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VIDEO: Young talks Final Four defeat

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Top-seeded Florida's locker room, full of heartbreak, tears and soundless seconds, felt a lot like a funeral Saturday night. 

The Gators' special season -- a 30-game winning streak, historic undefeated record in conference play, a fourth straight Regional Semifinal's -- ended with a disappointing dud, a 63-53 loss to seventh-seeded Connecticut in the Final Four. 

Senior center Patric Young, who tallied a season-high 19 points in the final game of his career, managed to collect some thoughts on the loss, his career and more. 



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BRAVO UCONN !! Down with the slimy reptiles

UCONN just scored again !! by by Donavan back to the trailer park

Gaytor Nation; Never have so many been so proud of so little. I guess it ain't so great to be a Florida Gaytor.

This just shows how pathetic the everyday scUM cane fan is. Talking trash when they can only dream of having the success in basketball that the Gators have had. Kind've like talking trash for the last 10 years in football when their team has been an absolute joke! Here's an idea, let go talk trash to a team who just lost in the final 4 when our team didn't even make the Not Invited Tournament! You guys are a joke!

Gatorlummy, noone dreams of success in bball. The only reason we are here is because you guys have been posting on football blogs about bball. Now y'all are kentucky fans? Jlo waited up until 3 a.m. to post sec 300 times on a Cane football blog. Talk about pathetic.
When your team sucks, pull for the whole conference. It gives you a better chance of being right after being let down yet again. Thats the sec way. Get your uk gear now that they are your last hope of bragging about someone your not.

Sorry gatorlummy, basketball schools dream of success in bball. If that is all you have , i guess its ok to dream.

Jesse, love the tweet about pease. You crack me up.

Candy Cane fans are very homophobic...very sad. Also, 39-6.

Candy Canes will go 3-9 this season. First loss vs. Louisville on 9/1 (39-6).

Kind've funny how last year you guys were all about basketball, but now that your team sucks again as usual, no one cares about basketball. Is that how it works in cane la la land? Again just another reason why you guys are so pathetic. You gotta love the 12 year old mentality. "I only do it because you do" LOL! Then again, maybe you are 12. Grow up loser!

GatorAlum hit the nail on the head! the Candy Canes can't handle the GATOR nation success! They so badly want to be as great as a GATOR!

Ufailure is what it is, live with being the ugly brides maid again and move on. You play in the pathetic weak arss sec and you were exposed by UCONN!
Ollie Trojan/Jlo is posting again, funny how the two never post at the same time but then again Ollie the 39-6 you keep spewing is the 39 men that mated with that swine you call a mother for 6 days to make the reject that is you. Enjoy another disappointing defeat, its what Ufailure does.

nope 39-6 is the best the U(nranked) can do. stop smoking that crack you stole from your mother/wife (both the same person). Gators beat many ranked non-SEC teams this season...no league weaker the ACC....learn some facts you sad sack of......

39-6 will probably be close to the same score Louisville will beat the Candy Canes by AGAIN on 9/1...Go Cards!!

Lol rubber , you do know the facts are 36-9 right? Oh well gators dont use acts , they just expe t everyone else to. Also U had four wins last season and one was against toledo and the other 3 weren't ranked. Talk about facts. Also according to esecpn , the acc is the second or third deepest conference.that leaves 2-3 weaker conferences unless U include the southern conference that Georgia southern plays in.
Evry thing yall say is wrong.


Georgia Southern

36-9, whatever the U stinks either way. so shut up and go back to your candy cane blog. this one here is for the GATOR NATION!

Folks you have to excuse sid The Moron and his cane minions. He had an orgasm for the first time in 2014 during the second half of the game.
Every sane person knows that his team did not even sniff the NIT and would dream of having just a little of the success the Gators have. Yet he is here calling us losers and failure and such. He is projecting what he sees in the mirror every day that is all.
Dummy stop the infatuation, I did not post on your loser blog at 3 AM and I am not Oliver. Told you a bunch of times, just because you steal other people's names and use multiple IDs doesn't mean everyone else does it. You are very slow to comprehend, dim witted Moron.
Gators had another deep run into the tourney, four years in a row now. Not a one and done like the sorry canes last year. Big difference, we are consistent winners. We will be back next year again.
Go Gators!!!

No jlo, you are consistent losers. Orgasm? Really? Really.....? Please state your age so I know if you are 14 or actually stupid. I have a feeling its the latter.

you want some cold hard facts? you lost miserably to the cardinals. there you have it. you want another one? the U sucks. you want another one? the Gators had a bad season last year. ONE. not 20 in a row like the Candy Canes. PLEASE GO AWAY AND LEAVE US ALONE YOU LOSERS!

No ollie, you had a terrible season last season. The best part is we played your team at full strength and won! That made us better than U. If you want to include the injuries after that game, ok , but we still beat you with your whole team intact. Speaking ofinjuries.....ufelons should have manhandled georgia southern because they start out with 20 less scholly players and had more injuries. No excuse for that one. Just saying.

