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Donovan courted by NBA


GAINESVILLE -- Following another Final Four run, Florida coach Billy Donovan has been contacted by multiple NBA teams this offseason, he said Thursday.

Donovan stressed the conversations have been "brief," and he “fully plans on being back [in Gainesville] next season.”

“It’s always flattering, but at the same time, I’ve always said that I’m very happy here and like it here,” Donovan explained. 

“Jeremy [Foley] has been great here. I like where our program’s at and the direction we’re going.”

Florida’s coach, always guarded when speaking on the NBA following his flip-flop commitment on the Orlando Magic in 2007, didn’t disclose which NBA teams he talked to, but various media reports from league insiders said the Cleveland Cavilers and the Minnesota Timberwolves were among those interested.

“I got a few calls from a couple NBA teams. I’m going to leave it at that. After the Orlando situation, that’s all I’m saying. That’s it. So I’m not going to get into, ‘He’s lying, he’s not being truthful.’ I got a couple of calls, that’s all it is.”

Donovan has led the Gators to four Final Fours in 18 seasons and recently signed a contract extension to keep him at Florida through the 2018-19 season.


Damontre Harris, officially removed from UF's roster Wednesday, did not “earn his way back” on the team this offseason, Donovan said.

“Damontre is not a bad kid, he’s a good kid, but really undisciplined and unreliable in a lot of ways. … The things we were talking about is like going to class, being on time, being in the weight room, lifting, showing up to practice, those kind of things. Basically we evaluated him over that two and a half, three months over that second semester and clearly nothing had changed at all.”

Donovan has not spoken with Harris face-to-face since the end of the season, with Harris skipping a meeting on his future sometime in recent weeks. 


Rutgers transfer guard Eli Carter is “80-85 percent” after missing most of the 2013-14 season recovering from a gruesome leg injury sustained with the Scarlet Knights in February 2013. Donovan said trainers expect Carter to be 100 percent by fall camp in October.

Meanwhile, guard Dillion Graham, another medical redshirt last season, continues a slow, painful recovery from bone spurs in both hips and is not expected to be cleared for any contact until September-October.

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Best coach and recruiter in the country. Sorry don't call "One and Done," Calipari the best recruiter especially with all that money the Bluegrass state hands out!

I will gladly take Coach L at Miami and expect big things from him at the U. But Donovan has been doing it at a high level, with consistency for years.

You are correct about Donovan, AC.
Good luck with Coach L he has his work cut out for him. I don't care how good of a coach he is he will be hard pressed to ever come close to duplicating the success of 2 seasons ago, ever. The ACC is a basetball conference but Miami is hardly a basketball school.

Didn't the best coach in bball just win the NC?

Awww, gaylo. Based on your records the past 4 years, OoF is not a football school. You take (alleged) top 10 recruiting classes and turn them into 4-8 records and 4 draft choices. Hell of an accomplishment.

OoF is an NFL dream killer school. Such is life in the trailerpark in that stinking cesspool in north central Florida.

Florida is a football school
and a basketball school
In fact it is an all around sports school with one of, if not the, best athletic program in the nation.
To excel in multiple sports is a Gator thing, something a Miami Moron cannot fathom

Multiple sports like mud basket weaving and girls field knitting? Sports not on the radar and not cared about, yep, ufail is great at those sports. Donovan will leave AGAIN and this time for good and then its back to the cellar just like your football team.

" it is an all around sports school with one of, if not the, best athletic program in the nation."

It is only a sports school. You are right about that. That is why the diploma is worthless. Another name for an "all around sports school?" Public Diploma Mill.

"Best athletic programs?" Really? In king sport the Gatr Trash has gone 7-5, 6-6 and 4-8 three of the last four years. That is best? Perhaps most bloated and largest budget but then that highlights all the more what a failure that school is. All those funds and facilities for what? So that Women's Archery and Men's Fishing can get you that Capital One Cup? Wow. What an achievement. OoF participates in every possible sport to boost its Capital One points standings.

Such slobs at that dump of a school.

By reading your post, gaylo, OoF is definitely not an English grammar and punctuation school.

