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Chomp, Chomp, Chomp: 'Take It All In'

GAINESVILLE -- The SEC Network released its "14 Schools, 14 Stories" ad campaign Tuesday, 40-second promo clips from ESPN capturing the essence of each league school.  

Florida's spot focuses on the genesis of the "Gator Chomp," featuring school historian Norm Carlson. 

Check it out, and take it all in. 



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LOL, 40 seconds of fame.

CHOMP! CHOMP! Go Gators!!

Thats UF's claim to fame? The chomp? A clip's worth?

It's great to be a Florida GATOR!!

Dumb virgin what do you know about tradition? You ignore the obvious this is an ad campaign by the SEC network and ESPN. Is there an ACC network? Of course not and if there would ever be one it would be basketball driven. What possible 40 sec clip could be used about cane basketball? Maybe cutting down the nets after beating Duke in a regular season game. Used as an example of stupidity and grasping at straws when there is nothing else to celebrate.
Then there is ESPN. When will ESPN ever promote ACC football? Not even with Notre Dame joining the league part time, not even with FSU winning the NC.
At least you have CNBC and American Greed, they do prominently feature the face of the canes ........Nevin Shapiro.

"At least you have CNBC and American Greed, they do prominently feature the face of the canes ........Nevin Shapiro."

BWWWAHAHAHAHA. What a moron, Jlo you lil' fruitcake.

Ever heard of Scotty "Rotty" Rothstein. He was all "Gatah." Makes what Nevin did look like a lil' pansy..just like you.

Jlo. The Gatah blog idiot.

Poor ignorant Moron, Rothstein has never been tied to anything Gator. Nevin has become the face of the canes. The American Greed episode I mention shows footage of him in the OB with a cane jersey waiting for the players to come out of the tunnel, and has tons of references to the University of Mediocre.
Your home town newspaper (that would be this one for you Morons) puts pictures of Nevin in full cane regalia ion the front page of the sports section time and again. You can't say Nevin without thinking of the canes.
You have no come back as usual and have to grasp at straws. Talk about a blog idiot, I googled it and your picture came up.

You can't say Aaron "Triple Homicide" Fernndez without thinking of the Gatah. Or Corinne Brown for that matter. Not sure which one s the bigger pock on the ugly face that is gatah trash.

You live in the biggest glass house ever made, maggot. You should choose imaginary internet fights more selectively.

It's Hernandez stupid. If you're going to talk s'hit, at least know what the hell you're talking about.

Wrong again ignorant virgin. When you say Aaron Hernandez and when he has been on TV, the New England Patriots come to mind. New England and Bill Belichek is what comes to mind. Don't get so angry about the truth and stop making a bigger fool of yourself idiot.
Get it dummy
Cause you are already a fool

Former gator Aaron I will kill you Hernandez leads the gators in multiple felonies. Tied like an anchor to gator trash forever, the truck stop schools reputation is for the most arrest in a 6 year period of any NCAA school ever. Now Ollie/Jlo stop talking to yourself and get back to cleaning the toilets at Steak and Shake and by the way stop flinching every time a cane fans walk by your candy arss.

Not wigh me and most of america....most people dont watch nfl and would have no idea he played.

candy cane fans, please stop pretending your team is good. thank you.

From ESPN:
In late June, the University of Florida began removing photographs and images of Aaron Hernandez throughout the school's football facility.
ProfSpikerSaying it's not appropriate to celebrate Aaron Hernandez, Florida removed a brick outside its stadium that recognized the former All-American.

On Thursday, the school worked to remove the last -- and most publicly visible -- reminder of Hernandez. Florida will dig up and remove a brick outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium honoring Hernandez, a former All-American at the school.

The school began distancing itself from Hernandez on June 26 when he was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. The school immediately started removing photographs of Hernandez located in the locker room, team area, football offices and facility and throughout the stadium.