20 years in a row? We won a NC in that span, played in another one and were screwed out of two other chances to play in a NC game. And none of those seasons were 4 win seasons. U keep looking dumber and dumber. Best to just stop typing.

What? Was that U Conn scoring again? Or was it Georgia Southern on the gridiron?


Says the loser whose team can't make the NIT.

Saya the loser who's team can't make the finals.

if you candy cane losers like living in the past so much, here's a special one for you: 26–3 (GATOR beat-down on scUM in 2008 w/ Tebow at the helm). CANDY CANE FANS EAT THEIR YOUNG!!

WoW ollie....U got one in the past 25 years....good for u...we played them tough for the first 3/4 with an all freshman team. Wouldnt brag too much. I still have sean spence sacking tebow as my screen saver. How does a matured gator nOline allow that to happen? Remember he was just a freshman. Nice try though. Tebow is long gone and we still possess the war canoe.

Lol at your final statment...did you come up with that after realizing gator fans breed with their young?

23-3 (let's hear some more excuses you losers).
Candy Cane fans mate with their young, right before they eat them).

the Candy Canes new slogan for 2014: Unite. So sad and stupid and pathetic. More like UNTIE. Here's to another mediocre season in the substandard ACC for the U(nranked). 26-3.

Poor lil Ollie/Jlo whichever person you are, now based on your replies you are definitely a snot nosed kid who is an internet tough guy because you probably get your arss kicked daily by Cane fans. Now back to cleaning the toilets at Steak and Shake. Oh yea, you turds lost agaaainnnnnn!

You paid Georgia southern to beat you on your home field.

It's funny how you keep living and dying by a single win by the canes who should've lost the game by 20 if not for 5 turnovers. Giving up over 400 yards to one of the worst offenses in the nation even at full strength is an absolute joke! Yet you brag as if you won the Super Bowl. Congratulations on beating one of the worst gator teams ever by 5 points even with 5 turnovers. Definitely something to be proud of. Again, please explain what gives you the right to talk smack as if you're 10 straight national champs????????? Oliver was exaggerating a bit, but 10 straight years of sorriness is nothing to be proud of. And it is definitely a reason to keep your mouths shut until you actually accomplish something worth sticking your chests out. Until then, you look like a bunch of pathetic, delusional losers. You keep harping on one 4 win season. Harp on this. Over the last 10 years, the canes have 75 wins and no championships what so ever, including conference. Not even a title game appearance lol! The Gators have 94 wins. 2 sec championships and 2 national titles. Yet during that time you guys continued talking smack, as you do now, as if you were the greatest team on earth based solely on past success. The saddest most delusional part of all, is the fact that you can't except reality. Reality is the canes suck and have for much longer than the gators recently. So I guess harping on 1 bad season makes you feel better about 10. Losers!! And by the way, that 36-9 score is so much more pathetic based of the fact that you trashed louisville all season long claiming they were a terrible team that beat the Gators in the SUGAR BOWL lol!! You guys are an absolute joke!!


Ship shape
inbred hicks
The World is Laughing at Uf
urban had to leave the trailer par
conference fan, LMAO
All of these are the same PATHETIC Candy Cane fan and he talks about Gator fans. Stop sniffing the glue you Cane L O S E R !


Dear Candy Cane fans (all 300 of you. see here: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/thanks-showing-miami-fans-photo-175408799--ncaaf.html),
Nobody likes a sore loser and even worse, NOBODY likes a sore winner. So take your one victory over the Gators and stick it up your collective nose (you know what i really mean)!!

Yea ollie, I was at that game. The article was just explaing the begging of that game. More people did come in after the first quater but the ones that stayed in the lot and at all the open bars made it look worse. I get a little bothered sometimes when we play nobody and alot of people dont show or do show but dont leave the bars we have at our stadium. Lol I was over that by kickoff to watch Duke Johnson do something no gator has ever done. Plus we won our div ll matchup....did you? Lmao!

Can you pay us to play you again on your home field?

SEC SEC SEc SEc Sec Sec sec sec sec se......c se...........c se............

SUCKS to be U

Serious questions Cane fans.

When was the last time u had a 10 win season?

When's the last time u played in a Conference Championship game?

When's the last time u won a Conference Championship game?

When was the last time u played in a BCS Bowl game ?

When was the last time u won a BCS Bowl game ?

When's the last time u even played in a New Years Day Bowl game?

When's the last time u even won a Bowl game?

When's the last time u finished a season ranked?

When's the last time u beat a team that finished the season ranked?

Been a while huh ? As in over an ENTIRE DECADE while.

Plain and simple, ur recent history just flat out SUCKS.

but then again...

when's the u playing again on ESPN 3 ?

1 'Ship in 23 years since Johnny Carson was the host of the Tonight Show, Miami Vice was a hit and Coke was $20 a gram....................

