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2014 NFL Draft: Gators, anyone?


GAINESVILLE -- Following weeks (or months) of over-analyzation, endless mock drafts and the psychoanalysis of 10,000 wannabe Dr. Frazier Crane's, the 2014 NFL Draft is finally upon us. 

The frustratingly-fascinating three-day event kicks off tonight (8 p.m., ESPN/NFL Network), only the first round figures to be an uneventful evening for the Gators. 

But anything can happen.

For the second time in three years, Florida is unlikely to see a former player selected in the first round, as talented defensive tackle Dominique Easley -- a former top 10 overall prospect before a second non-contact knee injury -- stands as the lone semi-possible late-first round pick. 

Easley is a dominant three-technique defender who continues to climb teams’ draft boards following an impressive private pro day and a purported clean bill of health, but he figures to be a mid-second round pick and the first former Florida player off the board. 

In all, the Gators could have as many as eight players drafted, but the majority of ex-Gators are likely to wait until Saturday (rounds 4-7) to hear their names called. 

Enigmatic cornerbacks Marcus Roberson and Loucheiz Purifoy were once touted as possible first rounders, but both prospects could be drafted after fellow UF cornerback Jaylen Watkins. 

Former No. 1 overall recruit Ronald Powell, a player with durability concerns but potential as a pass rushing specialist, could be selected anywhere between rounds 4-6, while wideout Solomon Patton and offensive guard Jon Halapio figure to be Florida’s lone offensive players drafted. 

Below are my Gators draft projections. They’re surely to be wrong. 

Make your own picks in the comments section and use this blog as a thread for the next couple of days. 

I’ll update the piece as Gators start to come off the board. 


DT Dominique Easley - 2nd Round  1st Round - No. 29 overall, New England Patriots  

* The Miami Herald's story on Easley's selection... 

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.57.40 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 10.57.00 AM

CB Jaylen Watkins - 3rd Round  4th Round - No. 101, Philadelphia Eagles 

CB Marcus Roberson - 4th Round

CB Loucheiz Purifoy - 5th Round

LB/DE Ronald Powell - 5th Round  5th Round - No. 169, New Orleans Saints

OG Jon Halapio - 6th Round  6th Round - No. 179, New England Patriots 

WR Solomon Patton - 7th Round


C Jon Harrison

WR Trey Burton

DT Damien Jacobs

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Better hope the nfl didnt see that souther game at the swamp. Thos divll backups and third stringers gave the gators more than they could handle.lmao. not all they could handle, more than they could handle. Y'all should've "reloaded" before that game.

Didnt southern (georgia not cali)run the ball down that defenses throat? Not 1 completed pass . They had a one dimensional game with nostar backups and third stringers . That d had nothing for it.

Well we know it wasnt cali.....gators dont play that.....

We should have kept Strong as a coach. He had four first rou.d picke at louisville. Was praying he broke UM's record. If we kept him on we would have had 10 firstrounders. Too bad we are stuck in the sixties. Well, maybe one day UF will enter the modern era and get him back. Gonna take alot more than I75 to get that done. I say start with Foley and fire everyone from there to our 4-8 assistants. We may be able to get him back after he wins a title or two at Texas. We just have to overcome our ways of thinking.

Congrats to Dominique Easley. Go Gators!

There you go again dumb sid, you won't fool anyone. You can steal my name and post as me but everyone can tell it is you by the non sense and stupidity that has become your trademark. Again you have the first 4 posts on a Gator story, what a pathetic buffoon.
I won't answer any of your stupid posts and delusional drivel just call you what you are, a Moron. Stop posting as me.

Once again we have a former player selected in the first round. Congrats to Easley, he deserves it.
And once again the Gator - Patriot pipeline is alive and well. The Pats may have gotten the steal of the draft, if it wasn't for injury concerns Easley would have been a top 10 pick.
This is the new normal, even after a historically bad season the Gator players are selected way ahead of any cane clown in the draft. In a few short years the one and only thing the poor cane clown has to brag about will be gone. Most of the former canes in the NFL are getting long in the tooth, they are from the long gone glory days of the 1990s and the 2001 class. After that it has been slim pickings for them. When that old guard retires, like Ray Lewis and such, there won't be too many canes in the NFL. What would Miami Moron have to brag about then?
In the second round there won't be any canes taken either but watch out for Jaylen Watkins he may very well be taken there.
Go Gators!

