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Traditional Orange & Blue Debut set

82788-650-366(Courtesy sportingnews.com)

GAINESVILLE -- A year removed from holding a glorified practice in The Swamp, the Gators will play a traditional spring game April 12.

Florida’s customary Orange & Blue Debut was scrapped last spring due to minimal depth along the offensive line, but on Monday coach Will Muschamp announced the normal format is back on.

“We'll do like the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense, and then they score for one team,” Muschamp explained. “And then the No. 2 offense vs. the No. 2 defense scores for the other team. And then incorporate some kicking game things within the game. Absolutely. Try to get as much game day as you can. Wanted to have that last year. I just didn't feel like it was fair with the offensive line situation that we had."

The Gators’ first- and-second-team units will alternate possessions, as Florida will not conduct a faux-draft for the game.

Muschamp referenced (a comical) story of a poor experience with a spring draft at LSU.

“We had Marcus Spears matched up on a guy like me playing tackle. And then Jimbo [Fisher] and Nick [Saban] have to answer the entire offseason why our passing game wasn't very good,” he said. 

“Well, you know, “Will” couldn't block Marcus very good. Marcus had like 14 sacks. So the draft pick stuff is great, but I don't know that you want that matchup. I want good on good. I want to see the best players going against the best players and being able to as a staff match up guys that we know we need to find out things about.”


Muschamp said sophomore safety Keanu Neal is “close to 90 percent” after sustaining a pair of offseason hamstring injuries.

Neal, who is competing for a starting job in the secondary, is expected to return to practice Wednesday.

“He wanted to go [Monday],” Muschamp said.  “We held him to just make sure this thing’s completely healed before we get you back and strain on that right now. He needs to be a part of the spring game. He needs to get in front of the crowd and play. He needs to be in practices 10, 11, 12 and 13. I didn’t want to lose him another day.”

Meanwhile, sophomore wide receiver Chris Thompson (undisclosed) was fully-cleared for practice after working non-contact Monday, while redshirt freshman offensive lineman Roderick Johnson remains out with a concussion.

“He still has not been cleared,” Muschamp said. “We’re hoping Wednesday, I don’t know. That’s a doctor’s call.”


Muschamp was asked about the status of incoming freshman defensive back J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) -- who reportedly injured his shoulder and might require surgery. “Not sure right now,” Muschamp said. “He had a little accident playing tackle football or something. We’re looking into that.” … Muschamp heaped praise on Florida’s overall offensive progress, but said the unit’s tempo must “pick up.” … Florida’s backup quarterback job remains in flux, as Muschamp refused to applaud true freshman Will Grier or redshirt sophomore Skyler Mornhinweg. “Both of them need to pick it up.” … Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Cameron Dillard was named UF’s backup center.

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Georgia Southern

Would you look at that, muschump beat the vegas odds andfixed the game so they have to win no matter what. Genius lol offense and defense plays as same team. That nOline is gonna need the help too so he killed two birds with one stone. Lmao

"Had a little accident playing tackle football or something"? Wonder what "or something" means? Was he in the shootout with debose?

If muschamp wanted to refer to a comical story , why didnt he tell the one about teammates blocking each other? Or losing to two ACC teams,an AAC team and a div ll team in the same calender year. Thats 1 of 5 in ooc play. Now thats comedy!


Get off the Canes blog jlo and defend the defenseless team you pull for!

" I want to see the best players going against the best players" are they inventing the "teammate block" like they did the "jump pass"? Gotta admit its distracting for the opposing D while they are laughing at you.

Jlo, Pee u, or whatever name your using, how does it feel to know that the football season is over before it starts, LMFAO, bawaaahhhaaa

Of coarse muschamp " heaped praise" on his offense. Thats whats about to get him fired. He isn't gonna come out and say " our nOline still stinks", or " driskell hasnt improved" . He is marketing a 4-8 product and has to sell it by September. After its sold he will hold his breath until the end of the season , if he makes it that far. One more div ll lose, or even a close div ll, and he may be fired on the field

I loooooooooove me some college football!

Why does foley even let muschamp talk? He only says what people want to hear to extend this limited stint as a headcoach. This guy was in over his head at texas and yet uf gave him the hc job? Foley is next!

Rotflmao......just heard a uf grad address congress on tebow and his NC. She hacked the known english language as if she was straight out of government housing projects. Let me get a transcript of it and i will post it. Sad day for government educations. And you wonder why they call it a diploma mill. Better yet, i will find it on youtube so you can hear it first hand. May be hard to read . That hack job wasnt even close to ebonics.

Sid must have set some kind of record with 12 posts and 10 different names. Nothing to do in Bunnel so troll the Gator blog to get your Gator envy fix. just reinforces what everyone knows, you are one sad and pathetic human being.

It's good to have the Orange and Blue game back, more fans will show up to that scrimmage than to your average cane game as usual.
I expect good things from Roper and his offense this coming year, he has the track record and the talent to make the O work.

Hey Jesse why is there no mention of Treon Harris as a possible backup QB or for that matter as a situational change of pace QB. No mention of him at all.
Go Gators!!

Dont worry jlo....after a couple qb's go down like last season and you will be hearing harris' name plenty. U still have nOline.....

Funny how we have to loose 50% of our starters to have a season from hell and all you guys have to do is show up for the season.

What happened sidcane you ran out of stupid names to use and posted under your own stupid name? Must have been an oversight on your part, it's hard to keep track of all the different IDs right?

