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August 07, 2014

Take Two? Robinson poised for breakout season

GAINESVILLE -- In 2013, the Demarcus Robinson hype-train rapidly approached maximum velocity.

Following explosive spring and fall camps, Robinson, then just a freshman, was touted as Florida's savior at the receiver position, but the heralded four-star wideout failed to produce an impact season after struggling through a suspension-riddled year. 

Once again this fall though, coaches and teammates are trumpeting Robinson's talents and teasing a breakout campaign by the sophomore. 

“Sometimes you just have to mature a little bit more and that’s what he’s done,” sophomore tailback Kelvin Taylor said.

“He’s ready to put it in the past and he’s ready to look forward to the future. He’s going to have a tremendous year this year, and I’m just so excited for him.”

Taylor, the Gators’ starting running back and Robinson's roomate, called the 6-foot-1, 205 pounder “a freakish athlete” and compared him to San Franciso 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree.

“He’s super fast. He just makes all types of spectacular catches,” Taylor said. “The guy, he reminds me a lot of Crabtree, he’s really good. Anytime the ball’s in the air he’s coming down with it.”

Plagued by off-the-field issues, Robinson tallied just six receptions for 43 yards last season but the sophomore has turned the corner according to his head coach.

“He’s really matured,” Will Muschamp said.

“Demarcus had a very good spring. The game slowed down for him. It’s not add water, instant player. Sometimes it takes a guy a little more time to adapt to the college speed of the game.”

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#HELP: Muschamp talks Twitter mishaps

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Will Muschamp continues to improve his Twitter skills.


“It's a work in progress,” he said, jokingly.  “My 9-year-old and 12-year-old have helped me.” 

After several recent misadventures where Muschamp accidentally publicly tweeted -- rather than direct messaged -- prospective recruits, Florida’s coach made a light-hearted attempt soliciting social media help. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.00.27 PM

“It's really unfair,” Muschamp said. “When you get a message sent to you, it also goes to your text and then you respond to your text -- not that I violated any of the NCAA rules because you are not allowed to text -- then it goes out.  It's not a direct message, it's a message for everybody.  You learn the hard way in life sometimes.” 

Muschamp avoided any wrath by the NCAA by not mentioning the recruit(s) by name, but the coach has instructed his staff to take precautions by not putting a prospects name “on anything” moving forward.

“Hey, you live and learn," he said. "The social media thing is interesting.  I can you that.  It's a way that you've got to be able to understand how to do it to be able to communicate with recruits.  That's a huge part of it.” 

The Gators, like most schools, monitor prospects and current players’ Twitter accounts, with Muschamp noting social media is simply part of the evaluation process nowadays. 

“When they press send it’s out there,” he explained. 

“There has been some situations that we’ve communicated with the perspective student athlete and said, “Where exactly are we, what road are we headed down here?” We may have talked to the high school coach, the principal and people within the school to find out more about exactly what messages are trying to be sent here. There’s no question there’s a lot of issue that can be made from the messages on a public social media. I’ve told our players this story all the time. I had a player one time that was going for a visit to a pro team coming out of college and jokingly made a tweet that was not viewed very humorously by the organization. The general manager called me and said, “What’s the deal with this guy?” It ended up, he was a defensive tackle that got drafted in the second round as opposed to end of the first round. … It cost him about $3.5 million based on where he was picked. I tell our guys all the time that I don’t ban them from Twitter but we try to monitor those things as best we can.”

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