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Status Quo: SEC announces future schedule format


The Southeastern Conference opted to stick with what was working.

Following a purported 10-4 vote by league presidents, the SEC announced Sunday it is maintaining its eight-game football scheduling format, adding a strength-of-schedule component requiring schools to play at least one non-conference foe from the ACC, Big 12, Big 10 or Pac-12 annually starting in 2016.

Since Texas A&M and Missouri joined the league in 2012, the league has flirted with the idea of adding a ninth conference game, but Sunday’s overwhelming vote favored retaining the recent 6-1-1 format.

"This has been a thoughtful and deliberative process that has resulted in maintaining the current format and adds a provision that will bolster our collective annual non-conference schedule," said Commissioner Mike Slive in a statement. 

“Critical to maintaining this format is the non-conference opponent factor which gives us the added strength-of-schedule we were seeking while allowing continued scheduling flexibility for institutional preferences, and acknowledges that many of our institutions already play these opponents.

“The concept of strength-of-schedule is based on an entire 12-game schedule, a combination of both conference games together with non-conference games.  Given the strength of our conference schedule supplemented by at least one major non-conference game, our teams will boast of a strong resume’ of opponents each and every year.”

Sunday’s announcement changes nothing for Florida.

The Gators play Florida State every November, while they also remain “permanent” rivals with LSU. 

While UF athletic director Jeremy Foley has voiced his support for the permanent crossover opponents (i.e. LSU), Tigers AD Joe Alleva adamantly disapproved with the SEC’s decision Sunday night.

"Since 2000 LSU has played Florida and Georgia 19 times and Alabama has played them eight times. That is a competitive disadvantage. There are a lot of other examples,” Alleva told Jim Kleinpeter of the Times-Picayune.

"If I'm Ole Miss and I'm playing Vanderbilt, I'll vote to play Vanderbilt," Alleva said. "If I'm Mississippi State and I'm playing Kentucky, I'm going to vote to play Kentucky. People voted their own self interest instead of what is in the best interest of competitive balance.

"I understand Alabama-Tennessee and Auburn-Georgia for the history, but that's only four schools. The rest were voting in their own self-interest. They could have kept those games and the rest of us rotated. That was brought up but voted down. I’m not pushing for the self-interest of LSU. I'm pushing for the equity.”

Florida and LSU have played every season since 1971.

More to come, but thoughts? Are you pleased the Gators are locked into a series with LSU?


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Well why would they have to strenghten their schedules if the sec is the toughest conference in the land? I will tell you why, the smoke is clearing and the mirrors are broken. The new playoff format will be different and playing all the lower sec teams like uf,kentucky and vandy wont count as much anymore. Those teams that play 1 ooc out of the div l schools that is ranked constantly below 100 and 3 div ll teams isnt gonna cut it anymore. When the fsu series is up, we will be waiting for the gators if foley has the guts.

You can breathe easy, Gatr Trash. Your legacy of evading any tough OOC road games is intact. Well, any tough OOC road games outside the state of Florida that the legislature doesn't require you play.

But the point remains. You SEC 'necks already play a schedule as tough as the NFL. How could you possibly "toughen" it? Oh, wait, you mean playing Kentucky, Ole Piss, Vandy, a historically bad Missy State, and once a good once-a-decade Arky is not a "tough" schedule?

Carry on in your delusion, gay-lo you little queen. OoFraud is the flagship university of this state as this state is a backwater mostly white trash state. A perfect marriage.

I love playing LSU every year. That's cool with me.

Les Miles is right about equality to some extent.

I have no problem playing LSU every year and FSU as our OOC opponent, that is why we routinely play one of the toughest schedules in the nation. In the playoffs this will be an advantage since SOS will be a factor in choosing the 4 teams.

Ole Miss and Vandy would be #1 and #2 in weaker leagues like the ACC coastal. And we all know who is afraid to play LSU. Even in a neutral field those cowards ran away from that game.

