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Harris officially done

Orl-gators1520121010150914(Courtesy Gatorzone.com)

GAINESVILLE -- Damontre Harris ran out of chances. 

As first reported by Jon Rothstein of CBSSports.com, Florida’s 6-foot-10 center is no longer with the team -- a permanent move following multiple disciplinary issues and second chances. 

UF later confirmed Rothstein’s report, and coach Billy Donovan is likely to speak on the issue Thursday at his post-spring wrap-up press conference. 

But Wednesday officially ended a rollercoaster ride for the troubled transfer from South Carolina. Harris, a member of the All-SEC Defensive team in 2011-12, never played a minute for the Gators -- this despite being eligible during Florida’s Final Four run last season. 

Donovan suspended Harris indefinitely before the start of the 2013-14 season, later dismissing the big-man from the team during Christmas break. However, Harris pleaded for another chance -- a request Donovan granted.

Harris practiced with the Gators during their NCAA Tournament run, but Donovan refused to allow Harris to play citing chemistry, values and respect. 

Like former embattled guard Scottie Wilbekin, Harris was given conditions follow before ever seeing the court again -- stipulations likely not completed this spring/summer. 

Harris’ loss is hardly a surprise considering Florida recently landed 7-foot shot blocking sensation John Egbunu from South Florida

While Egbunu, with three years of eligibility remaining, must sit out the 2014-15 season due to transfer rules, he will be on scholarship -- an issue resolved with Harris’ dismissal. 

With Egbunu’s addition, the Gators were one over the NCAA scholarship limit (13) before Harris was released. 

More to come. 

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Little for Gators to gain in SEC tournament

Florida already has what every other baseball team is seeking this week at the SEC tournament in Hoover, Ala.

The No. 7 Gators have a conference title in their pocket, a championship trophy on the way, and all kinds of momentum heading into NCAA regional play next week.

And that's not going to change — regardless of what happens to the Gators over the next few days in Hoover.

To do what they did during the SEC's regular season, the Gators do not need to validate it by winning the conference tournament. The league's other coaches seem in agreement on that point.

“What they've already done is an incredible feat in itself,” Texas A&M coach Rob Childress said.

What the young Gators have done is win the regular-season title in the strongest baseball conference in the nation. They did it by winning 21 of 30 conference games, by winning a school-record 12 consecutive SEC games at one point, by winning seven of 10 conference series.

Whether they win the conference title or not, it's been a special season that has put UF in a strong position heading into postseason play.

“When you win this conference in a 30-game (league) schedule, that's harder to do than win a national championship, in my mind,” Tennessee coach Dave Serrano said. “To win this conference outright like they did, it's a great accomplishment.

“You have to be very consistent. I really respect what (UF coach) Kevin O'Sullivan has done with his team. I really like the way his players play, the respect they have for the game and their program. I commend them for the year they've had in this league.”

There is little (or no) debate that the SEC is America's toughest baseball conference. Seven league teams are ranked in the Baseball America Top 25, and this is a conference where there are few (if any) easy wins.

“Playing a 30-game SEC schedule is the ultimate challenge in our sport,” Childress said. “You celebrate every win. It's the best of the best. If you make it through a 30-game schedule on top, you've accomplished something.

“(O'Sullivan) did an amazing job managing a young pitching staff. They played a lot of tight games. To finish on top in this incredible 30-game grind, that's incredible.”

In the preseason, Florida was picked to finish third in the Eastern Division. With so many new faces, and some question marks, the Gators were projected to be in a rebuilding year in 2014.

But this has turned out to be a championship season.

“What Sully did with those kids is impressive,” Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin said. “It's very difficult in this league to stay consistent over the course of the season, but they did it with a lot of different parts, a lot of pitchers that weren't necessarily in the same role (throughout the year).

“They've had a great, great year.”

The No. 1 seed in the SEC tournament, the Gators certainly would like to win it. But, they've already won the regular-season championship, and they're also aware that bigger games lie ahead next week when NCAA regional play begins.

“As far as winning it, there's a long way to go for that,” O'Sullivan said. “We've been really consistent throughout the year after a shaky start. I just want us to play well and build some momentum (going into next week).”

With an eye also on regional play, O'Sullivan is keeping his pitching options open heading into play in Hoover, including holding off on naming a starting pitcher for today's game.

“Maybe we'll look at Bobby Poyner. We've got some options,” O'Sullivan said. “We've kind of mixed and matched all year long.”

Notes: Florida claimed the SEC championship with a 21-9 (.700) record, its third league title in the last five years (2010-11-14). … It's the program's 13th SEC title, and finished on top of the East for the league-best 22nd divisional crown.


YYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn ... Just waiting for the GATORS to get that already in the books TOP-8 SEED... u ? u need to when that punchless acc tourney just to be considered for a top-8 seed. blah blah blah, 27 of 30 against garbage comp. with a sorry out of conference schedule and and overall RPI. Did u really schedule a 3 game home weekend end of the season series against a SWAC Alabummer St. nobody team in MAY ?

