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Driskel earns praise

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GAINESVILLE — Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel continues to shine during spring practice, according to coach Will Muschamp. 

Driskel, a redshirt junior, is quickly mastering Kurt Roper’s no-huddle system, flashing the offense’s (professed) explosive potential in last weekend’s scrimmage. 

“He’s throwing the ball extremely well,” said Muschamp, who delayed the start date of Florida’s spring camp so that Driskel’s broken leg would be fully-healed. 

“I think he had three dropped on Saturday on a bubble, slant and dig. The [one] interception should’ve been caught. I think he’s throwing the ball very accurately.”

Driskel, much-maligned for two years at UF, played in just three games in 2013 before sustaining a gruesome leg-fracture in the first quarter against Tennessee.  

Florida’s offense was the laugh-stocking of college football last season, but Muschamp (reluctantly at first) embraced a philosophical shift and hired Roper and a system suited to Driskel's skill-set. 

So far, so good. 

While Roper's offensive instillation is not complete, Driskel has steadily improved this spring, Muschamp said.

Florida's coach also commented on the offense's ability to avoiding bad plays under Roper's easy audible system -- something strikingly missing in 2013.  

“We create a lot of run-pass issues, run-pass conflicts I would say for a defense with what we’re doing in the run game and off the passing game off,” Muschamp explained. 

“If we get a bad run box, we’re able to get out of it with a quick game, whether it’s a slant or a bubble or a quicks outside. Jeff has done a really good job because that takes quick hands to get the ball from a play action situation up and out. I think he’s doing extremely well.”


Muschamp remains mum on naming a backup quarterback, opting to blanket redshirt-sophomore Skyler Morhinweg and early enrollee Will Grier with universal (albeit generic) praise. 

“No [separation],” Muschamp said. “Both guys have done some nice things. Will made a really nice adjustment off a corner pressure and hotted the ball to Andre Debose in the red zone. It was a really nice throw. Skyler does some nice things. Both of those guys will continue to get reps with that group.”   


Florida’s annual spring scrimmage will kickoff Saturday at 1:30 p.m. from The Swamp, and the spring game will be televised on tape delay on Sun Sports (statewide) starting at 5:00 p.m.

The Orange & Blue Debut will be available live for GatorVision subscribers or for purchase ($3.99) on pay-per-view. 


Former walk-on tailback Mark Herndon, a spring standout to date, sustained a high-ankle sprain during Saturday’s scrimmmage and will miss the remainder of camp. 

According to Muschamp, the injury isn’t serious and will not require surgery. 

Sophomore linebacker Daniel McMillian missed the scrimmage with an ankle injury, while safety Marcus Maye pulled a hamstring during the scrimmage -- both players are questionable for Saturday’s Orange & Blue Debut. 

Meanwhile, offensive lineman Roderick Johnson (concussion) remains sidelined and is unlikely to play Saturday.   


“In a perfect world you like to have four guys inside and four guys outside. If you're able to play with between eight and 10 players in this league, which normally in my experience is what it's going to take. Now, you can survive with three inside and three outside, but you're living a dangerous life with injuries. … I think all of those guys have the ability to be in that group. I really do. Now will they take that next step from a maturity standpoint and understand to battle through pain and mental and physical toughness to have it for the position? Because I think they have the ability. I think that's there. It's just a matter of how quickly it's going to come for them at a championship level."

-- Muschamp, on Florida’s youth along the defensive line and finding a consistent rotation. 

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I will give Driskel the benefit of the doubt since he will be playing in a system suited for his skill set for the first time in is UF career. The guy was a standout in high school and then he comes here and can't play? I don't think so, but we will find out soon enough. Glad that Roper came in and changed that offense.
Can't believe I posted before sid the A hole, but he will be here soon enough.

You begin to wonder why driskell was recruited in the first place if noone knew how to use him. Muschamp sure doesnt know offense. He picks decent players for defense. We need a new coach stat! Cant believe the oline is fatigued and its great weather. How will they perform in Aug and Sept? Its gonna be hot then. Oh well, one more bad season and a new coach away.

Little troll, it's not that "noone" knew how to use him, Pease did not know how to use him. He wasn't supposed to play his freshman year and ended up injured as well then. Muschamp has been hands off with the offense it's up to the OC to scheme and use the players. So you are half right there, not that he doesn't know offense he lets the OC deal with it.
But he picks excellent defensive players, players Golden can only dream about. Just on the D line we keep getting most of the top DTs and DEs while you fools have to plug in second rate players no big time school wanted or JUCOs. Same with the secondary.
Learn to spell fool it gives you away every time. Noone. Looser. Big time dolt.

And yet U still only win 4 games.....?

Didnt div ll georgia southern score 26 on that defense jlo?

What good is a five star qb that spends most of his time on his back?

What the heck is a dolt??

Lol , just googled dolt. Jlo and gatordumb are both the exact definition.


21-16 try a ame your team actually played...lol

What the heck is a dolt??

Look in the mirror.

Yeah, we're retarded. Says the pathetic idiot with no life who can't seem to find anything better to do than come on Gator Clause and talk trash everyday all day. That's about as funny as it gets!

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