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Officially official

GAINESVILLE --  Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 11.44.19 AM

Debose missed the entire 2013 season after sustaining a season-ending ACL injury in early August. Florida's shifty receiver/kick return specialist redshirted his freshman season due to a hamstring injury. 

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Good news, let's hope DeBose can make his last college season one to remember. We should be a lot better this year with all the injured guys coming back and with a change of scheme with Roper.
Go Gators!

Another year another bust, next

Will you clucks pay us to play you again? - Georgia Southern

Al Golden Showers loves white shirts and continuous mediocrity. One bad season does not a team make. GATORS will be back next year with a vengeance. Meanwhile it's BB season and WE ARE #1!

4-8....?I would worry about next football season! Div ll lose,players blocking schemes,nOline no iq, learning a new playbook,best(if you can call them that) nOffensive players gone,two ACC loses,coach on hot seat, hey, at least you got an ACC assistant for 1 year!

Well said Oliver. These ignorant Miami Morons have no clue, after all the injuries we had and after having the worst season in more than 30 years at the end of the day both our teams finished about the same. The canes with a record 9 wins were not even ranked and were an afterthought just like the Gators. What decent team gets 9 wins and is dismissed as a fraud? Only the canes and div 2 teams that play no one.

Meanwhile we are on a run towards another national championship while the canes have no shot at it.
Typical for cane teams no matter the sport, they have no shot at NCs. Yet their imbecile "fans" come to trash talk.
Like Gatoralum has said these idiots have not done a thing for decades and yet they talk as if they were champs. Trash talking champs and Spring champs, a cane thing.

Lol...haven't done anything in a decade....yet we still hold up more trophies than u felons....

It took the gators a century to get their first ship.

the U(nranked)...can you say NIT? yes you can, and you will.

Dummy when was your last ship? Thought so.
Every one else is catching up, your run has been over for more than a decade fool. Stop living in the past an join the rest of us in the 21rst century.

Can we play you again? - Your friends at Georgia Southern

Olie Trojan back with you ignorant and uninformed comments, I see no 39-6 comments good boy you finally figured it out. Jls the turds will never catch up with THE U, 4-8 Miami has never done, blocking each others players, losing to GA Southern, really. Your football team will be just as bad this upcoming year, a coach that is on the hottest of seats with a janitor mentality and Noffensive players, cant wait to see you suffer again this year.

39-6, as good as it gets for the U(nranked).

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