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Gators-Hurricans renew rivalry


GAINESVILLE -- The Gators and Hurricanes will square off after all in 2014 -- just on the hardwood.

Florida and Miami will play on Nov. 17 in Gainesville to kickstart a home-and-home series with its in-state rival, UF announced Tuesday.

Although a return date in Coral Gables has yet to be scheduled, the two schools are likely to square off again in South Florida sometime in November 2015. 

The last time to two teams met, the Gators trumped the Hurricanes 74-60 at home in the second round of the 2009 NIT. 

Florida leads the all-time series 45-22, winning 15 of the last 17 showdowns. 

Meanwhile, Florida also announced official plans for renovating the O’Connell Center, with Davis Architects, CPPI Construction Management and TLC Engineering green lighting the $45-50 million project.  

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well that will be 2 easy pre-conference beatdown wins for the Gator Hoopsters the next 2 years.

cane fan, u can start now with all the "we were young and inexperienced" excuse talk for ur not even ready for the nit sorry hoops team.

A couple loses there and uf will run again. play UM in a real sport.

#1 RB U; #1 WR U.

#8 best uniforms (what was that the Pig was saying about brands?).

And the lowly Gatr Trash is nowhere to be found. Anywhere. Unless you count the top worst plays of 2013. They are there with the self-block.

More embarrassment nationally for the state's largest public diploma mill with the Aaron "MURDAH" Hernandez Mr. July calendar. Nice work, maggots.

Hey, blog Pig, now I know why you post at all hours of the morning when most working people are asleep. You are ghetto trash, RIEEEEEGHT.

Go get your welfare check, you Obama-queen.

Naahhh. Canes would just borrower excuses from the Gatr Trash:

- We wuz injuried.
- Turnovers.
- gifts.
- noise.
- refs.
- aberrtion.

Duh, duh, and more duh from the most disgusting fanbase in college sports.

THE MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




College Football Conference Championships Appearances - 0

College Football National Championship Appearances ---- 0

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football NEW YEARS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football Final Top-20 Rankings ----------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 0

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 1

welcome to the 21st. CentUry dUmb clUck...


College Football Conference Championships Appearances -3 ... 2 S.E.C. CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football National Championship Appearances ----2 ... 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------- 4

College Football NEW YEARS BOWL Appearances --- 8

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ------------ 8

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 4 ...

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 4

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Ex-Florida and New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez, jailed while awaiting trial in the killings of three men, is Mr. July in the Gators' 2014 sports calendar and is featured in a Patriots calendar produced by the same company.

The University of Florida said Tuesday that officials approved the publication months before he was charged with murder, and the Patriots said they would not comment on matters involving Hernandez.

The calendars are still available for sale through Target.com and feature tight end No. 81 in the Gators' white jersey and blue pants with an orange stripe carrying the football under his right arm and almost looking into the camera. It includes his height, weight and hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.

This series makes no sense to me. The canes will water down our SOS, we don't need them. It only benefits them and gives them another chance to hike up ticket prices when we come to town,
We always play in the OB classic so we have a chance to see our team play here every year anyways. Maybe it has to do with the renovation of the O Dome and the fact that we will have to play elsewhere in 2015 so why not come down and beat up these pansies in front of a friendly crowd.

I see I have a Moron obsessed with me again with a worthless list about placing RBs and WRs in the league. Lots of good that has done for your team in the past decade. You Morons cling to every meaningless thing you can find to try make you feel good. But the best one is the uniforms. #8 in uniforms? What the heck does that mean, and more importantly, what does it matter. That you suck in nice uniforms? The play is horrible, the team sucks, the program is in decline, but wow! look at those unis!
Nice! What a bunch of idiots.
"We have the worst defense in the ACC, we have sucked for 3 straight years under Golden Donofrio. I have a great idea. Let us change the uniforms!"
So last season the Gators sucked in offense. They changed 2 coaches and changed the scheme.
The canes have sucked in D for the past 3 years. They changed the uniforms. Looks like it's working, they are ranked # 8 in uniforms. Still rank last in the lowly ACC in defense, but look at them unis!
Makes perfect sense for a bunch of Morons.


2nd on LB U as well

If you don't think it matters...IT DOES....home slice...

We have been recruiting at a disadvantage for the last 3 years....except this year....and next....

The joke will once again be on you Turds....The Canes will win their 6th NC before you even sniff your possible 4th....the table has turned...



You all really STUNK it up last year....WITH ALL THOSE TOP RECRUITING CLASSES???


Sorry to break the bad news to you Moron but the former cane Rbs on your silly list have been in the league for a lot longer than 3 years. So the excuses about the NCAA investigation hurting recruiting and so on are just excuses.
Same thing for the WRs.
In fact most of the former cane players in the NFL hail from the ancient 80s and 90s. Soon they will all be retired. Soon the only thing you have to brag about will be gone.
The joke continues to be you.
Has been U.
Cling to silly lists of former players, former glory that means squat in the here and now.
You Morons are truly pathetic.
At least you got nice uniforms. #8 on the silly list.

touched a nerve huh jlo. Ufelony has 1st degree murderers, more arrest than any university over the last 7 years, a decrepit stadium that smells like a sewer, buildings on campus literally falling apart, an education rating in the 70's, empty stadium with 35K undergrads and of course CANE Envy. BAWAHHHAAAA

