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VIDEO: Muschamp, Driskel talk Orange & Blue Debut

GAINESVILLE -- Florida head coach Will Muschamp and quarterback Jeff Driskel talk the 2014 Orange & Blue Debut. 

Saturday's spring scrimmage hilariously ended in a tie (23-23), but UF's revamped offense (amazingly) wasn't a complete joke.

Driskel talked the offense's tempo, efficiency, the instillation process and adjustment period, while Muschamp dished out kudos to coordinator Kurt Roper and Florida's entire offensive staff. 



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GATORS will back in the Top-10 by November '14... u dUmbasse' wanna bet ?

nice unis u idiots



Ollie, do U understand your score you keep posting has no meaning coming from a gator? Maybe its all you have , . That would be the same as if uf actually beat Miami and I kept posting the georgia southern score. 26-21. At least Louisville had a possible firstround qb. Georgia southern has only future jiffy store managers. Stupid is as stupid does. Maybe Forrest Gump was right.
U are U.... thats right....they are nice uniforms. Maybe when ufelons come out of the sticks and see that the whole college football world is passing U by, uf may make some changes as well. Maybe they can do an all orange helmet with white handcuffs. Or an an all blue with an orange cell door. The uni's can be orange and blue stripes, the same as the players wear in the Alachua county correctional facility only made by nike this time.

The world is completely laughing at that offense and defense, tackling optional?

Hey we own u, it's almost as stupid as you trying to justify getting destroyed by a team you cane fans made fun of the entire year. Now all the sudden they're a great team? Hilarious! Again just another reason why you guys are a complete joke! It's also almost as stupid as talking trash for the last 10 years as if you guys were the best team ever and continuing to do so when you've accomplished as much as Georgia southern has over the last 10 years. Absolutely nothing but a win over one of the worst gator teams ever. Wow, congrats! Stick your chest out a little further, you have a lot to be proud of lol!

Gator dumb, show me one post we made fun of louisville. We made fun of felons for losing to them and we made fun of felons for losing to UM.who is the complete joke? Oh , thats right, I forgot gators dont have to abide by the same facts as the rest of the world. Gators just cant compete with the ACC....accept it!

World is laughing....they never said tackling was optional, they said it appeared to be. So either their d is lazy and their o still sucks, or their o still sucks so bad muschamp told the d to back off a little to make driskell think he is improving. If noone blocks another teammate on the same side of the ball then that is some kind of improvement. Want to see the spring game but cant find it on dish network. No espn replay? Nothing.


36-9 (will keep posting until the candy canes can win a bowl game)
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Beats mating with your young. Have you seen some of the birth defects your people cause? U should be ashamed. 21-16, 26-21,6-17,17-36,20-23,17-34,14-19,7-37....whew, thats alot of loses!

the candy cane fans can't stop posting here. why? because they are so jealous of the GATORS and they find them amazing and fascinating. So if you post here again, candy canes, you are proving me right! Go ahead and do it trolls.

Wrong....are U in the 5th grade ollie?

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Pray to your god for a bowl eligible season so maybe we could get a rematch. We will even use a freshman qb this time. That would be great if our d shut down yor teams o again. Olsen may even pick apart that d like morris did. Orlando would be a prime location for a sellout. Pray little buddy, pray hard.

please leave, nobody wants to talk about the loser candy canes here. Gators have real teams to play in the SEC.


Nobody wants to talk about the Canes....? Why does everyone of you bring them up on every story? Think before you type people. Sheeeeeeesh!

Real teams like miss,miss st,tenn,kentucky,arky,texas a&m,missouri,georgia,vandy, plus you have thet tough ooc eastern michigan,idaho,plus another nobody. Would like to include uf to that list of nobody sec teams but you dont play yourself. Oh wait a min....you did for the spring game and lost.

Lol everyone of y'alls posts mentions the canes , even the very first one. At least he admitted we have nice new up to date uniforms.

Candy cane fans: nothing better to do than pay too much attention to the GATORS. SUCKS TO BE U. 36-9

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Oliver is his own man
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Gators are on the rise
canes are stuck on mediocre
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Doesnt suck near as bad as 4-8 div ll home loss u.

scoreboard 36-9.

Jlo....U are right about the singer being hot but thats it. She is dumb as a box of rocks. If ollie is his own man let him speak for himself. I am far from an ahole but some people assume that when someone else is right all the time. Gators just came off a 4-8 season.....thats called falling. Canes are increasing wins each year so that would be on the rise. Lmao at you guys trying to appear smart.and yes, life is good. U are 2 for 6, thats .333, kinda like the gators football team.

Losing to Duke is on the rise? sheez.

Dumb sid, most singers could be considered "dumb", after all they are just entertainers not rocket scientists. That is why you should not look up to singers or athletes as role models, only dumb people like you, do that.
I don't care much about her music but she is nice to look at. I know you are infatuated with her, you keep bringing her up here. Bunnel is such a lonely and sad place for a 40 year old retarded man virgin.
No one here is "trying to appear smart" that is such a stupid thing to type on an internet blog. For sure you show that you are an imbecile every time you post, you don't have to try.
I hear your fellow Miami Morons are in a tizzy about how bad Olsen looked in your glorified scrimmage and can't wait for a freshman to come in as the savior.
Looks like you will have a worse year than last.
Gators came off a 4 - 8 season, their worst in 34 years.
Canes came off a 9 - 4 season, their best in a decade and the best ever for the mediocre coach career.
Yet both teams were not ranked, both teams were irrelevant and went no where.
Our worst season and your best are equivalent.
Chew on that lil Miami Moron.
BTW you are most definitively an A hole and you are not even half right at any time

Blah blah blah....try using football facts(facts are anything that is true ). Is that why you namecall so often? Lack of facts? Is that why u make up facts?

Jesse any word on who committed the penalties on o? Was it the same players as last years debacle? Who are the bad snaps coming from ? Same center? Why did you say it appeared tackling was optional?

Jlo/Ollie equal 1 giant douchebag. Now to the facts, your spring game ended in a tie with no tackling, really, pathetic. Cant wait to watch the janitor blow up again this year and claim he is having a stroke to take another job, sounds familiar.

U fans, stop dating your mom and move out of the basement and face reality. your team sucks.

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