Well atleast u showed ur trUe colors against Georgia Tech today and are now assurred of NO CHANCE to host a SUPER REGIONAL unlike the MIGHTY GATORS... So u can now hope n pray that the GATORS will bow out of the BEST Tourney going, but they'll just rest up with their Top-8 seed already in hand... Hey, maybe u'll get Mississippi Valley St., AlabUmmer St and FA or IU in ur Regional... But even if u happen to luck ur way into a Super Regional, THE TITLETOWN GATORS will be happy to []_[]sher u out of Omaha just like the many years recently...

yo cane clUcks, Alverage Al get anymore Unranked 2 stars to visit and commit lately ?

[]_[] Looosers !

Miami ACC Champs and if I did not know better you probably took above from an article about THE U. Hope you boys make it to Omaha, we sure would like to have some gator tail while winning another National Championship.

Miami ACC Champs and if I did not know better ...

Posted by: The World is laughing at Uf

Lmao....one guy in your little sec rant said its harder to win the sec than a NC...why don't the gators have any real hardware ? Just shows playing on words is an sec thing. Sec fans eat that crap up.

Another Ufelon is dismissed from a team, shocking. Funny how Jlo was talking how he would take the Basketball team to a NC, at least he can use the Ufail degree to get a job at Steak and Shake, I heard Jlo can get him in on the night shift.

World....they are not laughing at felons......they are still laughing at the two players blocking each other last season. Just saying'!


OK University Of Miami Hurricanes Fans, here's the deal ... U Won, made the plays, deserved to Win, are the better team and have been the better program over a 30 year period. The Florida Gators got hit right in their moufs. That may just be an opinion, but that's what the results on the playing field states. No excuses. We Gators n Canes have been going at it since the Summer of '08 on these blogs and it's been full insults ahead for over 1,800 straight days. It's been a constant back n forth of, U said, Gator said... Gator said, U said. U Suck, Gators Suck. Has it been interesting ? At times sure. Has it been ugly ? Mostly. Has it meant a damn thing on the field ? No. Now back in that Summer of '08 the Gators will say U came to their blog spouting pollution. And U will say that the Gators came to Ur blog doing the same thing. Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Football rivalry is no more. It's just in the past. Now U can say why U think it's over. And Ur entitled to that opinion. The Gators will have their reasons, and they are entitled to that opinion. Bottom line is this... Right now, Miami Football... Florida Football ... Florida State Football Programs are not "Back" Yet. But they are ALL rising. No debate that they are 3 of the Best Top to Bottom College Football Programs College Football has EVER seen and easily Top-5-10 over the last 20-30 years combined. Simply put, when the State of Florida BIG-3 are ALL doing well, College Football is far better as a result. It's a State of Florida thing that the other 49 States, as well as the World simply wouldn't understand, could never understand, will never get and certainly will never fathom.

Now I'm not here to call for some kind of truce. I think we all know, in totality, that's an impossibility. And really, I don't really think we need one. We as fans are passionate. Some more fanatical than others. But from this point forward I hope we can just be more civil to one another as Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans. I will. I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans. But in my own defense, I must say that far more of my "nasty" and "hateful" posts were others impersonating me. And trying to explain that, during those times, was simply useless. As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course. The Gator n Cane points and counter points are just moot now... Time to move on. The Canes have their destiny and the Gators have theirs. God willing, for the sake of College Football, they will meet again someday in the foreseeable future in the Post-Season. Which could only mean one thing... We Both Don't SUCK !

In closing, I think we Gators n Canes can certainly agree on one thing. There are ups n downs, trials n tribulations, ebbs n flows for every Program in College in all Sports as well as life... I do believe it's safe to say that The Miami Hurricane and Florida Gator Football Programs are both ascending no matter how we might personally feel about the past... Win or Lose, Victory or Defeat, Saturday September 7th from High Noon until the final gun was as compelling as College Football gets or ever gets (minus of course that Driskel left-handed pass with 8 seconds to go). Much respect to U and Urs ...

Good luck Cane Fans... Go get Ur Coastal and ACC Championship. When U do, the rest will fall into place...

Gators ... ditto ... Eastern ... SEC ... ???

See U down the line Mighty CANE FANS ... perhaps in Basketball or Baseball ... SALUTE.

No Mas from me.


A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 9-11-13


C'est la vie Arty ... It's been real brother.
Posted by: Soldy is dead ... R.I.P. | September 11, 2013 at 10:01 PM



Harris has a lot of potential but is very undisciplined and inmature. A top, national powerhouse, loaded team like the Gators doesn't need that reclamation project.
Now he is not a "felon" or a bad guy like Miami Moron implies. In fact he would be the best player on the cane squad if he were to go there, of course he will not.
Good luck to him and hope he gets his ead straight.
Go Gators!

Jlo spelled head wrong....jlo spelled head wrong.....call the spelling police. He is also a hypocrite calling the player and bloggers immature.

Lol he also spelled immature wrong!

He can't spell loser either. Government education in action.

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