But ... next year is the year... riiieet ?

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

ACC Champs ?

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

or the next year ...

sec, sec, sec, not so much, losers.

Miami's offense runs like the Obamacare website...36-9

Lol when is the last time the gators had an un defeated season ?
How many national titles does uf have?
When is uf gonna get a winning record against UM or FSU?
When is emmitt smith gonna acknowledge he went to uf?
When was the last time uf lost 8 games?
When was the last time uf beat UM back to back?
When was the last time us scheduled home and homes?
When was the last time you played an ooc out of state?
When was the Last time uf had a year without a gun arrest?
When was the last time you beat georgia southern?
Let me help you, Never! If you dont understand the cycle of college football then your questions are legitimate. You could have asked bama the same question a few years ago. Ufelons also. Heck lsu too. Usc had a stretch there too and is on another one.

you are wasting your time candy canes....it sucks to be U

sid The Moron is on a roll, must be off his meds.
So many delusional statements, so many idiotic posts, so many projections it's hard to keep track.
Regarding my previous post:

Says the loser whose team can't make the NIT.

Posted by: jls14234 | April 07, 2014 at 02:07 PM

And you answer:

Saya the loser who's team can't make the finals.

Posted by: jlo's running out of orgasm material

One team can't make the NIT, the other loses in the Final Four. Who can trash talk?
In the alternate reality of the cane trash it is the one who can't even sniff the NIT.
Just one example of the kind of Moron we are dealing with here.
Folks do not expect this loser to reason or accept reality. You give him the facts and he distorts them and comes up with "Georgia Southern". I say we ignore him for the most part and call him names when he gets off his meds again. Can't reason with a Moron.

Although I usually root for SEC teams I was glad UCONN won the whole thing. Might as well lose to the national champ if we are going to lose. It was UCONN's year of course. We made another deep run, we will be back again, and soon enough it will our year once again.
For those of you Miami Morons that envy everything Gator just realize you can't win the NC if you don't make it to the Dance.
Just like in football you can't win the NC if you don't make it to the BCS, something you were never able to do. And now you will need to make it to the playoffs in order to be in the mix. We will be able to compete for the football playoffs a lot sooner than
the same mediocre team that has not ever been able to compete for the weak arse ACC ship. Ever.
The Gators are consistent winners in multiple sports. One of the few schools that is considered both a football and basketball power. In fact I can't think of another that has won NC in both sports.
I know for a fact we are the only one to do so in the same season. But a consistent winner in both sports, I believe we are alone. Maybe you can think of another Jesse. Let us know.
Go Gators
F the cane troll

Jesus fing christ jlo...are you 14 ir stupid? We won a bcs NC. We gave up a chance to play in the acc title game so we did compete. Do U even know what envy means? I hate the gator . Mostly because of their ignorant fans.

if you hate ignorant fans candy cane man, then you must not get along very well with all the idiot delusional U(nranked) faithful. SUCKS TO BE U.

Yep cane trash you did win a BCS matchup back in 2001, talk about living in the distant past.
The first BCS national championship game was played in 2006 and the Gators won it all. You have never been a part of a BCS national championship game Moron and will never be. Ever. Yes you are stupid. And full of envy. And crap too. And have a lock on ignorant "fans", not real fans, but bandwagon "fans". Ignorant Morons who went to MDCC or FIU for a few years and dropped out. The typical cane "fan" never set foot in Coral Gables. Disgusting.
"We gave up a chance to play in the acc title game so we did compete." What an idiotic statement. You only had a chance to play in that game because the team that did compete and beat you up too was on probation, just like you should have been fool.
You are one big Moron who has no clue, no come back, no argument and no life. Go F yourself.

The funniest thing about even mentioning that they could've played in the ACC CG but gave up the chance, is it was during a 7 win season! Wow, congrats on qualifying during a 7 win 7 lol! Just shows how pathetic the ACC is.

Pathetic is loosing to a Div II school, Pathetic is have saying your gatoralum, Pathetic is living in a trailer in S. Miami and wishing you were in Gville, Pathetic is being a fan of a 4-8 football team, Pathetic is being a fan of a baseball team that has never won a NC, Pathetic is having to attend a state run university, Pathetic is having a reptile as your mascot, Pathetic is combining orange and blue, Pathetic is calling yourself Jlo, Pathetic is cheering for your conference because your team cant compete, Pathetic is having the most arrest in the last 6 years of any university, Pathetic is knowing the university in gville is nothing more than a truck stop and finally, PATHETIC is being a gator!

The World is Laughing at Uf = broken record

Pathetic is being an over obsessed fan of a school you never attended and criticizing us for getting a great education at a university that's head and shoulders above the community college you went to. If you actually went to college. Based on the extremely immature comments you post, I'm guessing it's the latter.

The resident Miami Moron is getting testy and angry.
He googled "pathetic' and found his picture on the first 3 pages of results. The rest had to do with UM.

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