Congrats Dominique!

Everyone is me and im everyone.....lmao


Bunnell , Fl.

27 year fan

Interests: UM Football and nothing else!

40 year old virgin with no life and no interests.

Pathetic loser.

Dont be hatin'....I will pull that handicap tag ,your food stamps and your monthly check.

4 -8, Is that great?

2012 Sugar Bowl (score?)

*Q: What is the best way to make "Gator Cookies"?
•A: Put 'em in the Sugar Bowl and WHIP THEM for 3 (+) hours

Was being thrashed by an AAC team, a wake up call to the Lizard Nation? All of the non Fooley zombies saw the ' writing on the wall 'much earlier. ( Furman Paladins )
Too bad Furman didn't keep with their original name; Furman University Christian Knights, ( F. U.C._ ),because the acronym is what they did to UFelons for 3 1/2 quarters.
My favorite issues with outcome of that Louisville game, are the brainless lizards fans that 'believe' by loosing to a former coach is an honor. There is no/nil/zero Honor being exposed by a former defensive coordinator, who was never given a chance to be the HC. It's very similar to Ronald Regan's statement about the Democratic Party, "Charlie Strong didn't leave the FL 'turds & the SEC, they left him".

My suggestion to all the fans of UF; It is inherent to start a petition that will change your current/exposed/ outdated mascot, after that monumental embarrassingly defeat to a DIV ll program. This was just another loss ( of many ),to a school with a "bird"as their mascot. ( War Eagles/ Cardinals/ D2 Eagle/ IBIS' )

FACT: Birds eat/destroy lizards

SUGGESTION: Choose a species of bird, that is not currently in use and best represents both the team skills, plus the fan base. The Lord knows that the players spend more time in cages/behind bars than most programs. ( birdlike )

* Enough Said!

GUS , Georgia Southern's

"We enjoy being Miami's or SEC's Boy Toy" can be the new chant
( keep the Ole Boyz of FL at end of 3rd qtr., just update the verses )

** Considered the FL ROADRUNNERS, since history has proven UFelons run from road games! ( Syracuse 1991?? )
Taking the tires off of your 1986 Chevette and 'sticking them on the single wide trailer is a chore, then hooking up to the hitch on the Septic tank truck might be a problem after the eight PBR's for breakfast. Traveling can always be an issue without guaranteed spots for roadkills (meals), the expense of removing - then replacing 1/2 of the teams "ankle monitors". Stay home in the "SUMP", pay $300K or more for the beat down, each time?

Without Monster Truck Jams XXVI or "The Frog Legs Festival & Fair" or even the "Check Your DNA; So It Ain't Closer Than a 1st Sibling" program ( twice during Football season ), you all could have 11 home games. Would the beef jerky and pork rinds sales at the concession stands offset $300K?

How about jailbirds....? Just sayin.

Hey Sid, shouldn't you be looking for the mythical link, you know, the one where canes asked for a home and home vs LSU? Of course, you are delUsional and will make excUses.

Ibis = chicken.

"I got a form of gator Clap from Nikki Meyers"

You think your post is clever or funny, it is just more of the same Miami Moron stupidity.
About 99% of the manure you posted is delusional make belief with no basis in reality and stuff you pulled out of your stinky butt with no truth in it. Typical of the average Miami Moron.
To get back to reality for a second just know that the UL team that beat the Gators in the Sugar was not an ACC team yet. Not that it matters but it is the truth.
THen there is the fact that the score of that game was a lot closer than the one from your loss to the same team. A lot closer. Plus that was the Sugar bowl, not a second rate early December no name game.
So we went to a BCS bowl and dropped a close game.
You went to a crappy bowl in December and got pummeled, whipped, and destroyed by the same team.
And you come here to trash talk about Louisville?
How stupid can you Miami Morons be?
Albert is one of the most up to date and recognied mascots in the nation a lot better than that chicken/ibis of yours.
The idiocy of these Morons is endless.
SouthMiami, you know there is no link, Golden is a coward and doesn't want to play LSU in a neutral field. There is no way he would agree to play them in Baton Rouge. The only way he could muster his career high 9 wins is by weakening an already weak schedule.

