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10 observations, lessons learned as Gators head into offseason

20130406_jla_sv7_078.0_standard_730.0(Jeff Driskel, left; Will Muschamp, right | http://cdn1.vox-cdn.com)

GAINESVILLE -- Spring practice is finito.

Florida couldn’t win its own spring game, but a comical finish didn’t spoil an otherwise productive 15-practice camp.

Here’s 10 rapid reactions, observations, lessons learned -- Twitter style (140 characters or less, or something close) -- as the Gators head into an important offseason.

1. The offense MAY no longer be the laughing stock of college football. Comfort + confidence + coaching = PROGRESS. 

2. Florida has a fleet of talented, shifty and hungry tailbacks, an intriguing group of promising wideouts and a solid starting offensive line, BUT…

3. BIG DUMB WILL MUSCHAMP FOOTBALL could reemerge FAST if just a single injury occurs along the offense line. Quality depth is a major concern heading into the fall. 

4. Jeff Driskel appears healthy and happy, but Kurt Roper's tailor-made scheme doesn't suddenly erase the quarterback's deficiencies -- namely telegraphed throws, inconsistent accuracy and indecisiveness.

5. Dante Fowler Jr., Vernon Hargreaves III and Jon Bullard are studs, while Keanu Neal, Jarrad Davis and Marcell Harris proved potential standouts-in-waiting.      

6. Florida’s youth movement along the defensive line and in the secondary will experience plenty of growing pains, especially…

7. Up front. Bullard better love DT, while Leon Orr and Darious Cummings best be prepared to play plenty of snaps because Jay-nard Bostwick, Caleb Brantley and others appear no where near ready to play.

8. The Gators are still searching for a consistent -- Alex McCalister and/or Bryan Cox Jr., perhaps? -- pass rushing option opposite of Fowler Jr. to emerge. 

9. Specialists remain suspect. Kicker Austin Hardin rebounded from a rough fall (4-4 FG), but punter Kyle Christy was still shaky while long-snapping was an issue as well.

10. The Gators will be a better team in 2014, but pronouncing them East Champs after a solid spring is silly (and stupid and short-sided and senseless and shall I continue?)

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Who the heck has pronounced them SEC East champs??????
What I'm seeing is progress thanks to the new system brought in by Roper and by having many of the injured guys back and ready to go.
They should be a lot better than last year but SEC East champs is too premature. This is the SEC after all it's not the ACC coastal or some other Mickey Mouse conference.

LMAO jlo....if I wrote this article u would be all o er me. Why dont u call jesse a virgin? Lol. This article is what I've been saying all along and gator fans keep bringing up my team and resort to namecalling.

no name calling here. you are just a moron. plain and simple. sucks to be U

Lol...at my brother in laws house and he said he was at TPC in jville . Muschamp and tebow were there . He said tebow stole the show and muschamp walked aroung and talked to noone....talk about holding onto the past! Sheeeeeesh!

talk about holding onto the past...is the the only reason to be a candy cane fan. 36-9

Records from the last 10 years:
Gators 94-36 (.734)
Candy Canes 75-50 (.600)

Ouch! Reality hurts...sucks to be U

Jlo/Ollie what ever delusional form you are taking today, winning the sec least for you boys is light years away, you should just work on beating Div II schools and then work your way up to Tenn, GA, T AM and Vandy. LMFAO, if you only knew how stupid your post really are. LMFAO

Records from last season that matters because players are coming back
gators 4-8(.333)
Miami 9-4(.692) sucks to be ufelons

Records head to head last 10 years
Miami 2 gators 1.... we can do that all day and your 1 10 year argument is the only one you will win.

National titles last 30 years
Gators 3

"SEC CHAMPS" inquiry: Former Gators quarterback Shane Matthews went on radio Monday and said Florida would get to Atlanta. Others concurred.

Most undefeated seasons in the last 90 years
Gators zero

Most 4 win seasonsin the last 10 years
Gators 1
Miami zero

Most div ll home loses in the last 10 years
Miami zero
Gators 1(almost 3)

11. This year blocking our own player schemes will be much more complex.

12. We have once again increased academic standard reading proficiency tests. Student athletes now must be able to read the entire Cat In The Hat book with limited assistance.

