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Scheduling: SEC rotation set; UM-UF to renew rivalry???


GAINESVILLE -- The Southeastern Conference announced a 12-year rotation (2014-2025) of non-divisional opponents Monday, as the Gators now know their league schedule for the next dozen seasons. 

Earlier this month, league presidents voted to stick with the status quo -- maintaining its eight-game conference schedule under the 6 (division games) – 1 (one permanent cross-division opponent) – 1 (a rotating cross-division opponent) format. 

The 12-year rotation starts this fall, as Florida travels to Alabama in late September. 

The Gators won’t see the Crimson Tide again until 2021 and coach Will Muschamp can only hope to still be around to see one of his favorite non-traditional rivalries: Florida-Auburn (2019).

With Texas A&M on the docket in 2017, the Gators will travel to Texas to play Michigan to open the season and host the Aggies later in the year. 

Florida's future cross-division foes...




at Alabama


Ole Miss


at Arkansas


Texas A&M


at Mississippi State




at Ole Miss




at Texas A&M




at Auburn


Mississippi State




According to the Miami Herald’s own Barry Jackson, UM athletic director Blake James said Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley was “receptive” when recently discussing renewing the in-state series.

Due to financial reasons (see: seven home games), Florida has stipulated the series must continue at neutral-sites only -- an idea James is currently juggling.

“I would have to think about Orlando,” James said. “That’s not real neutral but it’s an easy distance to our campus.”

Not two days after the Hurricanes’ upset victory over the Gators last fall -- a game many presumed would be the final game in the series for the foreseeable futures -- James made a brilliant PR move suggesting the two teams continue the rivalry. It was empty posturing, but now UM appears to be open to a neutral site contest.

So what say you: Do you want the two schools to renew a rich rivalry -- even solely at neutral sites Thoughts on Florida's future SEC schedule?

Pop off.   

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LMAO! Tastes like chicken to me. Foley is just blowing hot air. I bet he suggests gainesville as the neutral site. Or jacksonville.How about Tampa?LMAO. Who am I kidding? He will never let it happen. I say home and home for twenty years and give the felons a chance to win the war canoe back. Teams like georgia southern would be out an extra div l win but who cares. Would be a great money maker for the whole state. Too bad foley is just blowing smoke. When it comes to brass tax , foley will cry" we only have 8 home games ". LOL.....gators lay eggs just like chickens....might there be a connection?

Whats up with the sec and their so called "neutral sites" anyway? If it not within 100 miles of their stadium they wont play ball? ND should be in the sec also for that reason. I bet they would practically dominate like the two middle of the pack big twelve teams have since they joined. Big 12 sucks and the gators cant compete....ACC sucks and the gators cant compete....georgia southern sucks and the gators cant compete....PAC 12 suc.......who am I kidding, gators will never travel that far unless they are forced to. Or get a neutral site like Jacksonville.

5 million gatr 'necks within a 30 min drive of Orlando. Neutral? Yaaaaaahhhhh.

Only the Gatr Trash celebrates winning women's archery SEC championships. After 4-8, and another 4-8 to come, it's all the maggots really have.

LOL oof....I think it was quidditch.

Maybe Foley would agree to play Texas at a neutral field. I dunno, is Jerry World neutral enough for he trailer donkeys?

4 Moron posts in a row with the same old tired delusional drivel.
Now for some facts and some reality.
Fact is Um is the one afraid to play good teams even in a neutral field, like LSU in Houston.
Fact is UM will never find a neutral field when facing the Gators or FSU, not Orlando, maybe No life Stadium will feel neutral, it most definitively is not home field against FSU or UF.
That is because UM has no loyal following.
Maybe if they play FAU on the moon it would be a neutral field for them.
Playing the canes in Orlando would be fine with me.
The SEC schedule is tough, it has always been tough, nothing new.

The rivalry should DEFINITELY be renewed. The Gators want it, and the Canes want it. I would prefer the rivalry to be home and home, but if it had to be at a neutral site, I think Tampa would be more neutral than Orlando.

Go Gators!

As stated here many times: Florida refuses to play a home-and-home series with Miami because it make little sense financially to do so. The Gators already lose a home game every season with the annual Cocktail Party and the rotating in-state series with FSU.
Florida makes a ton of money when UM comes to Gainesville, BUT Miami gets to keep all the profits when UF fans flood Sun Life Stadium -- and that's why Foley insists on a neutral site and 50-50 split.

Jesse. Most other teams in div l do home and homes and you dont hear them complaining.....just sayin'! Also if the cocktail party was a home and home then uf would have 8- 9 homegames each year. Uf make plenty of money and a 5 hour busride isnt gonna kill them. At uf....make all the money ....at um make no money....thats a 50/50 split. Tell foley his politics only work on gator fans, the rest of us know the truth. Either way its a 50/50 split.

Heck,, UM is doing a home and home with nebraska for your gods sake. Foley is an idiot. Its home field advantage or as close to homefield as you can get in the sec. I guess some people were born yesterday.

