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Muschamp Musings: Demarcus Robinson's maturation, tailback plans & more

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GAINESVILLE -- Florida is a couple days removed from the midway point of spring practice.

The Gators have six practices remaining, as camp concludes April 12 with the annual Orange & Blue Debut (1:30 p.m.).

Coach Will Muschamp has been steadily impressed with Florida's offensive progress under new coordinator Kurt Roper, but earlier this week the Gators' coach dished on some specifics, including the maturation of sophomore wideout Demarcus Robinson, Florida's tailback depth chart, the offensive line and more.

On DeMarcus Robinson...

"I think he has done some fantastic things in the passing game. He’s an explosive receiver. He’s a tough match one-on-one because of his size, his athleticism. He’s got really good ball skills down the field. I think again, sometimes maturing a little bit. We mature different times. I think we’ve seen some strides there. I’ve been pleased to this point. There’s no question from a matchup standpoint, he’s a guy that can do some things. A lot of it goes into assignments. Are you blocking the right guy? Are you running the right route? Are we sight adjusting this? You’ve got to be able to see when they bring two off the edge. Got to be able to sight adjust with the quarterback splattered. There are things like that we’ve got to continue to iron out. That’s part of the maturing process on and off the field.”

On a possible tailback-by-committee approach…

"Kelvin has run the ball well, Mack had a nice run yesterday. Very pleased with where we are with the position overall. But whoever the best players are and we'll move forward with that. I have very good confidence with the guy's we've got. And of course Matt [Jones] is sitting out and [injured early enrollee] Brandon Powell. Powell is a guy that in our offseason program he's got a different gear, quick change of direction and can do a lot of things. Disappointed he's not able to practice, but he's a guy that gives us a little juice."

On Taylor's improvement this spring…

"He's more confident in what he's doing. Much better protection than he was a year ago where he needed to take some big steps. He's got natural running instincts when running the football. This offense is a little different for these guys in how they're getting the ball. We still run the counter. We still run the power. We still run the inside run. We still run the stretch, but they're angles to the line of scrimmage are a little different, and I think they've all adjusted very well."

On how Florida's offensive line is taking to new coach Mike Summers…

"It's going well. I think again you know I've been pleased with our progress. I think D.J. [Humphries] and Chaz [Green] and Max [Garcia] have all played really good football for us. Trip's done a nice job playing at the guard position, Tyler's [Moore] handling the elbow situation--there was a time that we we didn't even know if he was going to be able to through spring, and he hasn't missed a snap. So, pleased with his progress, feels more comfortable playing inside. I think those guys have adjusted and adapted well to it."

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Lmao, muschamps first question was are you blocking the right guy. Cant make this stuff up!

Those have to be the ugliest helmets I have ever seen right up there with Marylands.

better than a stupid U. what the hell kind of logo is that? oh yeah, a great one for the L-U-sers!! go back to your baby blog candy cane.

Not even close....marylands were the ugliest by far...

Dumb sid, why pretend and answer your own stupid post we all know who you are.

The injured guys are coming back, the countless reserves and freshmen that saw extended playing time last season are more experienced, and we have a new OC who will design the offense according to the player's strengths. We have the potential for a very good season.
Go Gators!

Whatever U have to tell yourself jlo....was commenting on someones remark that marylands helmets were nicer than uf's . 'Bout the only good thing i have to say about the gators...the"U" on our helmet is a worldwide brand and has been voted best looking helmet several times.

IMO best looki.g helmets are UM,texas,Oregon uf in top ten if i thought about it...ND is ok but colors suck.

I just heard gator county are gonnago from saying" go gators" to "awww, c'mon gators this season Jesse, can u cofirm?

Jlo sort of like you answering your own under different ID's and oh yea definitely to chicken s_it to post on the cane blog under Jlo but hey you have many more aliases riggghhttt.



7 out of last 10, the U owns uf! Sucks for you.

UM's record for 2014: 3-9 (at best)
first loss to Louisville (remember 36-9)

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