Chains, isolation cell for former Gator Aaron Hernandez after attack on fellow inmate

Roger Simmons | From the Sports EditorOrlando Sentinel
9:45 a.m. EST, February 27, 2014

Aaron Hernandez Having Great Time In Prison Catching Up With Former Gators Teammates

Photo Finish • Sports • NFL Football • ISSUE 49•28 • Jul 9, 2013

Updated: 9:12 p.m. Thursday, June 20, 2013 | Posted: 12:54 p.m. Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ex-Gator Aaron Hernandez still questioned about Boston murder but not in alleged shooting in Palm Beach County

Jlo/Ollie, which ever you are today, you have been owned again. Insert foot in mouth as usual tough guy.

Glad to see this idiot spelled Fernnandez's name right. F'ing idiot, does Ray Lewis mean anything?

Georgia chomp southern

Try to stay on topic ollie! LMAO! Funny thing is noone is pretending anything. Where did that comment come from?

Donkey....raw lewis does mean something, greatest defensive player ever! Who the hell is fernandez?

Jlo, I dont understand your argument about the 40 sec clip. Miami has a 30for30 film(movie) about their tradition and a sequel on the way. What does basketball have to do with it? And just for your ignorant info, ollie read also, there is an ACC network . Are yall really this dumb? Also, cnbc "prominently" fetures nevin shapiro? Will look again but have never seen him on there. Look up prominently and see what it means.

Yep, ol' Gatr edumuhcashion at work. Get blasted with Scotty Rotty, then bring up Ray Lewis when Aaron "Murdah" Fernandez is cited as a typical Gatah dirtbag in the long line of dirtbags, i.e., Calathes, Demps, and the rest of the felons at OoF Fraud.

Ray Lewis was never charged with murdah for all of his failings. But Aaron? He makes Ray look like a boy scout.

But then jlo will say that no one connects Aaron with OoFraud. Sure jlo.

Somewhere, despite Jesse's love for the Gators, he despises fans like jlo. Ones just like him drove Spurrier to leave. Maggot to the core.

LOL@ OOF....same sound as when a divll team punches you in the stomach in a home game.

Ray Lewis: double homicide and turned his friends in

If your friends committed double homicide, i would hope you turn them in.

Sid the scum bag, it's ray not raw GED genius. The y and w are no where near each other on the keyboard so that is not a typing mistake, just plain stupid.

In regards to "who the hell is Fernnandez", it's your dumb a'ss calling him by the wrong name in multiple BS posts you spewed above. sheez, you are one dumb individual.

Fact is both Ray and Aaron are pieces of garbage. We did the right thing and removed him from UF history even though his alleged murders occurred well after he left the university. You idiots think it's cool to be a thug, think raw (sic) is a stand up guy, and glamorize the 30 to 30 documentary. That documentary was an utter embarrassment. I felt bad for cane fans after watching it and that is something that I thought I would never say. But yet, you are an idiot and are proud of it. Can't wait for the sequel, what's that about, failed drug tests, Pell Grant scams, 13th floor rappers and NCAA sanctions?

And the world is laughing at UF you say? Get a clue Norman.

Is that the same sound that was made when the mighty South Florida Bulls wiped their a'ss with you at home?

That's right, the same rejects that make up the USF squad make up GA Southern's. Blah, blah, blah, Div II. The only reason USF is DI is because of state funding. Athletically they are the same cast offs that couldn't make the better teams roster.

"Fact is both Ray and Aaron are pieces of garbage. We did the right thing and removed him from UF history even though his alleged murders occurred well after he left the university"

Very true, yet the Miami Morons still idolize Lewis.
Besides they are a sad bunch of hypocrites since U of Mediocre also removed Nevin Shapiro's name and plaque from his student lounge once he was convicted. Soon they will have to remove A Roid's name from the baseball facility as well.