Also, didnt they just complete a home and home? Wow!

There's no such thing as home and home with miami. As we all saw this past year when 80% of the stadium was Gator fans. The part these uneducated cane fans aren't understanding is, exactly what Jesse said. Why should the Gators fill the canes rented stadium and not get any of the profits? Maybe Foley would be more open to the idea if the canes weren't so greedy. But then again, when you have record crowds every time the Gators come to town, why not be greedy? They make more money in that one game than every other home game combined!

Jesse, the uneducated cane fans that troll this blog, don't accept facts. They are consumed by their distorted belief that the gators are afraid to play a perennial 7 win team. The funny thing is, if the gators removed teams out of fear, then FSU would've been removed long before the canes. It's quite comical how easily cane fans ignore the fact that they only have 3 more wins in the series all time. They act like they own the gators with an all time record of 50-3. There's nothing funnier than hearing a cane fan talk about being afraid of them.

There is such thing as home/ home ....miami rents their stadium just like you rent your trailer and yet you tell you friends to come to your house and drink some beer. So if your argument was half right it would be a home game for the gators and a neutral site game. Do you see how dumb you sound? Also about attendance at sunlife. Your numbers are skeewd. You guys said you would fill sunlife and it would be like a home game yet most of us there were UM fans. Look at some pictures before you post if you cant read well. Also with uf attendance dwindling latley, especially after a div l beatdown, Um would fill the swamp. Admit it. Look at some pics before you get your neighbor to post something else stupid for you.

Div ll beatdown....LMAO, it gets funnier....

Florida Gators Win Sixth Consecutive SEC All-Sports Award

The SEC All-Sports Trophy has been in existence since 1973. In the 41 year history, the Florida Gators have won the overall title a staggering 24 times. Despite a disappointing season in football, UF wrapped up the men’s, women’s, and overall titles this past weekend with baseball clinching the SEC regular season title and track & field showing strong at the SEC Outdoor Championship. It’s the sixth straight year Florida’s come away with the award and 20th out of 21 years.

The Gators came into this past weekend behind Georgia in the standings, but baseball took the first two in their series at Tennessee to take the SEC regular season crown and men’s and women’s track & field both finished above the Bulldogs at the SEC Outdoor Championships to propel them to the title. Georgia finished 12th in the baseball standings, men’s track & field finished fourth, and women’s track & field fifth last weekend. At the SEC Outdoor Championship, Florida came in third in the men’s and second in the women’s to put the Gators over the top, .7716 to .7123.

It was a superb year for UF across the board. The men’s teams put together some of the best team efforts in their respective sports to claim their 18th All-Sports title. Men’s basketball, baseball, and men’s swimming & diving all won the SEC Championship, including a perfect 18-0 regular season record by Billy Donovan‘s squad. The Gators football team is usually the harbinger of success on the men’s side, but it’s hard to believe their sub-par season nearly cost Florida the All-Sports title. The men’s teams put together an impressive spring to vault UF to the top of the leaderboard. Florida squeaked by Georgia for the men’s crown by .0055, .7446 to .7391.

On the women’s side, it was business as usual. They took home the women’s All-Sports Award for the 21st time since 1983 when the SEC began recognizing female sports. They have completely dominated since then, winning more than two-thirds of the awards. This season, the women took home the SEC championship in soccer and indoor track & field. They soundly beat second-place Texas A&M .7931 to .7009.

To come up with the All-Sports scores, points are tallied with first place school taking home 14 points, second place 13, and so on. These scores are added up and then divided by the number of teams participating in those particular sports, thus coming up with a fraction of a number. Florida’s overall score was 161 points, 10 better than Georgia’s.

The effort in both men’s and women’s competition gave Florida a clean sweep for the award for the 24th time. UF is the only school to win all three awards in a single season, accomplishing the feat 12 times. Since 1990, Florida has won the overall award 20 times, including 14 straight years until the 2004-05 season when Georgia claimed the award. Since then, UF’s reeled off another six straight and show no signs of letting up soon, proving that they truly are “The Everything School”.


Best Teams ...

Best Conference...


SEC !!!

Lmao jlo try arguing the story instead of wasting all your time screaming sec sec sec. If you have the best conference with the best athletes ,why are there so many loses to other conferences ? Div ll all manhandled uf in the last three they have played you at your house.

I don't need to look at pictures. I was at the game and saw with my own eyes. Yes, there were more cane fans than every other home game, but there were far more gator fans, which is why I gave you 20% attendance. I'm sure it felt like a massive quantity of fans in comparison to every other home game lol. Funny though how you only attack the attendance part of my comment with the usual factless trailer trash diatribe. Same ole same ole retort from you losers.

Wow, the only game you have ever mentioned being at. You must have wet to hooters to watch it. Ive called you out a hundred times and all of a sudden you were at a game? Man , you guys grab anything when you need it.

