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Gators expand open practice schedule

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's disastrous 2013 campaign served as open season on the (lack of) coaching competency exemplified by Will Muschamp, but UF's 2014 has been dominated by change including newfound transparency. 

In a (savvy) move to reconnect with a disgruntled fan base, the Gators will open eight spring practices -- nine counting their annual Orange & Blue Debut -- the school announced Tuesday. 

Florida's inaugural practice on March 19 will be open to the public, as fans will have a chance to see new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper and his up-tempo scheme, injured quarterback Jeff Driskel back in action, nine early enrollees and Vernon Hargreaves III intercepting all the passes more. 

UF's new open practice schedule represents a dramatic shift from Muschamp's bunker mentality, as the Gators have held just four total open practices (not counting the spring game) the previous two spring camps. 

The Gators also announced an additional practice open exclusively to season ticket-holders at an unknown date. 

UF's open practice schedule:

Wednesday, March 19

Friday, March 21

Saturday, March 22

Monday, March 24

Wednesday, March 26

Monday, March 31

Wednesday, April 2

Friday, April 11

Saturday, April 12 (Orange & Blue Debut)

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Again ... When was the last time Ur Athletic Programs were Ranked #1 in ANYTHING ?

How about just ranked ?


The #EverythingSchool gets better: Five Florida Gators teams now No. 1 nationally... FIVE

By Andy Hutchins

Last week, I wrote our first piece expanding #EverythingSchool from a hashtag to a description of what the Florida Gator's unbelievably deep athletics program has done in 2013-14. Three teams were No. 1, Florida's gymnastics team arguably deserved to be, and things were great, as great as they've ever been.

This week, things are better.

Of the 14 sports Florida competes in at a varsity level that are currently in season, just ("just") 12 are currently ranked. But five of those 14 teams are ranked No. 1 nationally — more than a third of Florida's teams in season are currently the best in the nation — and gymnastics still isn't one of them.

Florida's No. 1 teams, on March 4, 2014, are men's basketball, men's swimming and diving, softball, and men's and women's indoor track. The indoor track teams don't record wins and losses, so those teams are a combined 56-2 (basketball is 27-2, men's swimming 8-0, and softball 21-0) for their seasons, and a staggering 46-0 in 2014.

And Florida's gymnastics team, despite suffering its first loss to Alabama last Friday, moved up from No. 3 to No. 2 in this week's women's gymnastics rankings, and still has the nation's No. 1 average score (197.484) on the season, bettering No. 1 LSU's 197.481 by three thousandths of a point.

Florida has five No. 1 teams at the same time, should really have a sixth No. 1 team, has eight top-five teams (women's lacrosse and women's tennis), is poised be among the favorites for as many as eight national titles (Florida's men's and women's indoor track teams are great; those same teams have been better in outdoor track in recent years) before the end of the 2013-14 year, and should see every team in season make its respective NCAA Tournament.

Florida is the #EverythingSchool, the everything school, and the school where every sport matters and is great. And it has never been better than it is right now.


More GATOR SEC and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to come... U ? Good luck with that Spring Football 'Ship and NIT Title u LOOOSERS !!!

Open the gates coach and show us how are Nolinemen can block each other every other play, its a gator thang.

Florida Football, its great to be #108 Florida gator!!!

Wow...tidledee winks and gymnastics.....



We have 5 NC'S in football....you know....


How are those 5 turnovers you gave us feeling 6 months after??

I know....your still QUEESY??


The SEC....where its ALL smoke and mirrors....

"Please oh please.....NCAA.....please slow the game down for us...please only let them hike the ball when WERE finally ready"!!!!! Nicky Saban


Hey....were the mighty Gators.....WE DONT NEED NO FRICKEN SPRING GAME....!!!!

Moonshine fo EVERYONE!!!!!

Funny and delusional a Miami Moron not only trash talking the superior State team but also trash talking the best coach in college, Nick Satan.
A fan of a team with clueless and mediocre coaches trash talking Saban.
Dumb, blind and delusional is no way to go through life lil Moron.

Again....All smoke and mirrors.....

PERFECT, something no gator team or pitcher has ever been but no worries, we are used to it at the U!

the U is used to 39-6.

Uf is used to 21-9

Wow,jlo is still an idiot. Superior team? We just got done mopping the floor with your superior team. Simple math....21-16=5 favor, UM. Oliver needs to watch football before posting scores.. #1 in water polo, U go girl

Sorry panties, forgot we "gifted" them a last minute td. 12 point favor, UM, over a superior team that was dominated at home by some div ll team and blocked each other in the process with the worst play in history.

I's gots an idea....lets change coordinators again. It helps with the lack of talent on the nOline. Changing players is not the answer. Muschamp is the smartest person in gainesville.

Georgia southern


What does 39-6 mean ollie? Its not the Louisville score and it isnt the uf score. its not the series team vs team total.

Sid, I think the 39-6 means his mother had 36 men come through the trailer in 6 days and the mixture created the creature Ollie Trojan is.

Lol , we do own uf!


Go gators!

anyone know what time the practice is on Saturday, March 22?

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