We all knew who ran away from the UM rivalry too. For your info we already had nebr scheduled..... another place the gators are afraid to go.

We asked Foley for a home and away. He stated that he does not want to get locked into a regional rivalry as they already play Georgia and would prefer to play a more national schedule.

Thus, the Idaho and Eastern Kentucky foes. One can only surmise that once Idaho and/or EKU put the beatdown on the Gatr Trash, they too will be conveniently dropped from the schedule.

Vandy would last year perhaps have been #1 in the Coastal but OoFraud would have been dead last.

BWWWWHAHAHA. SEC LEast. The SEC West can only shake it's collective head in shame.

Are cane fans really talking about strength of schedule?? The Gators schedule is consistently ranked tougher year in and year out on every ranking service, and you guys talk about our schedule being a joke? Its kind've like talking trash as if you're 10 straight national champs when its been 10 straight years of mediocrity. Again, the delusions are alive and well! You guys truly are a joke!

Yea gatordumb, you get all the doormat sec teams and dodge bama almost as much as you dodge UM. If the sec is so tough then why are they going ooc to add to strenght of schedule instead of adding another conference hame? I will tell you why, with yhe new playoff coming, its not going tobe about sec money anymore. Now you have to beat other teams to say you are better. Start with Georgia Southern,bowling green, and the rajin cajuns and workyour way up from there. The only ones that buy the sec crap are sec teams fans(most not all) and the mediathat is paid(sec) to sell it. Playoffs are coming and times are changing. All the scrub sec teams that play four nobodies are going to get one more ooc lose from here on out. Heck uf had 3 last year, 1 from UM when uf had a full "reloaded" roster,1 from fsu who would have beaten you with a full team and 20 extra schollys,and divll georgia southern who had 20 less scholarship players and more injuries. Its black and white when you take off those goggles. Its all politics until we get a playoff, oh , we have one now. U will see even with those goggles

You can go ahead and spew opinions all you want. The FACTS are the Gators have consistently ranked higher then the canes in SOS rankings on every service year in and year out. So go ahead and keep refusing to acknowledge the facts, just like you refuse to acknowledge the fact that the canes have sucked for 10 years and counting. You guys are great at skating around the facts about your own team.

By the way, do you even read what you're writing, or do you just stare at the keyboard and hit post when you're done poking at the keyboard? My god, my 4 year old types better than you!

Really, your 4 year old like were supposed to believe someone would mate with you gatordumb. Facts are SOS means nothing when Miami consistently pounds you head to head, now that's a fact. Now that uf cant play the 3 low low low Div. I and Div. II games yearly besides the Kentucky, Tennessee and Vandy that are definitely lame duck teams year in and out, now you must play stronger OOC games against major conferences and we all know how that will end, remember Miami last year!

Sorry gatorlum....sometimes I am at redlights and have to type fast. Sometimes I take a break from my job and type fast so I can get back to it. Afterall time is money. You would be amazed at how much I get done. As far as sos....better go back and check UMs sos. Dont use the last two years or beggining of season and end of season sos as you need to fit your agenda. Do it straight up . I remember a few years ago UM had what was considered the nations toughest schedule, I think it was the year we played Oklahoma at home.....? Not sure. Either way....your wrong again.....as usual!

World is laughing....they still get the three nonsec pasties because they play fsu.

Miami Morons boasting about SOS and calling the SEC weak, who can argue with such imbeciles, let them be.
In the real world everyone else knows that the ACC is a joke, that the canes play a joke of a schedule and still cannot compete, still cannot sniff the crappy ACC ship game. How in the world will they sniff the playoffs? They won't.
UM does not "consistently pound" anyone. Since 2008 Um and UF are 1 - 1. UM is just lucky they played UF during the worst season in recent history.
The best Golden team in his lifetime with 9 wins was left un ranked last year because everyone knew the wins were inflated due to weak competition and the 4 losses were embarrassing.
The Gators have a much better chance of getting into the playoffs than UM will ever have.
Being cowards and ducking the few good teams that are potential opponents, like LSU, will guarantee them never being selected for the postseason. The LSU game had nothing to do with Nebraska. Only that Golden and the yellow canes are afraid to play more than 3 real teams in any given year and they already had Nebraska, UL and FSU. Cowards. Try playing a real schedule, like the Gators do. Still you play only 3 real team yet end up with at least 4 losses in a banner year. Pathetic.

