even if it smacked you in that ugly mug of yours.
Vandy beat up on its ACC mate Wake, you struggled mightily with Wake, remember. Vandy won it's bowl game and is ranked, something most ACC teams cannot achieve, including yours.
Ole Miss finished 8 - 5 and beat up on ACC pansie GaTech while winning it's bowl game. Another SEC team much better than most ACC counterparts including you.
MSU at 7 - 6 also won it's bowl game, equivalent to you, only slightly better since they do win their bowl games.
Arky and UK were down, but in the SEC someone has to lose.
You conveniently left out the better teams on our schedule.
You are still one sorry Moron with no grasp of reality.

gator fans are funny, they lose to perennial scrub schools like Vandy and Ga. Southern and they still say they are tops in the sec., delusional much? Then my alter ego comes on here calling names and trying to defend gator nation all 500 of them out of the student population of 30K that showed up at the games in trailerville last year. Projecting much?

If U check UMs stats.......uh.......we have a winning record alltime against current sec teams. I k.ow its hard to swallow. After U choked down that home lose to ga southwest team it should be a little easier beings that we are a stronger conference. Try a little water to help wash it down. To add a little sting to it, UM would have a losing record against the sec if we didnt whip ufelons for so many years. ACC holds its own against any conference in the country. U might not like it or call me a douche for pointing it out ,but the thruth is the truth. Our D will improve just like eventually your nOline will. Got5? Got undefeated? Got 58 home win streak? Got div ll win streak?

Give us another shot! Pansies!

We gots next!

Been there done that!

And we did it with a half of a div l team.


Lol oliver condom...try using a score of someone that didnt beat you too....thats like me posting the score fsu beat u by.....all i need is 21-16.... or the georgia southern score....we could beat them when they're healthy. They beat u at home with 20 less schollys and 19 injured players.

39-6....candy canes suck

jls is posting under different names, you guys sure got his panties in a bunch.

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