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Gators debut on SEC Network in Week 2


GAINESVILLE -- Two of Florida’s first three games in 2014 will be broadcast on the new SEC Network, ESPN announced Thursday. 

The Gators’ Sept. 6 game against Eastern Michigan (4 p.m.) and Sept. 13 SEC opener against Kentucky (7:30 p.m.) will air on the network. 

According to the release, all 14 league teams will appear on the SEC Network within the first four weeks of the season.  


During the conference’s spring teleconference Wednesday, Florida coach Will Muschamp updated the status of several sidelined players set to be cleared this week. 

Tailback Matt Jones, who missed spring practice recovering from a serious knee injury, is “on target,” Muschamp said. 

Also “on track” are linebackers Alex Anzalone (shoulder) and Matt Rolin (knee), as well as sixth-year senior wideout Andre Debose. 

“I think we’re in pretty good shape,” Muschamp said. 


“It’s fine with me. I was for eight games. It isn’t all fair all the time, that’s part of it. Whatever format they went with eight games I was good with it. … There’s no perfect answer to please everybody. We did what is best for our league. We all have hidden agendas whatever university we represent.”

-- Muschamp on the finalization of the future SEC schedule


West Orange cornerback/tailback/athlete Jalen Julius committed to Florida late Wednesday night, according to multiple recruiting services. 

Later, Julius, a three-star prospect, confirmed his verbal pledge on Twitter. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.43.00 PMJulius is Florida’s seventh commit in its 2015 class.  

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Wow , what a matchup to start off with eastern michigan to show people just what the Sec is made of. Talk about ooc powerhouses. It doesn't get any better than that. Nice grab on the 3 star muschamp, kepp them coming.

Keep, before sidcane chimes in from virginville. I kill myself .

Lmao....whats his hidden agenda? Trying to get as many 3stars as possible? Could he be turning uf into the new and improved 3 star u? Or is an sec agenda?

I have a giant tattoo of a U on my back guys. Just thought you might want to know that. Also, I have an ibis tattooed in a very special place, that only my boyfriend gets to see.... hee, hee.

Love the screenname....it says posted by idiot cane troll? You are an idiot cane troll? Is that what u reall call yourself?

Sid calls himself whatever he feels he's in the mood for. Sybil, I mean Sid is idiot cane troll today, Gay Southern yesterday, and 24/7 man lover tomorrow. You see Sid is a reject on many levels and defends his existence by being made fun of not only on gator clause but his lawn mowing buddies, women, boyfriends and the list goes on and on. Go ahead and say something stupid Sid, show us proud loser.

I never say stupid things unlike your whole paragraph one stupid sentence after another.I do however post under several names but ,being stupid , you got none of them on your post. LMAO at yalls intelligence level.....3rd grade at best.

Also I cant defend my existence by being made fun of???? Some of your simple sentences dont even make sense.


Yous guys best hope uf dont lay an egg at home again. What a way to start the sec network off. Those gator followers are gonna be sweatin' til that game is over. Probably disappear again on a family vacation to the moon. Missouri manned up and took on ucf as their sec network opener. Why cant the gators. East Michigan sucks. But then again, so does georgia southern.

And the canes manned up and took LSU off their schedule!

For Nebraska in Nebraska . Dont ask us for a neutral site. Home and home if you have the bals. Guess lsu didnt.

hey Buddha, spell much? 36-9

Sorry word select sucks o.n my phone......39-6..... watch much football?

Why do you post here ollie? You are never on topic....heck , you never say anything about football. All you do is attack people who do talk football.whats your opinion on the SEC debut game vs central Michigan?

Oh, so that's the new excuse for running away from LSU...funny. On the Allcanes page it says: UM declined overtures to open the 2014 season against LSU at Houston’s Reliant Stadium – smart, considering it will be the first game for Stephen Morris’ successor at quarterback. UM doesn’t need him opening against a usually-stout LSU defense.”

In other words, canes knew they'd lose, so were afraid to play.

Smg, the teams dont k.ow if they will win or lose, take georgia southern for example, thats why the game is played.

Also ,lsu is smoke and mirrors, not so tough. Les miles was recently named " the luckiest coach in college football history". I dont doubt they are a good team, but not a powerhouse.

woulda, coulda, shoulda...the typical candy cane fan motto.

Where is the spelling police? Ollie just misspelled3 words in a row! The nerve!

i know how to spell loser for sure: h-u-r-r-i-c-a-n-e-s (more frequently and accurately spelled c-a-n-d-y c-a-n-e-s)

and quit posing as jls14234 you maggot, troll poster.

LSU is just "smoke and mirrors"? Then why are the canes so afraid of them? Is that an ibis or a chicken?

Miami=Hialeah=Chicken=cockfight. No ibis here, better yet, when was the last time you seen an ibis? They have a chicken statue on 8st though. Versailles anyone?