Hey i'm Mr. July....if the glove does fittal, you can't get that acquittal

The Swamp is one of the best college football stadiums in the country.
You don't have one of those.
Gainesville is a typical American college football University town.
You don't know what one of those looks or feels like.
The UF campus is in a beautiful setting with the typical American college town atmosphere and feel.
A mix of historic buildings on the National Register and modern buildings and facilities with a wide array of educational opportunities.
The University of Florida remains The Flagship University in the State and one of the best in the nation.
Howard and Matthew Greene named UF a Public Ivy in 2001, a publicly funded university considered as providing a quality of education comparable to those of the Ivies. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked UF as the 14th best public university in the United States. It is a senior member of the State University System of Florida and traces its historical origins to 1853, and has operated continuously on its present Gainesville campus since September 1906. The University of Florida is an elected member of the Association of American Universities. The University is classified as a Research University with Very High Research by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state Legislature designated UF as one of two “preeminent” universities in the spring of 2013.
You see poor Miami Moron with the GED, no matter how many times you spew your lies and filth the truth remains unchanged.
The University of Florida provides the best academic and athletic experience in the State of Florida and one of the best in the nation. Period.
It's always great to be a Florida Gator.

Hey J what this idiot does not know is widely known by the top high school seniors through out the State. the vast majority of the very best and brightest high school seniors in Florida have UF as their top choice in the State. Many of them will not get in even with their high GPAs and SAT scores. All of them know it is very difficult to get in the best school in the State. Their parents know it too. It is an elite school.

Can't wait for the "real gator fans " to come back.....

Soooooo....let's get this straight.....they can do a home and home in bball but not football.....? Cowards!

Still behind the U in academics and sports, US News and World Report and National Championships but hey don't let facts get in the way. Jlo nice post you must have taken that directly off the Ufail website, nice. To bad the truth is that Gville is a truckstop off of I75, more trailers than any city in Florida and absolutely nothing to do but hey its a typical University town, riggghtttt

let's get outta town QUICK

Don't care much about US News myself, or Time Mag or Newsweek all those are glorified tabloids, news lite types.
Howard and Matthew Greene make it their business to rate and rank Universities.
The Association of American Universities is a prestigious Academic "members only club". BTW you are not invited.
I understand you don't know about any of these things, you will have to Google them to find out. You are more of the USA Today heavy on pictures short atention span type of Moron.
Everyone with a brain knows what I say is true. Try to borrow one and you will find out too.
The whole nation is truly laughing at cane fans like you, the typical GED challenged Moron bandwagon fan.

Members only club means you have to pay to get in....kind of like the better business bureau. Businesses like US news are unbiased and don't rank only payment ing members. I guess its OK to be considered good in your" club".

Its kind of like your .300 football club....you didn't have to pay for that score....you worked for it. You finished #72 in the rankings last year but hey, your#10 in the sec.

300, jlo makes my point, he points out a members only ranking service, nice. Guess that Ufail education doesn't allow you to think for yourself, just follow the heard, right dummy. Jlo is exactly why the World is Laughing at Ufail, Ufelony, Ufake.

Jlo, wheres the comment on the Biogenesis story? I remember you spewing your Miami Envy stating the baseball team was full of drug addicts and that Miami was dirty, now your uneducated mouth has nothing to say since the U was cleared. Just another reason why the World is Laughing at the florduh fan base.

World laughing, you will have to wait on staylo to get back from his moon vacation to answer any questions. He has no reception up there. I think he has a trac phone.

Could it be that the gators may have a longer losing streak than any of their winning streaks? Until a W comes up its possible. Good thing they scheduled a 1 win team to start this season. Funny thing is gators losing streak is bigger than the vandals. I had Georgia Southern a 3 point favorite and they doubled the spread. I'm gonna go with the vandals and 3 points on this one too. Even if I'm wrong I will be .500 and the gators will still be in the .300's.

300, I think they only let the inmates use the computers once per day, maybe fembot jlo has not had its turn yet.

"The University of Florida said Tuesday that officials approved the publication months before he was charged with murder,"

What? Hernandez was arrested on June 26, 2013, and charged with Lloyd's murder. They can't claim they approved a 2014 calendar that much in advance. AND, even if they had, they had almost six MONTHS to get that fixed, so they can't claim that it was some unstoppable act by the gator calendar folks.

Face facts, he is the face of their franchise along with riley and tebow, and of the three, only hernandez is in the news these days.

"Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state Legislature designated UF as one of two “preeminent” universities in the spring of 2013."
Are you serious? you not only quoted http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Florida without attribution, you used a line that doesn't even have a SOURCE on it?

Here are the FACTS on that "pre-eminence".

"Florida State University is poised to benefit from passage of the Career and Professional Education Act, also known as the "pre-eminence bill," which Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Monday, April 22.

The Florida Legislature passed the measure earlier during the current legislative session that will designate Florida State and the University of Florida as “pre-eminent” universities and provide each school with an additional $15 million a year for the next five years to hire faculty members and escalate research."


Are you really trying to claim that FSU, which is not even in the US News and World Report top ONE HUNDRED, is a preeminent school along with UF? Stupid obsessed troll, your lies and weak cut and pastes with no attribution always come back to haunt you.

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