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En Fuego

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 11.52.22 AM

(Courtesy CBSsports.com)


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Frazier is en fuego indeed, so is the whole team.
Go Gators!

Police are looking for a man they say has urinated repeatedly on people as they stood at locations near the University of Florida campus. The victims told the Gainesville Police Department they were standing with their backs turned to the man when they suddenly felt themselves being urinated upon, according to a GPD report. The incidents took place across from the UF campus, GPD said. When the victims confronted the suspect, he exposed himself and then ran off. The suspect is described as a black man, approximately 25-30 years old, 6 feet tall, medium to chunky build, short curly hair and dark complexion. He was last seen wearing a gray or dark hoodie and baggy jeans.

Chris Rainey???? Jeff Demps perhaps???

Or it can be your dad douche bag

More like im pissin on ur mama...shes a hizzoe anyways

just read the blotter report

tHe GHosT OF bREnT PeaSe

it's probably the same drug gang that off'd Pata.

Or maybe it was Jo Jo. Oops never mind.....

PEE U...is that what u said while waiting on the UFraud campus. HE MUST'VE PISSED ON U! PEE U is right.

no one told me the swamp was full of piss water

Jeff Demps is an Olympic champion! And the GATORS are #1!!

Funny thing is the Erng Bowl was a leaking porta potty on top of the season ticket holders seats. You had to Pee in the sink for it to not drip on your head. Oh yeah, no blocky blocky meng!

Olly Trojan chiming in, now back to your homework boy. Pee u or jls as we know the lowlife using hate and prejudice he has, did a Miami player kick your arss in high school or are you just a major douche'?

Listen you cane idiot douchebag, leave me out of this moronic discussion about pee I don't waste my time with this stupidity. I have told you many times before I am not this "Pee U" guy. I don't post under many different IDs. Just because you do it does not mean it is normal. just because you do it doesn't mean the rest of us do it too.
Going back to this story line, Frazier is a stud. Gator basketball is on a roll and may win the whole thing. You and your team are a piece of crap and suck.
GO Gators!

Pee u, I mean jls14234 did not mean to expose you for the douche' you are but hey if the shoe fits or trailer in your case. My ID is new since I am new to posting here but hey don't confuse facts.

You have been exposed as a douche and A hole for a long time now, don't worry everyone knows.
You are not "new" you are the same name changing Moron and the only one confused is you.

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