13. We expect to lose another coach to a much better college football program.

14. Our prison early release program will help with the current injury situation.

15. Alabama will once again own us.

candy cane's best effort in LAST bowl game: 36-9

Candy Can'e best effort in an on the field riot by scUM thugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNypDGoC_8M

How many candy cane loser fans who post here ACTUALLY attended the U(nranked)? A show of hands please (and yes, remove your finger from your mom's anus first). Yeah, I thought so.

Lol jesse....keep those tweets comin'.

I love the lists of accomplishments. There's one thing being so obviously ignored. That is the lack of any kind of accomplishment what so ever in the last 10 years. And I'm sorry loser, beating a terrible gator team, and needing 5 turnovers to do so, is no accomplishment even though you seem to act like it's the equivalent of winning a national title. You're like an extremely obnoxious broken record saying the same thing over and over again as if you're trying to prove a point, when in all actuality, you're looking like a complete fool talking all kinds of trash when your team is terrible and has been for a hell of a lot longer than the gators have. The fact that you can't grasp that concept just shows how delusional you are.

OK Jesse, I did not hear the comment by Shane. You disagree with him and say that he "is silly (and stupid and short-sided and senseless and shall I continue?)". And that is fine and it's your prerogative. I simply say that it is unlikely at this time that we will be the 2014 East champs. Seems silly and unlikely since this is the SEC with many strong teams, not the weak ACC coastal.
But Shane Matthews is entitled to his opinion, stranger things have happened.

"Jlo/Ollie what ever delusional form you are taking today"

The queen of delusional projecting unto others.
Can't tell different posters apart, part of your lack of intelligence.

Let's go Gators!

Jlo/Ollie point proven, when you post Ollie is no where to be found, exposed again! Shane Matthews, who is he, what did he ever do, oh wait he was a gator QB so just like all he rest over the past 100 years, he did nothing! Gatordumb, the facts are Miami owns the gators and no matter how much you cry, you cant change that fact. Since your quote Alum wont play Miami again I guess you will have to live with that yellow stripe all gator fans have running down their back especially when facing the canes. LMFAO

Jesse, where can we find a replay of the gator spring game?

Just because your crappy team beat the Gators doesn't mean you own anybody. And the reason the Gators will not play a mediocre candy cane team every year has nothing to do with fear. AD's love good competitive games, it's good for ratings. The real reason is $$$$, and the Gators can make more elsewhere. So stop being so hyped up and delusional you STUPID CANDY CANE MORONS!!

Jesse, can you do a piece on how much uf loses when they pay a team 2 million to beat them at home as opposed to not paying miami and have the tv ratings go up 10x's? Plus a sellout?

Here is the spring game highlight tape (courtesy Gatozone.com)...



"Jlo/Ollie point proven, when you post Ollie is no where to be found, exposed again"

The only thing exposed is how stupid you are.

Matthews, a former Gator, says the team will be good enough to win the East.
Sapp , a former cane, says he is embarrassed that the canes have the worst defense in the soft ACC and is mad that Golden Boy won't fire his boyfriend, the incompetent DC.
Lamar Thomas, a former cane, says he is glad he is coaching in Louisville with Petrino, a real coach he can learn from.
Those are the facts.

" beating a terrible gator team, and needing 5 turnovers to do so, is no accomplishment even though you seem to act like it's the equivalent of winning a national title."

That win made their year, so they must keep talking about it like you say, as if they won the NC. They have nothing else, they must hang on to irrelevant things like this.
Little Moron congrats on your "win" over the 4 - 8 Gators last year, that makes you as good as Georgia Southern.
What a big time dolt!

No jesse, i would like to see the lowlights. Do you know where i can see the game in its entirety? In a highlight reel they only show highlights. I want to see the bad snaps and analyze the little things that made them lose 8 games last year.

