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Just ... WOW.

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Gotta like the new guys in charge of the O. Roper and Summers mean business. Let's go Gators!



Complete embarrassment that uf Noline.

Hey Coach Summers, April fools is still a week away, bawaaahhhaaa

Hey Coach Golden Showers, please pee pee on me. I am so sad that my candy canes really suck so bad that i have to post on this blog because i secretly love the Gators and wish the u of m was as good as they were 20 years ago =(

Hey coach janitor, my name is Jls14234, Pee u, gatordumb, Ollie Trojan and whatever multiple personality I am today. Can we get a world class field kicker cause that will guarantee we win the sec, oh yea please give a shout out to me as I just oooozzz gator blue.

Typical Miami Moron accusing others of the same juvenile crap he does every day. Listen you low comprehension, slow learner, intellectually challenged, retard, just because you do stupid things like change your name every other post does not mean the rest of us do it. Just because you behave like an A hole does not mean that is the norm. Get it through your thick skull and into your pea brain we all know it is Morons like you (sid) that come here every day with multiple names. Grow up idiot.

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