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VIDEO: "It's not his first rodeo"

GAINESVILLE -- Kurt Roper met with the media for the final time before fall camp, and Florida's offensive coordinator dished on a number of topics including his Orange & Blue Debut expectations, the offense's installation progress and quarterback Jeff Driskel's development and comfort within Roper's up-tempo scheme. 


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Nothing wrong with being optimistic Jesse.
This Roper guy seems like a no nonsense type, can't wait to see how his retooled offense will perform.
Go Gators!

LMAO....Jesse Palmer, U remember him? Uf qb.....just said duke has better offensive skill players than uf.

Well there's no question Duke has better players than the canes as that was proven on the field, so why are you even commenting about that? Sort of like talking trash about Louisville all year only to get destroyed by them. Just another prime example of why you guys are such a joke!


Knock knock...
Who's there?
Georgia who?
Georgia Southern.

I love how you keep harping on 2 games during 1 bad season. Why not discuss the last 10 years for the canes?? Oh that's right, then that would mean you'd have to actually accept reality. It's much easier living in a delusional dream world. I'll take a loss to Georgia Southern over 10 years of irrelevance any day. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won't be long before the Gators are once again head and shoulders above the sorry canes. Don't count on another injury plagued season to make things look a lot worse than they actually are.

Last 10 years huh? 2-1 vs the felons. Tebow isn't coming back. Your glory 2 years are over. . 10 years....there was before tebow and after tebow. The two nc's ufelons won in that span are disputed. gotta win them all to be outright champs. Lets go back 100 years, nope , still no undefeated seasons. Get a few and then pound your chest, but until then, your a basketball school.

Gatordumb, the reason i mentioned jesse palmer is to point out that I am not "delusional" when talking about ufelons talent. Yea, they won vs us but they would beat ufelons also. Louisville will not beat us this year without teddy but they could still beat ufelons. According to you guys, duke has no talent and we should be ashamed we lost that game. Jesse palmer just threw a wrench into your argument. Well , get used to the rollercoaster ride of coaching turnover for the next 3 years like the past five. Muschamp has already put his trailer on the market.

Keep Foley - Keep MenstralCramp - Keep J.(ust) Drool ='s KEEP LOSING !!

disputed national championships? NOW i have heard it all you stupid candy cane troll. it really sucks to be U.

I guess cause Jesse Palmer said it, there must be no question about it. LOL! Kind've like when Bernie Kosar went on the Paul and Ron radio show and said the canes were thoroughly dominated in the Gator game last year? Your argument about the success of the 2 programs over the last 10 years is about as delusional as it gets, but then again I'd expect nothing less. The fact that you brag about having undefeated seasons in probably the only major conference worse than the ACC, is comical. Congrats on going undefeated in the Big Least. That's quite an accomplishment! What have you done since leaving that joke of a conference? Again you refuse to acknowledge the sorriness of the canes, you just continue to deflect. Over 90+ wins as opposed to 70+ for the canes. Yeah that's all Tebow. His mere presence over the program must've accounted for the 11 wins in 2012, right? Keep making yourself look like a fool, you're good at that.

Gatordumb , difference is bernie was drunk. Lol.

candy canes are so bored with their sub-standard team they have to poke their nose around here to see what all the buzz is.

4-8 is sub standard ollie....lmao!

Candy Canes 2014 = 3-9 (at best)

Ollie Trojan, if your mom used more of those you would not be here, now back to cleaning the restrooms at Steak and Shake. History equals all years of a program not just the last 10 gator losers so lets look at the last 8 games Miami has played uf, oh yea Miami won 7 of 8. Now that's a history lesson.

More fans showed up today at The Swamp to watch the Orange and Blue game than your typical Saturday afternoon at No Life stadium. Heard the cane Spring game was going to have a "carnival like atmosphere with rides and games". Pathetic all the side shows and shenanigans the Um people have to go through to draw fans to watch the crappy canes. All that extra crap an still no one shows up. They have turned their program into a circus. Fitting for the cane clowns.
History shows the Gators are on their way back while the canes will continue to languish in mediocrity. The main proof of that is called Mark Donofrio and Al Golden. Put a terrible D on the field for 3 years in a row and do not make any changes in the offseason. Continue to get blown out by every top 25 team you play, and make no changes. Keep getting clubbed in every bowl game going back for 5 or 6 years in a row and make no changes. Good thing you A holes play a crappy schedule. Imagine if you had to play in The SEC. Golden knows this that is why he ran away at the chance of playing LSU. Cowards and Morons.

GA Southern, enough said

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