We play kentucky, vandy, georgia southern, bowling green , two middle of the pack big 12 teams, Mississippi,Mississippi st, Arkansas and georgia. These teams are year in and year out national title contenders. Im sure i forgot some. Any one we play except miami is a powerhouse. I will be watching all the games this year from my moms singlewide. In an undisclosed trailerpark. Im jealous of sidcane because he has a mancave in a real monolithic slab home and goes to more games than i can get on cable. When i get a job i want to get my own trailer so sidcane will leave me alone.he is the biggest virgin in bunnel.

I know that sounds like a good excuse jlo but being a bad season is no excu.se for a divl reloaded team on their second game before any injuries .

"Im jealous of sidcane because he has a mancave in a real monolithic slab home and goes to more games than i can get on cable"

Can you believe this idiot boasting about his house as if anyone gave a crap.
A mono slab is cheaper than the alternative, no indoor plumbing also saves construction costs.
So now we now you are a cheapstake, as well as a pig and a Moron. Keep it to yourself idiot, no one cares.
And no one believes you go to any cane games.
he only thing you do is come here to get people to talk to you and watch TV in your crap house, what a pathetic excuse for a human being.

As far as the "lesser" SEC teams you list, each and everyone of them is much better than their respective ACC counterparts, and beat up on the ACC year in and out.
I see you are back at trying to impersonate other posters but your bad spelling, terrible syntax and overwhelming stupidity give you away every time.

You should get out of that smelly crap house, leave that hell hole of Bunnel and get some professional help.

Jlo's delusional world:

Arkansas is a perennial national title contender. Really, like last year, when they lost at Rutgers? You would think, as tough as the SEC is, even their worst team on a bad day could beat a lowly Rutgers team. But I guess not. Smoke and mirrors, gay-lo.

After all, you are selective when you base this on pre-season rankings. Either the pre-season rankings means something, i.e., sooooo many "tough" SEC teams; look at them all in the top 20; OoFraud was #10. OR, they don't mean anything, i.e., waaahhhhhh, this was the worst OoFraud team in memory.

You can't have it both ways, maggot. Such a silly lil' pris this jaylo.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah i'm a maggot

i am in love with many men

Al Golden Showers is my personal god and lover.

I don't have a reel job so i poste hear all day. i am a reel idiot two.

i have never been to a hurricane game. i dont have any money or friends.

Homes shut it - we lost to Duke.

1 Florida State (60) 14-0 1500
2 Auburn 12-2 1428
3 Michigan State 13-1 1385
4 South Carolina 11-2 1247
5 Missouri 12-2 1236
6 Oklahoma 11-2 1205
7 Alabama 11-2 1114
8 Clemson 11-2 1078
9 Oregon 11-2 974
10 UCF 12-1 959
11 Stanford 11-3 936
12 Ohio State 12-2 816
13 Baylor 11-2 778
14 LSU 10-3 717
15 Louisville 12-1 693
16 UCLA 10-3 632
17 Oklahoma State 10-3 598
18 Texas A&M 9-4 459
19 USC 10-4 299
20 Notre Dame 9-4 256
21 Arizona State 10-4 255
22 Wisconsin 9-4 245
23 Duke 10-4 190
24 Vanderbilt 9-4 117
25 Washington 9-4 109

Others receiving votes: Nebraska 107, Fresno State 57, Northern Illinois 22, North Dakota State 17, Texas Tech 14, Georgia 13, Iowa 13, Ole Miss 10, Kansas State 8, Arizona 5, Navy 3, Utah State 2, East Carolina 2, Mississippi State 1

No one cares about pre season rankings imbecile.
Talk about being delusional. The FINAL 2013 poll has 7 SEC teams to just 3 ACC teams.
3 more SEC teams are in "others receiving votes"
Those teams that the Moron bad mouths like the 2 Mississsippis and Vandy are ranked higher than UM and all other ACC teams except for FSU, Clemson and Duke.
Idiot does not know the meaning of DELUSIONAL.
It's what you are Moron.
These are the facts.
Idiots don't know facts they just post out of their arses.
Every time you post you show how stupid you are.
BTW, it's spelled scUM, and pronounced scUM.