Smg....why wont they sign a home and home with miami? Why do they sujest a neutral sit 1500 miles from miami and 100 miles from lsu? Speaking of chickens, why wont uf play Syracuse? Why wont uf play Oklahoma? Wy wont uf play the real usc? Why wont sec teams schedule fair home and homes? That would suck for uf to go to georgia southern and get beat again. Rajin cajuns could take you at their home field and foley knows it. Bowling green would have an upper hand at home so foley wont go there. 8 home games....what a croc! No pun intended...ok, maybe it was.

Why do we need to??? How many times has a one loss SEC team been picked over every other 1 loss team in the country and been talked about potentially being picked over undefeated teams in lesser conferences to play for the title?? Several times in their 8 consecutive title runs. I know it's hard for cane fans to comprehend basic college football knowledge. When you play in a sorry conference like the All Cupcake Conference, you need strong OOC schedules to increase your SOS. I still can't get over the fact that fans of a team who play 1 or 2 ranked teams a year, are criticizing a teams schedule that regularly plays 4 or 5 ranked teams a year. Argue till you're blue in the face, but the fact is, the Gators play a tougher schedule then the canes every year. The delusions are alive and well!

Lol....now that the bcsec is gon , the sec will be back where it always was. Money talks in the bcs and thats why it was replaced. Lsu got into the title game with two loses and thats when the controversy began. Where was the sec in the 80s,90s,&early 2000s? The bcs gave them an advantage. Its over now. Times are changing. Why do you think the sec is forcing every team to play 1 major conference team every year? You still get 3 divll teams also to avoid too many loses but its a start. The vandals are coming to town, i would be more worried about that nOline.

Why wont they sign a home and home with miami? Funny, I don't recall Miami asking for one, maybe that's why.

Want to talk schedules? How about comparing Gator's opponents to UM's opponents in 2013, based on final rankings:

UF vs FSU(1)
UF vs South Carolina (4)
UF vs Missouri (5)
UF vs LSU (14)
UF vs Vandy (24)

UM vs FSU (1)
UM vs Duke (23)

Two, 2, TWO teams that finished ranked the ENTIRE season!

So, why don't the Gators add another top 10 team, just to commit schedule suicide? Of course, the canes with their weak schedule can easily add another, but UM especially Golden, loves weak schedules.

Here's another analysis of SOS by the NCAA.


NCAA (vs. FBS only)

Purdue (.678)
Tennessee (.667)
Virginia (.660)
Mississippi State (.654)
Georgia (.652)
California (.646)
Utah (.644)
Indiana (.639)
Florida (.638)
Auburn (.637)

I couldn't find Miami in ANY SOS top 10 for 2013, Gators were in most of the lists, as usual.

Lmao....also love the " lesser conferences" saying even after middle of the pack big12 teams come into the sec and pretty much dominate whoever they play. That exposure at its finest. What about uf losing to Louisville coming off an 11-1 aberration of a season? What about uf losing twice in one season to a lesser acc conference? Then we have georgia southern........

Smg/gatordumb, ACC won the NC last year, remember? So I guess the ACC is the defending NC conference riggghttt. Miami did ask LSU for a home and home and much like the gators, lsu declined because they know coming down to Miami would mean a loss, see gators get pounded 2013 in Miami. East Michigan, woooooo, don't start with to tough a team huh, Miami is playing Louisville and then the gators play Kentucky, wow another tough game not! You guys better hope to be 1-1 after the first two and not 0-2.

The 3 posts on this thread under my name were not me to set the record straight, as Oliver obviously figured. Sid The Moron cane is back at stealing IDs again, the loser. Notice he was the first one to post, not just once but 3 times in a row. That is the definition of an idiot, loser, obsessed cane troll but what do you expect from one that says his interests are "football and nothing else". Just like we figured the Moron has no life, no hobbies, no friends, no family, only has Gatorclause. He is camped here 24/7, scans the GPD police radio, reads the Gainesville Sun and tries to keep up with everything Gator. All out of jealousy and spite. What a pathetic place Bunnel must be.
You can give this Moron all the facts about SOS and conference rankings and such and he still will answer with Georgia Southern, so why bother.
We have a very difficult schedule once again but I expect the team will be much better with Roper and a new offensive scheme. Hopefully Driskel will surprise everyone now that he is finally in the scheme that he was recruited for, the one he excelled at in high school. This upcoming season promises to be exciting.
Go Gators!!!!!