Another thing you A hole way to go about bad mouthing a 21 year old girl in your hate filled rant. You Miami Morons are a classless bunch.
Stick to football and leave coaches daughters alone you S.O.B.
Typical low life cane A hole.

Lil jlo, seems your panties are in a bunch because of the factual post above by Nikki. Once again you are owned and presented facts and some comical satire and you resort to name calling, projecting, denial (sounds like a republican). Now back to mopping the bathrooms at Steak and Shake and keep in clean for the paying patrons boy.

LOL.....jlo didnt call that guy a virgin.....WOW !

Lol thatrb for georgia southern just got drafted after running the ball down the gators throat

You are one sad, immature S.O.B. sid The Moron cane. Nothing was factual about that post and defaming a 20 some year old girl is not funny you sub human POS.
Leave it to an idiot to tarsh talk about the draft when not only was the Georgia so RB taken ahead of any cane player but so were several Gators. So far only Linder has been drafted versus 3 Gators. Just as stupid as a cane clown trash talking about SOS or attendance. Your stupidity knows no bounds.

So same as all your posts....right?

Also 3 canes and 3 gators last i checked

Your a moron jlo....1 gimp gator was taken before a cane and that cane was taken before the southern back. Do you just guess as you go?

Gators had 4 taken, but I'm sure you missed that because you were busy searching for the mythical link which says UM offered home and home to LSU!

Oh, yeah, EVERYBODY knows that never happened except for you. Any Elvis sightings, Sid?

Or the draft wasnt over....check my post time. Were you the idiot that predicted the gators would have way more draft picks? Uf math at its finest.....sheesh!

No, Sid, I'm the one who you said you'd find the link which proves UM offered home and home with LSU, which everyone, but you, knows never happened. Where is the link?

Ready to admit the truth?

Golden is scared of Miles.

Ibis = chicken.

Smg , I have a business to run 3 kids and am putting finishing touches on my mancave that jlo is jealous of. If I come across it I will post it. The last link proved it would be stupid to play a virtual home game with lsu and then travel to nebraska a couple weeks later. You losers let your personal opinions get in the way of facts thrown at you. Who does uf start this season with? Nodody! First 3 games are gimme games if miami was playing theat schedule. Are you guys trying to deflect the fact uf wont play miami? Gator, everyone says it tastes like chicken.

Do you also realize you just came off a 7 game losi.g sreak and counting. Do you realize your team just lost to a divll nobody with more injuries, at home to boot. No wonder foley wont travel. I will honestly look for that link, but due to my busy life I can spend no more than 30 min at a time looking.

Jlo, this is not sid but simply confirming Nikki's post was accurate, factual and on point, something you know nothing about with your MDCC education, now back to cleaning the floors at Steak and Shake and keep em clean boy!

At least you learned how to spell "steak".
MDCC education is typical for the average cane "fan", stop projecting.
Sid has a business to run and 3 kids and is building a cave, all that while his interests are "UM football and not much else". If that was true I would pity the mythical 3 kids, but we all know the Moron is a delusional liar.
Stupid sid stop obsessing about the "first 3 games" and look at the whole season, you cowards only play 3 teams while we play at least 6 top 25 teams. Again a cane trash talking about SOS is just too moronic.
And again the aberration that was last season will not be repeated for us. If you mediocre cowards had to play last year without 2 starting O linemen, without Perryman, and with Gray Crow at QB how many games would you have won? Even with your usual weak arse schedule you would have sucked more than usual.
Finally 4 gators were drafted, one in the first round to only 3 canes the first one in the 3rd. You don't need your cane Moron math to know which one is better.
Miami Moron stupidity never ceases to amaze.

Sicane is so busy with his business, 3 kids, and mancave, that he cannot find this mythical link, but he has time to post on this blog all day long. Ha, he's very funny.

Sidcane said UM offered a home nd home, now he is backing away from it. Admit it Sid, it NEVER happened!

Golden is scared of LSU, he remembers what happened at the Peach Bowl, knows his history and wants to stay at UM until something better comes along.

And, of course, keep padding the schedule, so he can go 9-4 and be unranked.

Golden = Coward
Sid = A hole and liar

SMg/jls whoever you are posing as today, Sid is right on target, you guys are back to name calling and talking about sos however we know the So Easy Conference will come back to the pack like last year now that they cant buy the playoff spots. Remember kids, ACC is the reigning NC Football conference, stop living in the delusional past.

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