You've called me out a hundred times??? Must've been talking to that loser cane fan that posts using all the gator fans names. I've never claimed to be at every gator game like sid has claimed to travel 500 miles round trip every home game. I have however claimed to have a family and not able to travel to as many home games as I'd like, but I do go to every local game, including the BCS championship won on your home turf, and last years game. Again you can fabricate lies to try to justify your comments, but nothing you've said is reality. I'm a Gator alumnus that lives in coral springs. Fortunately I have a career and 2 kids now that are my priority. If I lived in Gainesville or a reasonable distance from the stadium, then I'd be at every game, but unfortunately I don't. Unlike 90% 0f the community college rejects that live within 30 mins of the stadium, that claim to be cane fans and use every excuse in the book as to why they don't go to cane games, are a poor excuse of a fan base.


Jesse, in all seriousness and notwithstanding what that moron GatrDumb says, my counter to your argument would be:

- Georgia. They lose a home game in the Cocktail party, have an in-state rivalry with GaTech, yet STILL have managed to schedule games against Boise, Colorado, Clemson, and Arizona State.

- Texas. They lose a home game in the RRR and still manged to schedule with UCLA, BYU, Ohio State, etc.

- 50/50: Doesn't getting 100% one year and 0% the following resolve to 50/50?

- Playing Miami keeps with the Gators 25 year tradition of playing 0 OOC games outside the state of Florida.

By the way, GAtr Dumb, "It's quite comical how easily cane fans ignore the fact that they only have 3 more wins in the series all time. They act like they own the gators with an all time record of 50-3."

Stop "living in the past." Forget about the OoFraud victories in the 40's an 50's. Over the past almost 30 years, the Gatr Trash is 1-8 vs. the Canes. In the past 15 years, it is 4--1.

So yeah, the Canes do own the Gatr Trash. Live with it. It is why you have to resort to the tired "attendance" or conference argument. By the criteria that matters most, head-to-head, you trailer donkeys are beaten like rented, well, donkeys.

Oof: Some salient points, the issue though is Florida doesn't WANT/have room on its schedule (with games like FSU and UM (2017) already on the horizon) to play Miami every season. Now, technically since the SEC voted to maintain its 6-1-1 format (aka no ninth conference contest) the Gators DO HAVE ROOM to play Miami but they will not forfeit a home game to make it happen.

With an annual series off the table, a neutral-site game every X years [with Orlando looming as the most probable choice] is the next best option.

Why do the gators require so many home games when most schools only pull 6? They have state funding also and huge booster support. Money is not the factor its an excuse.

Does GatrDumb know that as a public university, OoF does not "own" its stadium?

That dump I owned by the Florida tax payers and I am one of them. So I own part of the stadium that OoF plays in at the convenience and pleasure of the Florida tax payers.

Sorry to hit you with facts, Gatr Dumb. I know your 8 years of undergrad did not prepare you for that.

Jesse...you mean they won't forfeit a pasty that they pay big money to get manhandled by.

Also Jesse, its not like they have to forfeit a home game every year. You sec clucks know bow to use words or leave out words to sell your point. We ain't buyin'!

Also if they play a neutral site, wouldn't that be forfeiting a home game? U don't need a GED to figure that out.....its elementary.... Just saying'!

Ufail claims a neutral site game as they are tired of getting their arss kicked in Miami as well as that sewer treatment plant they call the "Mudswamp". The U owns you in both places so play the home and home and by the way Jesse, Ufail has to play FSU every year, so that argument is out the window, just man up and sign the home and home baby lizards. Yellow is the stripe on every gator fans back.

Also if they play a neutral site, wouldn't that be forfeiting a home game?

Uh, stupid, go back and re-read Jesse's post. It's not about giving up the home game it's giving up 100% of the revenue for the away game in a home and home scenario. Perfect example, I saw tix going for $100 for a 400 level nose bleed and Miami pocketed all of it. We essentially made your entire years athletic budget in one game. That same ticket is given away with a Happy Meal in any other of your games or is covered by a tarp. Then you mentioned, "well you make 100% in your home stand and then make 0% in your away but evens out in the end".

Well GED superstar, that is why you have a GED and are jealous of those who were actually accepted and attended UF. I guess they didn't teach that economics class at Robert Morgan. Yes, it evens out, but when you play the game every other year trading home and homes, then you loose out big time during the year you are away. Who want's to wait a few years for a profit when you are price gouging in Miami? Can't believe I am actually explaining this but then again, you probably can't balance your check book either. That's giving you credit for even having a bank account in the first place.

You actually give GED holders a bad name.

Yellow is the stripe on all gator fans.

The world is laughing at your GED you Robert Morgan reject. What did u specialize in, auto body?

Guy who is obsessed with donkey D's....I know guys that own auto body shops and are pretty sharp. With a screen name like yours, you must not be old enough to specialize in anything but after school activities. Donkey D's ? Really?

Some of the other sec teams play ooc and out of state games. Why can't the gators?

Georgia southern.

What an awesome match it was. I never forget it out.


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