Wow, hard to believe canes would come here and discuss schedules. They must do it just to look stupid. Is there any other reason?
Canes, here's a look at SOS since 2000. Any cane want to go back any further?
Nah, didn't think so

2013: UF #5, UM #54
2012: UF #5, UM #50
2011: UF #20, UM #66

2010: UF #21, UM #33
2009: UM #18, UF #19
2008: UF #4, UM #13
2007: UF #3, UM #48
2006: UF #1, UM #63
2005: UF #28, UM #45
2004: UM #14, UF #49


2003: UF #12, UM #44
2002: UF #6, UM #34,
2001: UF #19, UM #27
2000: UF #11, UM #16

Since 2000
Harder schedule: UF 12, UM 2
# of Top 10 schedules: UF 6, UM 0
Average : UF: 14.5, UM 37.5

What year was that that UM had the nation's toughest schedule? Got any facts to go with that delusion?

Of course, when Arky is ranked in the top 25 but they lose to Rutgers, the myth is that whoever plays them is playing a "tough" sked. The reality is Arky blows.

Wash, rinse, repeat for the bulk of the SlimeEC teams except LSU, Bama, and UGA.

Let me know the last time Tennessee was decent. And Georgia was pounded by Clemson. And let's not discuss OoFraud.

Georgia was definitely not pounded by Clemson, 38-35 is not a pounding, it's a squeaker. But South Carolina did put a pounding on Clemson 31-17. Now that's a pounding!

Want to talk schedules? How about comparing Gator's opponents to UM's opponents in 2013, based on final rankings:

UF vs FSU(1)
UF vs South Carolina (4)
UF vs Missouri (5)
UF vs LSU (14)
UF vs Vandy (24)

UM vs FSU (1)
UM vs Duke (23)

Two, 2, TWO teams that finished ranked the ENTIRE season! And canes have the foolishness to come to a Gator board and complain about our schedule when we played more top 5 teams than UM played top 25! What a joke, you guys are.

Jlo/Ollie sure is convenient to say lets look since 2008, Miami and uf are 1-1 head to head, hey dummbass look at reality, Miami 8-1 against gator trash past 20 years and own the overall matchup also. Then SMG aka gatordumb comes on with SOS from some .com sites no one has heard of, typical gator BS, but hey we are used to the delusional comedy on this site.

Rankings that mean something:
Miami 5 NC and ufail 3 NC

Why don't you find some SOS from some sites and post the results? they won't be very different, but you give it the old cane try. Maybe you can find that mythical year when UM had the toughest schedule.

I notice you didn't comment on the comparison of last year's schedules. Why not? Couldn't find an angle to attack it? Maybe those results were from some site you never heard of?

Maybe you've heard of Jeff Sagarin?

2013; UF 19, UM 56
2012: UF 4, UM 43
2011: UF 22, UM 61
2010: UF 21, UM 16 -
2009: UF 15, UM 8
2008: UF 4, UM 15

Average: UF 14.16, UM 33.16

What is most interesting is how weak the Canes schedule has become since Golden took over. Is that how he plans to pad his stats? Is that why he ran from LSU? Why he dodged FSU in the ACC championship 2 years ago? Watch Golden run, see Golden run.

LMAO, yous guys are mad!

i wish i could stop posting here. but ever since my boyfriend left me i have a lot of extra time. i can't wait for the season to start so i can watch my favorite team lose to duke.