Lol...they start out with the vandals also....those gators dont want to admit UM offered lsu a home and home. Its a psychological thing they have in the sec. Sec makes the most money because in the south its all they have next to nascar. They claim its not in the budget to travel when private colleges do it all the time. Well maybe now that the bcs is gone they wont have to pay for blind eyes to be turned. The sec was the lesser conference until the bcs came along, coincidence....? I think not. Of course they do have the money to pay off the new selection committee. Look at head to head records for the truth. Miami owns the gators. Fsu owns the gators. Georgia southern owns the gators. Syracuse owns the gators. Opinions dont count for squat, its head to head that tells the truth. Riddle me this batman....how has ta&m and Missouri thrived in the sec when they were constant bottom half in the big 12? Dont answer with someone elses opinions....try answering it with an honest argument. Remember, they came into the sec with big12 players.

Lol at jlo....you will disappear again to the moon if the vandals or east michigan beats your gators at home. Gators have a target on their backs from divll teams after struggling with so many recently . Georgia southern let them know they can beat muschamp with all no star players, injuries,and no pass completions.

Sidcane owns me and i cant stop thinking of him. He is everywhere . I cant walk out my door in fear he may be there to prove me wrong. I need help. Everone is sid and sid is everyone. I dont know which way is up anymore. Im so jealous of his jacory tatoo. It makes me mad he is a virgin and has no std's like me. He lives on a large piece of property around good people and I live in a trailer park. He has a mancave decked out and I have a metal shed. He holds it over my head because I am on the system and he produces my checks each month. He get to attend games far away and i cant travel 5 miles to see my team. His employees must really hate him because they do most of his work. Im not ready to end it all but if my gators dont win their first tree games I may.

sorry, i confess. i just made the post above. it is very obvious, but i thought i would come clean. man, i waste so much of my life here, but i am a loser and have no life anyway. i hope the canes win at least 4 games this year or you will not hear from me anymore.

Nice try jlo....my screenname is blue in color.

Worlds toughest shedule and U cant even win 40% of the supposed toughest games in the country? U lost two all cupcake conference games, 1 divll game but you beat that top ranked toledo and a couple of divll sec teams. Blah,blah,blah......U had trouble with bowling green at home,barley beat the rajin cajunsand lost to an aac team in an 11-1 season when you supposedly tore through the smoke and mirrors sec. ACC owns your team and you have to scream bama, i mean sec to distract people from how bad U really are. Your ooc schedule tells the whole truth. Good luck with those vandals and eastern michigan. Cant wait for the excuses on those.

If U went 4-8 and won all of your ooc games then your argument may hold some water. Your team is bringing the sec down.

I see the light sidcane in blue letters. You are right. The sec smog has cleared from my head. What was i thinking? I can now accept the divll lose and can move on. I will be on the moon for a couple of weeks to clear my head. The ACC does own us. I have taken the first step in the recovery process and am looking forward to a 5-6 win season this year. Its like the matrix and you are morpheus. Thank you for your help. Can I still get nascar on the moon? Would help in the healing process. Man, I sure hope nascar isnt corrupted.

The Candy Cane fans are just embarrassing themselves now. So sad and pathetic. 36-9

4-8.....now thats sad and pathetic....with a divll home beatdown.

36-9 is sad and pathetic also. Not only are you riding bama's cottails, your riding an acc's coattails for something your lousy team couldnt accomplish. U have a .333 football team and ride the country's coattail. LMAO at your pathetic attempt to hurt someones feelings. Might as well post 20-26.

i like 36-9 better. tells a lot about the last game they played and how this "awesome" candy cane team plays in the big game.

Want me to get the last 7 scores from the last games the gators played? LMAO! Can U even remember the score fom your last win? Hahahahahahaha!

Come to think of it Georgia southern turned out to be a big game and low and behold they laind an egg.


So funny how happy you cane fans are that the BCS is gone. You couldn't really do much when SOS counts. Except for 1 year when you had an all time great team. Thank god the BCS wasn't around in the 80s, because you'd have a lot less championships. It doesn't matter though, because you aren't even close to good enough to actually compete for the playoffs. So, I'm not exactly sure why you're so excited now. I'm really trying to figure out what there is to be excited about this year. It really is shaping up to be the same as the last 10. But keep talking trash, it's all you got.

Lol, we had no 4-8s in our last 10. Div ll loses for that matter either.

We had 1 bad season. I'd take 1 over 10 straight any day! Keep living in that delusional dreamworld you're stuck in.

And no, you didn't have any 4 win seasons, but you had several 7 win seasons lol! With a full compliment of players. Again keep living in that delusional dreamworld.

What happened in muschamps first two seasons gatordumb? 6 wins and 7 wins . An aberration11 win season and then a four win season to prove he cant even coach against a divll coach. Keep your injury excuses.....georgia southern did. I didnt hear them whining.

aberration? wow, big word for a GED scholar. today we'll work on big numbers like, 36-9.

Yeah, only the delusional Gatr Trash thinks that after records of 6-6, 7-5, 11-2, an 4-8, the "aberration" is the 4-8. That's the trailerpark meth talkin'.