Ollie - Please tell me/us, exactly how much $$'s were accrued from the Georgia Southern game? Not televised (PPV), Bung Hole Grifter Stadium wasn't quite "full", Foley started (ended) $300K in the hole. Zero $$'s in revenue for beer sales. The expense(s) of all the Probation Officers ( due to "probationer's " being 500 ft. from residences ), removing and reinstalling all those ankle monitors ( non compliant with NCAA rules)......
Concession sales must have sold a lot of slimjims, pork rinds & chaw ; just to break even.

Apart form FSU, Ga Southern was the best non conference team we played last year. They won that game fair and square which makes them better than the canes who needed 5 turnovers in the red zone and a terrible game by Driskel to eke out a win.
Georgia Southern a much better team than the canes.

Jesse, can you get the vegas odds for the gators home opener? Would like to make some money on that one. I went against vegas on the southern game and made enought to pay a typical gator fans trailer rent for a year. 100$ on Idaho and you could make out well.if they lose you only lose a hundred bucks.

Does anyone know where to find the spring game replay? Two gator fans on this board and neither know? Must be bandwagon fans imported from Jersey . There is a lot of them around here.

That replay was shown several times already sidcane. What is more interesting is the replay of the cane spring game, or glorified scrimmage if you will.
Vegas has UL as a favorite for the opener already, the line will go up once Olsen and Crow stink up the next practice.
This Spring the cane defense seems better but don't be fooled, it is because the offense is worse.
Petrino is chomping at the bit to shred the cane efense that all of a sudden thinks it is good because they were able to shut down 2 bad cane QBs in the Spring game. Last Spring ignorant cane clowns proclaimed they had the best offense in football. Turned out every offense put up big numbers against the cane efense, their offense was mediocre all along.
This Spring ignorant cane clown says their D is much improved. Turns out their D is still an efense but their O went from mediocre to bad.
Such is the cycle of miserable cane life.
Silver lining is that you still play in the worst conference in football and only play 2 decent OOC teams.
That should give you a few wins.
Sad thing is that you will still be left out of the ACC ship game and will have no shot at the playoffs.
But what else is new about that right?

Jesse, also along with spring game replay info could you do a piece on why georgia southern wont be playing in gville again? I have searched all the espn channels for a week in advance and connot find the game. Probably on sunshine network? I know its not on any major networks like UM SC ,clem, and fsu....

Heard somewhere players were blocking each other in the spring game also....can you confirm jesse?

Maybe muschamp should have gotten a juco olineman or two. Sounds like a long season with minimal scoring. If they (noline) are fatigued in practice whats gonna happen gametime and these so called backups have to step in? Srtip sacks! Safties,sacs,tackles for loses, int's! Thats what!

Does anyone know the odds of driskell going down again? Probably not worth betting on. What about the over under 4 games? U have three cupcakes to try to pad some stats before any real games and thats if the oline holds together. Even if they do , the backups are gonna have to come in . I cant believe these guys are fatigued in practice......practice......we talking about a practice........not a game......practice!

And a young dline? Oh man!

LOL, good thing georgia southern isnt allowed back.

Uf needs to become independent and play all div ll and maybe one of the miss's and kentucky. Not a guaranteed undefeated season but.......

lots of candy cane posts here. they must be getting nervous or they are just bored with their own perpetually mediocre team. here's to a 3-9 2014 season for the U(nranked).

Cant believe driskell wasted all that five star talent on 4 offensive Coordinators. Learning a new system during your senior year must be a blow to your draft stock . Oh well, uf qb's have never done anything on the next level. Cant believe grier is not gonna take over . Well if driskell gets his legs broken again he will be in the pic. Too bad this noline cant protect one player. Looooong season ahead. 3-9 sounds about right.

I still cant believe roper quit his job for a one year stint in gville. Dumb move.

Lots of candy canes (just one actually)pretending they are experts on the Gators (esp. the d-bag above who posts over and over and over). All this is hot air until the season starts. So please just shut up you loser moron. Keep doing your Gator research like a good little candy cane fan who has had nothing to cheer for the last 20 years. HA!