This is a better list:

September 6, 1986 Gainesville, FL Miami 23–15
September 5, 1987 Miami, FL Miami 31–4
January 2, 2001 New Orleans, LA Miami 37–20A
September 7, 2002 Gainesville, FL Miami 41–16
September 6, 2003 Miami, FL Miami 38–33
December 31, 2004 Atlanta, GA Miami 27–10B
September 6, 2008 Gainesville, FL Florida 26–3
September 7, 2013 Miami Gardens, FL Miami 21–16

7-1. head to head. That is what counts, trailer donkeys. In the long or short term, you just can't beat the Mighty Miami Hurricanes.

Cue the excuse wagon starting........now:

list away d-bag. your team sucks no matter how you slice it. the university of mediocrity will never get to the national championship again. wallow in it loser and go back to your pollo loco min. wage job.


BWWWWHAHHHA....angry 'neck alert. Angry neck alert!

Perhaps my team sucks, Gomer, but logically what does that say about your OoF Gatr Trash? Canes pound you every which way.

Makes sense that the Gatr maggots have to revert to speaking about their conference. They can't point to their team. It "wallows in mediocrity and will never get to the national championship again. wallot in it loser and go back to your pollo loco min. wage job!!!'

(notice, trailer donkey, the multiple exclamation points for emphasis).

What I noticed was the bad spelling and the poor syntax of your garbage posts.
The same old tired delusional drivel.
The fact that you are an imbecile and a poor excuse for a human being.
That is what we notice.
Why don't you "wallot" on that.


blog spelling police, at your service. Poor syntax? Copied verbatim from one of your own. Don't suspect that they teach that at OoFraud.

gay-lo, I sit here and take pleasure in how upset you get. Moreso when the Gatr Trash lose, as they will, this year. Nothing I could say gets your thong in a bunch more than that. However, until we get to the point where the Gatr Trash is losing in the fall, I will egg you on like the lil' girly you are.

Duuuuhhh, go gatah?!?

First it was j lo and now gay lo. Sid The Moron turned from a lecherous desperate virgin to a desperate and homophobic one.
I am not upset you idiot. I am just amazed at what a delusional loser you are to keep posting your same tired garbage day in and out without any regards to reality or facts. Your stupidity shines through loud and clear.

"without any regards to reality or facts"

Sure, gay-lo. Your gatr trash's record vs. the Canes is steeped in fact. Only a lil' maggot like you would argue otherwise.

And I an not afraid of homosexuals or homosexuality. Calling you gay-lo is really a term of endearment. You are a lil' piggy so your accusation is off-base.

Now, go ride your little fem BMW 3 series.

"gay-lo, I sit here and take pleasure in how upset you get"

Sounds like a fulfilling life! No wife, no job, or children - just antagonizing anonymous commentators on a blog.

You won today on the anonymous blog so turn on wheel of fortune, heat up the leftover meatloaf, and take your mom's Chihuahua, Sebastian, out for the last walk of the day.

Of course you are not afraid of gay people Gay Southern. Your 3 boyfriends will attest to that.


Lol, ollie cann retain info too....I thought for sure he would eventually revert back to the wrong score. Jlo....gaylo is catchy but not me saying it, plus I dont use words like piggy. Saw your posts on the Canes blog. Nice try trying to sound like an adult but you blew it with the jacory thing.

what am i doing here? i thought i was a U(nranked) fan. oh that's right, i have nothing better to do than to check this blog 50 times a day...than off to work at the BK Lounge.

Lol...U know what I am doing here. I only check this blog a couple of times a day.I am a fan of The U that is ranked ahead of uf. Wht the heck is a bk lounge? Its the first of the month, your checks are ready.I just paid my quarterly taxes so your foodstamps should be there too. Have fun trading them for oxycodone .

Hey idiot, just because someone went to UF doesn't mean they live in Gainesville, is a hillbilly hooked on oxy or meth, is toothless, etc. You understand that, right stupid? Sid, you must be thinking about your family members and projecting them on those of us who actually went to college. Sheez you are a degenerate loser.

