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Fantasy Draft: Recapping Florida's selection show

Header_5(Courtesy Gatorzone.com)

GAINESVILLE -- Fun and fancy are two words rarely (if ever) associated with Will Muschamp, but Florida’s coach -- or PR department -- is dabbling with some different ideas to up the team’s entertainment value during a critical 2014.

On Thursday, Florida held a live stream “Orange & Blue Debut Selection Show,” as “Gator Great” captains -- Josh Evans and Shane Matthews for the Orange Team, and Jelani Jenkins and Chris Doering for the Blue team -- selected a dozen players each to build preliminary rosters for Saturday’s spring game (1:30 p.m., PPV).

The “fantasy draft” was essentially an innovative way for Florida to unveil its depth chart (thereby avoiding a repeat of Muschamp’s LSU disaster) -- with the Orange team serving as the No. 1 defense and the Blue team as the No. 1 offense.

The selection results are below, but first a couple interesting notes...

The first team offense was predictable -- although Brown at guard seems more like an experiment than a guarantee at this point -- but defensively Maye, Neal and Cox Jr. were all notable selections. 

Despite missing much of the spring with a bum hamstring, Neal, an explosive and cerebral sophomore, appears to be a starter at safety. Meanwhile, Maye looks to be in position to start as Florida’s (all-important) nickel cornerback and Cox Jr. has (seemingly) earned an initial nod at defensive end (opposite of Fowler Jr. at BUCK).

All three are worth keeping an eye on Saturday. 





Vernon Hargreaves III, CB

Jeff Driskel, QB


Dante Fowler Jr., BUCK

Quinton Dunbar, WR


Antonio Morrison, LB

Michael Taylor, LB


Valdez Showers, WR

Kelvin Taylor, RB


Jonathan Bullard, DL

Chaz Green, RT


Mack Brown, RB

Jalen Tabor, CB


Keanu Neal, S

D.J. Humphries, LT


Latroy Pittman, WR

Demarcus Robinson, WR


Marcus Maye, S

Duke Dawson, CB


Jarrad Davis, LB

Trenton Brown, OL


Hunter Joyer, FB

Max Garcia, C


Bryan Cox Jr., DE

Alex McCalister, DE


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begin the climb back to #1

It's so ironic that after an entire year of hearing the Cane Trolls mock Florida for not having a true Spring game last year because of injuries, now the same fate has befallen them. Poetic justice.


We are still having a spring game suckio. Its not a glorified practice like yall had. Ollie, its a long climb from #72. Lose to the vandals at home then it will be a longer climb from #100.Muschump has proven he cant coach well even against div ll coaches so hold on tight and find a good hiding place if they lose that annual supposed easy" home opener.

Muschamp has the same number of wins as Golden. Golden has 0 top 10 wins, Muschamp has 3. So whats that say about Golden?? Dunce!

Al Golden Showers wears clip on ties. Sucks to be U.


I beat your team. While under sanctions...before you had any injuries.

When are the block your own teammate drills?


Again congrats on beating one of the worst Gator teams in history. What happened the rest of the year?? Delusional idiots!


Why bother trying to present facts to a Moron? Sid is a delusional idiot who doesn't recognize reality, just ignore him.
The climb back has already begun with the hiring of Roper. The talent is there, the injured guys are back, we are ready to roll.
Go Gators!

Lol jlo...none of those posters were me. Did you read Jesse's tweets about looks like tackling was optional? That just helped your nOffense look good and your defense look bad at the same time. Like they said , they didnt look like a complete joke today, but a joke nonetheless.lmao.

Also , who is delusional? You think every poster is me! LMAO!

Georgia southern happens.

36-9 happens (often)

GA Southern, a day that will live in infamy.

36-9, a day that repeat itself in real life season after season for the U(nranked).

GA SOUTHERN, GA SOUTHERN, GA SOUTHERN, GA SOUTHERN, hurts don't it little 36 men, 9 days, one sluut of a mom.

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