And even in the 11-2 year, what was the score of the beatdown the 'ville put on that over-rated dump team? Hmmm, seems like it was 33-23. Double-digit pounding. On an "alleged: 11-2 team. Which then brought all its guys back and, before injury, got pounded by the Canes......again.

8-1 in the last nine vs. Canes, maggots. You trailer donkeys just can't beat the Canes. So harp on about schedules, and conferences, and facilities, blah, blah, blah. Where it counts, the Canes own you. And your cesspool skewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl.



Gay Southern has some deep issues to resolve with her shrink and definitely has some major character flaws. It's sad she is trying to work out her issues in this Gator forum. We'll try to help her accept reality. Repeat after me retard: the candy canes suck and are overrated by all of south florida. I shall bow to the mighty Gators this season as they reclaim the glory that is theirs.

Good, now take a breath and go to sleep. (36-9)

LMAO ollie! U think lockerroom problems are going to get fixed in one offseason? Talk about delusional!U actually think uf has a two deep on that nOline? WOW dude, that delusion cant be fixed with therapy. Talk about deep issues, Your first word was gay!Character flaws? You just called someone a retard! do you know how many parents have a hard life because of mentally challenged kids? Better hope U dont have any kids one day, Karma may be there.Aso , if we beat you and we are candy canes...Are y'all then gummy gators?

Ummm, Gomer? Hellooooooo, dumb Gatr cluck? No skewwwwl with a tradition of cowardice and failure such as the OoF Gatah can claim a return to any glory. Your recent past of 6-6 is more indicative of your future than what is approaching a 10-years-ago-Timmy-won-us-a-championship.

Stop living in the past, right maggots? And OF COURSE, you have to harp on pre-season poll. It's all you have and all you will have.

Same as last year. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The Canes own you and your dump skeewwwwwl.

Oliver Rubber cannot answer the question:

If the canes stink, what does that make the gatr trash after the beatdown the Canes put on them?

In the no-logic world of OoF clucks, it makes them a powerhouse ready to "reclaim their glory."

So laughable if it weren't so sad.

Reclaim their glory? Lmao!

Ollie is jlo's split personality

Miami asked LSU for a home and home? Maybe I missed this, can you post a link? Surely, Manny would have written about this, where is the column he wrote?

LMAO......the way the herald covers the canes, you think they wrote an article on it? I read hundreds of articles and cant remember thesite but will look as I an on the net.

Muschamp casualty list
The whole uf football team past and current
Gator fans anywhere
Jeremy foley
Charlie Strong
Incoming recruits

Not on the list
Any div l out of state ooc teams
Georgia southern

Sill waiting for that link supporting your "claim" that UM asked LSU for a home and home?

Really....waiting? I said i would look as im surfing the net. Gotta make sure gators get their checks first. I dont have time to go out of my way to prove im right. Will get it in time but your food stamps and section 8 come first.

There is one that discuses a home and. Home vs a basically home game vs lsu. Posted it to show why sec is beatable. Will look some more for the one where miami offered a home and home and lsu declined. This article explains alot. Maybe yall can get someone to read it to you if you start getting frustrated......more to come

OK, so you are admitting that Miami ran from LSU. Everybody knew the truth already anyway.

Ibis = chicken.

Cant fix moron....

Will find the article eventually. You will still be an idiot. I didnt admit to anything. Gators like to put. Words in peoples mouths. Most sec teams wont do home and homes and that article helps prove my point. Just stay at your 4-8 pity partyuntil I return.

Hey, I have an idea.....how about a home and home with georgia southern.....lmao...foley would never allow that. Gator.....everyone says it taste like chicken. Thats a known fact!

Jlo/ollietrojan, whichever personality you choose, you are still a pathetic fan of a 4-8 team, a truck stop diploma mill and of course the top felony program in NCAA history, you must be so proud. LSU did not want a home and home they wanted a home and neutral site game and Miami told them to shove it. Typical sec trash not knowing what they are talking about, well except for banjos.

And pig squeeling.....weeeeeeee weeeeeeeee sueweeeeeee.

You said "Miami did ask LSU for a home and home". THAT never happened. Your allcanes link does not back up your claim in any way. If Miami HAD asked LSU for a home and home, why doesn't the allcanes article mention that?

It's no wonder UM is cared of LSU, they are 3-9 against them.

Golden ran from LSU because he knew canes would get their butts kicked.

Hey Sid, still searching for that mythical link where UM asked LSU for a home and home? Keep looking, while you're at it maybe you'll stumble on a unicorn or Yeti!

Hey gator fan, why does Alabama, Georgia, Lsu,'and other sec teams play ooc and oos games but you gators haven't done it since the beat down by Syracuse?

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