Also what's funny is the fact you made your lawn service an LLC and pay quarterly taxes doesn't mean you are an entrepreneur.

BTW, the BK lounge is that place your sister cousin mops at the Burger King when she's done tidying up the crapper.

Too funny this loser has stopped pretending he is a psycho and answers each post with a different name without denying it's him anymore.
You have accepted that reality sid The Moron, now accept this: you are a pathetic loser and your team sucks.

Not as bad as your team....lmao....4-8.....divll lose....struggles with other divll teams....loses to sec scrubs.....loses to acc scrubs....gotta get back to it so you get your check next month.

J-Lopez, my team may suck. But it beat your (allegedly, and allegedly every year) loaded team. What does that say about your team?

Or your outlook on your team?

Or the weight given to rankings made anytime in the early season?

Hmmmm, think about that, Gatr trash.

No cane trash you got it backwards.
What does it say that your team struggle to beat the worst Gator team in recent history even with 5 turnovers as gifts?
The outlook of one team is very promising with many starters back healthy from missing the previous year and with a revamp of the one side of the ball that was holding the team back. New offensive coaches with a new system better suited for the talent at hand, the future is bright.
Your team still has the same incompetent
coaches that have ranked at the bottom of the ACC in defense for 3 years in a row, not much to look forward to. On the other side of the ball you will start a red shirt frosh QB who looked terrible in the Under Armor game, terrible in the Spring game and has off the field issues. Way to go.
What does it say about the rankings when the best record you muster in a decade still leaves you un ranked and un loved at the end of the season and again un ranked in the pre season. It says everyone knows your team will be a s bad as it was last season or worse, not much to look forward to.
Of course facts don't mean much to delusional cane clowns, but you have been owned again.

i just CAN'T stay away from this place. I am a true loser. I applied to UF tens times then i settled for MDCC. Al Golden Showers is my hero, but my boyfriend is my biggest hero and he loves the U of Mediocrity as well. Also I am very very lonely.

"The outlook of one team is very promising with many starters back healthy from missing the previous year and with a revamp of the one side of the ball..."

tut, tut, tut, la la land, entitled, self-absorbed gatr trash. You are playing the result. THis is almost verbatim the same way last year's team was described. NOw, either rankings matter, or they don't. Either the team the Canes pounded was top 12, or it was the worst team.

And if it was the worst team, then rankings don't matter, and your outlook on this year's team is meaningless. Results count, maggot.

Muscrap has done nothing to improve the QB position; or that sieve of an O-line; the defense has lost major players (those same players that the Canes pounded last year); and the Gatr Trash has lost it's best player on O, Trey "fake gangsta" Burton.

So, while your gatr trash fantasy world lives on, the reality will smack the trailertrash Nation in the face come the fall.

Get yer excuses ready, Gatr Trash. Only 4 months till you roll them out.

Maybe I'll come up with some excuses to help you.

Hmmm, OoF Gatrs. Such a sorry fanbase.

I am an expert on the Gators and i pretend to be. i was born in south Georgia to a jackal and a man. i love the hurricanes and therfore i am a maggot and a loser. i am also a card-carrying member of NAMBLA.


Yes, I am all of those and then some. But I am levels better than any Gatr maggot.

That's not me talkin', Gatr Trash, dems' DUH facts.

The OofloriDUH Gatahs.

Yes, I am all of those and then some. But I am levels better than any Gatr maggot.

That's not me talkin', Gatr Trash, dems' DUH facts.

The OofloriDUH Gatahs.

Sid you are not going to convince Jlo/Ollie/gatordumb whatever name he is posting under today. It just cant comprehend that a 4-8 team that lost many starters and the ones returning that were part of the 4-8 make uf the laughing stock of the sec. Bama will destroy them this year but by then the fembot Jlo will be out of excuses and posting as a Bama fan, LMFAO.

i like to eat poop.

I like to eat World is laughings poop

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