Ok jlo, your facination is with me but all bloggers are not me. Have U been waiting on me? Muschamp can see the writing on the wall. He is on the hotseat . What is this ...his 3rd , 4th offensive coordinator ? Its talent...Pease walked into an offense with no talent and muschamp fired him for it. U can always say they're learning a new system again. Muschamp hired weiss,pease, and all of a sudden he found an assistant with a scheme driskell fit right into? Why didnt he do that in the first place?


You know what's funny? We're a season removed from an 11 win year and you loser cane fans are acting like we've sucked since muschamp took over. Newsflash idiots, it's been 11 years since the canes had an 11 win season. You guys are the biggest joke in college football! But hey, keep running your mouths as if you're the greatest team in college football. It's about as pathetic as it gets. Please, accomplish something in this decade before posting 50 comments on an article in the offseason about how much the gators suck. The canes have sucked longer than pretty much every "top" program in the nation. The fact that you guys are blind to that fact just shows how delusional you are. It's almost as pathetic as a fat kid making fun of fat people!

u know what's coming don't u ?

go uConn & u K riiieeet ?

u are so u ... u have nowhere else to go or do .

Wrong again gatordumb, uf is the biggest noke in college football and thats not including a 4-8 season or a div ll home lose....it was the players blocking each other that secured that spot. Talk about fat kids making fun of fat kids....sheeeeeeesh!

Posted by: 21-16 same old score

Sid, you are a low reading comprehension Moron, that happened in that same 4 - 8 season he was talking about. The joke is on bandwagon and ignorant "fans" like you. The team is not a joke, it's just an irrelevant ACC doormat stuck on mediocrity for over a decade. yet Morons like you act and talk as if you were a top program. You are the biggest joke and the biggest idiot.

"Ok jlo, your facination is with me but all bloggers are not me "
You are the one fascinated with everything Gator.
Maybe there is another Moron posting crap here but 90% of the time it is you with a different cutesey name, just sayin and 21 - 16, right loser?

One last thing Moron, you are correct in saying that finally Mus found someone who will scheme according to Driskel's strengths.
You are wrong, like most of the time, when you say there is no talent.
Contrast that to your mediocre team that has the same DC for 3 straight years while fielding record setting horrible defenses and makes no changes. Blaming the players with excuses of lack of talent left over by Shannon or youth and lack of depth. For 3 years in a row. Playing one of the easiest schedules in the nation and yet finishing just like the worst Gator team in history un ranked and out of the mix for the NC or even the conference championship. That is pathetic. Finally win 9 games fro the first time in Golden's career and yet are irrelevant and going no where with at least 12 teams with the same or worse record being ranked. How do you explain that little Miami Moron?

Hey Jesse, can you find out what is going on with Treon Harris, the incoming freshman QB from Booker T High. Roper was all over him and flipped him from FSU, he was supposed to be the most ready to play QB coming in.

Thats funny ....an acc doormat manhandled your sec team before injuries and with suspensions lifted early to help them in their lose. U just made them mor of a joke by adding the fact that all that happened in the same season. Do U even understand what reading comprehension means? Gatordumb said we are the biggest joke in college football and i proved him wrong and showed why. Looks like my comprehension is dead on. 9 wins and unranked....? How do i explain that? The loses were at the end of the season. Had they happened at the beggining of the season and we won 7 straight we would be in the top 25. Who is the noncomprehending moron now? Lmao at you inbred idiots....

Wrong again sid the Moron. Find another un ranked 9 win team and you will find the mediocre company you keep. Beating the Gators last year is no accomplishment, yet it was the highlight of your pathetic season, it put you on the national polls, albeit for a few weeks. Then your true colors showed and you were left where you are now, nowhere of relevance.
You did not prove anybody wrong, you just proved you are a Moron. Again.

Lol...my dad always said you cant argue with an idiot,yet i find it fun in proving he was wrong. You cant teach an idiot but I can argue with one.why u fighting gator dummys battles anyway? Mancrush? Do u understand the polling system?

Neither I nor GatorAlum are "fighting any battles" with you Moron. I am rephrasing his very logical post to you in ways any MDC reject or GED wannabe typical cane "fan", like you, can understand. Obviously you are one special Moron who is more stupid than the rest.
Keep up with your new delusion, "proving others wrong".
Maybe in your limited and tiny brain that is so, in reality the only thing you have proved is that you are a retard.
The main thing to understand about the polls is that you were not in any of them at the end of the season. Just like the 4 - 8 Gators. Golden's career best 9 wins are equivalent to the worst season in Gator history. Chew on that you loser.

Per Treon Harris Q's:

Florida loves the former Booker T Washington standout and (early indications) are Harris will see snaps come fall in situational packages. Harris isnt a hot topic right now because he's not in spring camp.
He did, however, pass up his spring break last week to be in Gainesville and observe practice for the week.
Harris may factor into UF's official backup job, but right now the Gators are assessing whether Grier is capable/game ready or more primed for a redshirt season.

Manhandled? Again the delusions are alive and well!

Gdumb and Jlo, you boys are just too much, its like dumb and dumber.


Thanks for the Treon Harris update Jesse, I didn't realize he hadn't enrolled yet.
Once again it is evident this is the best sports blog on the Herald. Just like everything Gator, the best.


21-6 gator trash

Math is not a strong area i gville either i see....? 9 wins is better than 4 wins any way u look at it ,annnnnnnnnnnnnd, we beat you with your full team with suspensions lifted early for that game. Georgia southern beat you at home with 20 less scholly players and more injuries. THAT'S COACHING AND BASIC MATH.

39-6 Cane thug

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