Gators Ranked #3

u ranked #11

just bow out in ur crappy Regional so u don't have to suffer yet another Titletown humiliation beatdown to be sent home on the bus again.

Nick Saban, a GENIUS, knows best...

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EXC[]_[]SES AND REASONS, that u couldn't understand...


Alabama coach Nick Saban, who gave Will Muschamp his first coaching job with a Division I team, predicted Tuesday that Muschamp will bounce back strong in 2014 from last season’s injury-riddled 4-8 debacle.
“I have a lot of respect for Will,” Saban said. “He’s a great coach and I think he’s doing a really, really good job. Sometimes you have a tough year, you get a lot of players injured like (the Gators) did, lost their starting quarterback.

“When you have those those type of circumstances, it becomes more difficult for your team to reach the potential they once had. I think he will respond extremely well.

“A lot of those players will be coming back and they’re doing a really good job recruiting. They’re adding new talent that can contribute in a positive way. I think Will will do really, really well.”

Knowing Muschamp the way he does, Saban said Muschamp will get the Gators turned around quickly.

“Will is a fantastic competitor. He’s really a mature guy,” Saban said. “He doesn’t let anything bother him a lot when it comes to focusing on what needs to get done to have a good football team. I think they’ll respond very well.”

Saban said he knew Muschamp had the “it” factor after meeting him briefly when Saban was the head coach at LSU and getting the Tigers ready to play in the Peach Bowl.

“I talked to him for five minutes,” Saban said. “Sometimes when you talk to someone, you walk away and say, ‘That’s a guy I might hire someday.’ I felt that way about meeting Will the first time.”

A few months later, Saban hired Muschamp to coach the LSU linebackers. A year later, Saban promoted Muschamp to defensive coordinator.

Everyone steals Miami traditions like " four fingers" and now y'all are trying to steal its a gator thing? Lmao....U can imitate but U can't duplicate. By the way....four fingers means we own the fourth quarter not its the fourth quarter....see what I mean? You don't understand. Everybody wants to be like the U!

Memo to Miami Moron, I said Florida is a great all around sports school. It is. I did not say it is only a sports school. Everyone knows it is the best academic institution in the great State of Florida and one of the best in the nation.
That is what makes UF so unique it excels in both athletics and academics.
But this is a sports blog, leave it to the wannabes that have no athletic accomplishments in over a decade to bring in academics to a sports discussion.
Saban just said what I have been saying all along, now that all the injured players are coming back we will be a lot better.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator!

No, gaylo, I said it is only an all sports school. It resides in the academic backwater of the SlimEC which, outside of Vandy, boasts the worst academic skewls in the country. OoF being one of them.

As for great state of Florida? This place is a laughingstock of the country because of the ill-prepared grads OoF spits out by the thousands. Your dipoma is worthless. You should know that.

You want to know a school that excels in athletics and academic? Try Stanford. As for OoF, you are an insult to both academics and athletics. It is like trying to compare Trailerville to Palo Alto. It would be sad if it weren't so funny.

An the OoF foosball team is going on 6 years of doing nothing. That is an awfully long time to think your foosball team is any good. 4-8. That is your reality. Not the long ago history of the Timmy years.

Gaylo. The OoF Gatr clown.

Bye bye, Billy. Billy to Knicks in the works.

The world caves in on the trailer maggots.

Poor Gatr Trash. What is a looooooser Gatr Trash to do?

Rotflmao....sb nation did a story on all state teams. Cali, flat, and Texas were the competitors. UM had 6 players on the current players hypothetical team and you f only had four. We have better talent than ufelons. FSU had an amazing 14 players selected. That's an average 9 players from ACC teams and 4 from sec teams.

LOL....Texas' team only had two sec players? Wow! And that was off a middle of the pack Big twelve converted sec dominating Texas A&M

I'm sorry 10 players hahahahahaha! It gets better as it goes

An article in a paper to the north published a story about husband and wife gator followers that are fighting over the fact that will muschamp is not head coach material. Could it be muschamp is causing divorces now? Gator fans are so dumb.

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