21 you are right on the money, speaking the truth and Ollie/Jlo is wetting her panties and calling us names like candy canes, oh don't be so mean lil Ollie Trojan/Jlo. The Noline got tired during a glorified practice, really? Hope Dreskell's leg is healed he will be running for his life and the janitor will be foaming at the mouth again, blaming everything on the new no coordinator, the 4th one in 4 years, outstanding gator trash. LMFAO

Georgia southern.

Lmfao....now espn is calling auburn" defending national title runner-ups". They just keep inventing stuff. My last personal favorite is the "jump pass" .lol. they gotta sell the sec anyway they can. Defending runner-up.....wtf?

Jesse, can you do an article on muschamp and why it took so long to find an offensive coordinator to fit driskells skillset? What makes him think he has the right one this time as opposed to all the others before roper. Also ask why did it take so long? He should have figured that out by the time they fired weiss. Makes you wonder if he really found the right coordinator or if he even knows football. 1 more season will tell, then its back to assistant coach.

LOL, Georgia southern won't even hire him as head coach. Whats he gonna do?

Wow, this GED superstar reject really has no life. The only attention this idiot gets in his pathetic existence is when he posts on the gator clause and someone responds to him. The funny thing is even Jesse ignores this tool and he usually responds to their nonsense. Sad.

Here is to hoping that by Jesse continuing to ignore him, it actually pushes him over the edge and he just offs himself. Sid the loser, aka Norman Bates.

The 40 year old smelly virgin from Bunnel is on a rampage.
Maybe it's that time of the month..............

Why do y'all keep thinking everyone os me? LOL, jesse has responded to me, several times, he even called jlo by jlo. Just because these posters are right most of the time doesnt make them wrong. When you cant stick up for your team,attack a better one? What is your logic? Even jesse is knocking them in 90% of his articles and 50% of his tweets. Why not attack him? He will not kick you off his blog. He surley cant make uf play georgia southern again. Whats the deal? And please, answer these questions without mentioning the Canes, or virgins. If you can.

A couple of the questions above are good questions. Oliver I think you are spot on with a 3-9 gator squad for 2014. Dont worry though, new coaches are coming for 2015 and it cant get much worse.

The athlete/felons at UFraud must be dancing in the streets now that the NCAA has allowed unlimited snacks.

Just think of all the opossum, roach and rodent barbecues they can now have.

Trailerville cuisine at its finest. The cesspool does giveth.

Sid, answer this question first, what is the Vegas under/over on how many weeks would go by before someone notices you off'd yourself? I am sure the smell would blend in with the wonderful aroma coming from your crap dump of a residence and we all know you have no friends, job, girlfriend, etc. I think the only people that would notice is the gator clause. Sad isn't it?

"I think the only people that would notice is the gator clause. Sad isn't it?"


"...smell would blend in with the wonderful aroma coming from your crap dump of a residence.."

so you're saying Sidcane lives in Gainesville?

I dont think there are odds on it....if there is dont waste your money....house wins. Can we get some bloggers that talk miserable football on here? These 14 year olds are lame. Aren't you supposed to be in school?
Jethro....now noone has to steal tacos. Woohoo. Now if the ncaa can do something about the gun violence in gville. Debose is packing....

Crap residence??? I own my house....no rent no payments . I have a new rec room bigger than your trailer ,height width and length. I live in tbe country with alot of fresh air. Well , except when the wind blows from the north , then we smell gville. After about 30 years those trailers start smelling. Your an idiot if thats all you have to defend your 4-8 team.

Careful there, sid The Moron got mad when you said he lives in a crap house. Mad and defensive.

"I live in the country" that's a nice way of saying you live in the hick town of Bunnel.
He lives "in the country" yet he roots for the canes.

" I have a new rec room bigger than your trailer "

You neglected to tell us that you built it yourself....
and forgot to put a commode in your house.
No running water, no indoor bathroom facilities.

No worries, he lives in the country, he can take care of business in the woods.