There is an ACC network but it is not the same thing. The ACC "network" is not stand alone and has to be carried by different channels in different markets, usually ESPN3 or some other seldom watched channel.
The SEC network will have it's own stand alone channel.
The SEC network is affiliated with ESPN. The ACC network with Raycom Sports. Raycom may be a big deal in the Carolinas but ESPN is for the big boys and national.
The reference to basketball is that that is what the ACC does well and what the ACC "network" concentrates on. What would be the national appeal of Maryland vs Wake or UM vs NCState in football? None. Or noone, so you can understand better.
The American Greed episode with Nevin and UM has been shown several times, it's on CNBC though, not on Cartoon Network, maybe that's why you can't find it. I know CNBC is beyond your comprehension level.
It is funny how you pretend to know what Jesse likes and who he "despises". You are good at making stuff up and posting crap that has no validity. Not long ago you said I was Jesse, just like now you say I am Oliver Rubber. You are one confused, ignorant and miserable Moron.
Chomp, chomp, Go Gators!

can't wait for a 3-9 season @ the crappy U this year.

AS for Ray, he turned his life around and became something on and off the football field. That is how Canes do it.

As for Aaron "Double Murdah" Fernandez, he was a failure, went to OoF, stayed a failure, then murdered people. That is the OoFraud way.

Do I need to bring up Corinne Brown? Google her speech before Congress. You cannot be more ashamed to be an OoF grad than after seeing that.

Nice to see you Gatr maggots making excuse after excuse after excuse. First it was Driskel, then it was turnovers, then it was injuries, now it is good players who just couldn't make it at other skewwls. Ga Southern is no worse than USF. Only they are. They had a losing record in D-II. And didn't complete a pass. And beat the Gatr Trash on the road in the (alleged) tough place to play.

No worries. Making excuses is what the trailer donkeys do. I'm sure jlo the fem has been working on a list of excuses for this year. Can't wait to hear them, tweedle douche.

Marqui Hawkins transferring and Will Hill arrested again.

Yep, same as it ever was at OoF. Stumblin', trippin' but have no fear, jlo. All is well.


"All those injuries apparently were not the only debilitating issue the 4-8 Florida Gators were coping with in 2013. Based on some comments made by former center Jon Harrison to an NFL beat writer in Wisconsin, the Gators were a team divided last fall.

In an interview with Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Harrison reveals some inside stuff that paints a pretty ugly picture of what went on at times last season, including a shoving match between a backup offensive player and an unnamed defensive lineman in the locker room after the loss to Georgia Southern. Coaches broke up the two players before blows were exchanged.

“We were falling apart, crumbling as a team,” Harrison said.

According to those who were in the locker room after the Georgia Southern loss, Harrison, one of the team’s leaders, was addressing the team when a reserve offensive player interjected some comments that drew the ire of a defensive player. The two went at each other, but were quickly separated by teammates.

Harrison told Dunne that there was a lot of finger-pointing among the players as the losses mounted, with some players blaming the coaches for all the problems the Gators were experiencing on the field.

“We had a lot of individuals on the team,” Harrison said. “Having individuals on your team kind of kills your team. We had people who thought they were entitled because of the school that they went to. … There was always someone to blame. No one wanted to take it on themselves.”

Harrison also told Dunne that some players did not take games seriously, including sneaking girls into the team hotel or sneaking out themselves the night before games.

“How serious can you take this game if that’s what you’re focused on 24-48 hours before the game?” Harrison said."

Yeeeeeee Hawwwwwwww, hillbillies. I am sure in only a few short months Muscrap has fixed everything. Grier is the savior. Don't you worry. Driskel will look like Tom Brady soon enough.

No worries, nothing to see here, and, uh, Go Gatah.

OOF, very good post A+ for factual, accuracy and most of all sharing what a raging dumpster fire uf is. Que Jlo/Ollie, his evil twin, making excuses, calling people virgins and the usual dimwitted comments. uf is most identified with Aaron double murder Hernandez because its what the gatahs do.

i am mentally retarded.

"The World is Laughing at Uf" responding to his own post under the name "Here come the OOF Gatahs", this Moron can't wait for a Gator fan to answer his crap so he answers himself!

Jlo/Ollie pot calling kettle black moron. Fortunately Sid, and many more of us cane fans will continue to post here as long as you post under multiple names on the canes blog. Now stop projecting and get back to cleaning the toilets at Stake & Shake boy.

blah blah blah blah i'm so gay

Homophobe also Jlo/Ollie

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