And he comes here and calls us rednecks and such
This sid Moron is just too over the top.

ahhh, jlo. Get in your white convertible BMW 3 series and ride with your boytoy.

Lil's sissy girl.

Dang your immature. Guess thats all you have as an argument that your team sucks again. Ollie had it right with 3-9 gators. Do U actually think that made me mad? Really?

April 16, 2014 ... Al Golden and the Miami recruiting brass made the trip to Washington D.C. to visit cornerback Marcus Lewis on the first day of the spring evaluation period. The 6-1/190 Cornerback is a Rivals Top-100 player and the 8th Ranked Corner in the Country. Lewis is a coveted target that Miami will make a top priority for their 2015 recruiting class...

less than 24 hours later ...

April 17, 2014 ...

Rivals100 cornerback commits to Gators

Florida has landed a Rivals100 cornerback from Washington, D.C., for the second consecutive recruiting cycle.

Marcus Lewis, who visited Gainesville in March, committed to the Gators on Thursday.

"It was time to pull the plug," he said. "I love Florida, the campus and the coaching staff. It felt like home."

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder is close friends with UF early enrollee Jalen Tabor, who was a five-star prospect out of D.C.

"Being able to play with a guy from my area who can show me the ropes was big for me," Lewis said of Tabor.

Lewis is transferring to IMG Academy in Bradenton for his senior year. He chose UF over OSU, FSU, Clemson and Miami among over 30 Top College program offers.


Al's selling, but the top players ain't buying... Back to the Unranked and 2 stars scrUbs 4 u ...

Georgia Southern is buying...

LMAO.....these kids will change their tune when the gators have another losing season and muschamp is fired . Some may stick with the gators, it happens, but they will start looking for other schools after the 4th or 5th lose. To think y'all come on canes boards and knock on us for talking about 2015 recruits this early and turn around and do the same thing. You better hope for a 7 win season to keep half of the recruits muschampdraws.

36-9, enough said

36-9 lol....nothing said....that like me saying 26-21 if you were arvuing uf was better than UM. It makes no sense

Ollie, u do realize your team didnt even sniff a bowl right?

UF missing a bowl game is an anomaly and happens once every thirty years, you know like you getting laid. Pee U missing a bowl game is common place and not so much of a big deal. Even when you do make it to a bowl game, you get Ur doors blown off. might as well save yourself the embarrassment, like huddling up agents the heater in 50 degree weather while being b-slapped by the Domers.

^ agents = against

Beats getting bit€hslapped by a div ll team at home! Think about what you say.....

Jesse, be thankful gators aren't too bright or this blog would be dead.


Can't wait until L-ville beats the candy canes again in the season opener. 36-9, everything said. GO CARDS!

Cant wait till GA. Southern whips that arss again, oh wait uf is to afraid to schedule them again. I say it was the best $2MM ever spent to bring in a Div. II team to totally humiliate your team in the garbage dump known as Gville.

Love to see out of state ooc home and home with Louisville vs gators....but foley wont let yhat happen." When they beat you, take your ball and go home". Thats ufelons motto

36-9...oh so sweet.....sucks to be U

Losing to a D2 school at the tail end of a miserable season is not far fetched when there is no chemistry, season is trashed, and your playing against a school that has everything to gain. Going through motions at that point. Sort of like when you guys had every important cane and alumni at your crap down stadium before they tore it down to be a chicken coup. Thank the lord U had those crooks from Canada to rip U off and build a stadium where you still have blocky blocky. F-ing pathetic....no wonder Sid, aka Norman Bates lives in a trailer in Bunnel with an oversized florida room by the way.

Lol...you're an idiot....

all candy cane "fans", please leave the room...you morons. 36-9

Ollie stop bragging, 36 men, 9 nights and 1 big slutt of a mother to create you.

"no wonder Sid, aka Norman Bates lives in a trailer in Bunnel with an oversized florida room by the way."

Hilarious again !
But be careful, sid The Moron will get mad at you again. He will remind you he lives "in the country" not in a crap trailer.

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