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Gators confident, ready to move on from abysmal 2013

Bilde(Will Muschamp | Courtesy Matt Stamey/Gainesville Sun)

GAINESVILLE -- On the eve of fall camp, Florida coach Will Muschamp strolled up to the podium, quickly measured his media audience and immediately opened with the one word absent from Florida football all of 2013.


The only people rah-rah about the Gators during last year’s humiliating 4-8 season were their weekly opponents. 

According to an enthusiastic bunch donning orange and blue, that’s set to change.

Florida -- admittedly traumatized by its most embarrassing season in 35 years -- is motivated, determined and -- most notably -- confident in a drastic turnaround.

“If we stay healthy at the quarterback position, we're going to win a bunch of games,” said Muschamp, who boldly welcomed major expectations. 

This fall, the Gators return a young and hungry defense.  For the first time since Tim Tebow was on campus, Florida’s revamped offense features legitimate playmakers other SEC teams coveted. 

The talent is there, but just how many wins “a bunch of games” entails will ultimately determine Muschamp’s future employment at UF. 

Challenge accepted.

Muschamp’s third season in Gainesville was torpedoed by a rash of injuries, offensive ineptitude and a “woe is me mentality,” but there was a palpable energy among Florida’s players during Sunday’s Media Day. 

Guys on both sides of the ball spoke openly about their eagerness at a chance for redemption, desperate to forge last year’s misery into memories this fall.

“I’ve been around this program for over two years now and this is the most excited I’ve seen all the players who want to come out and compete and just win,” junior tailback Matt Jones said. “That just tells you something about this team.”

Added sophomore safety Keanu Neal: “We know we’re going to be a lot better than we were last year.”

Muscham -- who once again acknowledged he hired former Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper to jumpstart a stagnant attack after he witnessed Florida’s players lose confidence last seaso -- recognized an immediate attitude adjustment in his team this summer.

“We always talk in terms of either renting it or owning it,” Muschamp said. “You take ownership in your team.  I see a lot of that.”

He later continued: “[Last season’s debacle] was something we sort of buried to start the summer.  It was great motivation through spring and the off season workouts [and] something we still go to deal with. … I addressed our team about our preparation, about our attitude, about our embracing adversity, having a competitive edge every day.  To stick your head in the sand and pretend it was all injuries, that's not right. 

You will fool yourself if you believe that.  We addressed a lot of those things in the off-season. We're getting ready to get started with the 2014 Florida football team.”

Players swear camaraderie is at an all-time high. Everyone has “bought in.”

“The chemistry is there,” Neal said. “Having everyone on board and knowing they have the opportunity to be successful just makes [everyone] want to work that much harder.” 

Muschamp loves to say “talk is cheap,” but these Gators seem genuinely convinced in their chances this fall.

It's only August and it remains to be seen whether the traditional optimistic off-season platitudes hold true, but Muschamp & Co. refuse to deflect pressure. 

“I think all of the components are there,” he said.

“We need to go do it now.”

Yes they do. 

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LMFAO! He said " if we stay healthy we are going to win a lot of games" then he turns arou and and says" to stick your head in the sand and pretend it was all injuries, that's not right". ROTF! Then he said" you will fool yourself if you believe that". So in other words is gator fans use that as an excuse when muschamps actually lost the team at the halfway point. The players gave up. That's all there is to it. All those injuries saved his job and now he says that wasn't the problem. This guy is a politician. Overpaid with tax dollars and laughing all the way to the bank. Y'all can put it all on injuries all you want but the Georgia southern game showed the players quit on their fans. And to think you guys think a few backups moved into starting roles and a few freshmen are gonna remedy that. LOL. Utah is gonna give the gators all they can handle at the swamp and they may not even have to complete a pass to do it. Hahahahaha! This organization is a circus!

Sounds like the usual Clay-80ties Hurricane
bravado. Would not happen on a Shula team.


errrrrrrr, Timmy Teblow ain't walkin' through that door folks. Remember the last time a veteran Gatr QB went down and his freshman backup came in? Yep, Brantely went down and Driskel and Brissett got pounded.

The names have changed but the sieve of an O-line has not. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Maggots, you know it's true.

Coach Mus is saying all the right things and setting up the upcoming season with no excuses. He has put himself in a position of accountability. Sounds good to me.
Again it falls on Driskel and Roper being able to make it work.
Score points early and often. Bring it on.
Goooooooooooo Gators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truth is, we don't know. If JD can do it, 8 wins is likely. If not, 8 losses would be a good year. More likely, something like 6-6 with a QB change half way through the year, if he can't do it.

But - if he can, 8 is likely 10 is possible. Atlanta is possible. Can't overstate the importance of one player.

I know I am pulling for Driskel to be the surprise player of the year in college football.

College football most valuable teams in 2013 from Forbes magazine:

6. Florida Gators

Team value: $94 million
Revenue: $75 million
Profit: $49 million
Conference: SEC
Head coach: Will Muschamp

Only Notre Dame contributes more athletic money back to academic programming than Florida. Last year, the Gators athletic department gave $7.2 million back to the university, a gift that included $1.5 million earmarked for non-athletic scholarships. Despite going 4-8 this season, the team's first losing record in more than 30 years, head coach Will Muschamp will keep his job in 2014; had he been fired, the school would have owed him $8 million.

Miami and FSU are no where to be found inside this top 20 list.
Again, even after a disastrous season we are one of the best programs in the nation. It's not a question of IF we will resume our winning ways,
the question is when.
I say it starts this season.
BTW, this is further proof that the resident Miami Moron is a total imbecile. The UAA pays for the stadium and the athletic programs. It even gives millions back to the school. There is no one and nothing "overpaid with tax dollars".

Sooooo, jlo, you're saying that a massive public diploma mill in a state that does not value education and holds athletics in general and football specifically as its main objective is a massive money generator?

NO! You don't say! I'm floored. Aghast. What will you post next? That UFilth funnels money earmarked for public works improvements to its athletic department so that its infrastructure is crumbling as the ignorant masses perform the gatr chomp 7 weekends a year?

You are a dope, jlo. A product of a bankrupt public education model. WAsh. Rinse. Repeat.

"Again, even after a disastrous season we are one of the best programs in the nation."

Errrr, you are equating money with quality and, if that were true, you would have never had a 4-8 season with a 7-5 and 6-6 sprinkled in for good measure.

Texas, with a better gross margin that UFilth, has been a nothing program since Vince Young left. So, jlo, you harp on about facilities, and funds, and a full stadium.

The Canes will, instead, harp on about owning you in football. Same as it ever was.

No my low comprehension Moron, just the opposite. The UAA "funnels" money gained by the athletic department into academic and non athletic programs.
There is no diploma mill.
Florida does value education.
There is no crumbling infrastructure.
Reality is the complete opposite of what you post.
You are just one lonely and jealous pathetic loser.

Dang right he is saying the right things jlo....do you think he is gonna come out and say " uh, we went 4-8 last year and hope for 6 wins this year"? Only Charlie Weiss has the ball s to do that. Muschamps knows this is his last season and is selling his train wreck as hard as he can. He will still get paid so he doesn't care. Maybe y'all can get Strong back.....nope he is building Texas now . would be funny to see him beat the gators in two bowl games being that uf will never tea el to Texas. Would love to see that in a neutral site game say.....Orlando during the regular season. Too bad all those old timers at uf wouldn't hire him while they still had him.

Jls, have you ever been to the swamp? Its a dump! That is by far the worst stadium I have been to. Haven't personally been there since Spurrier was there so it has to be worse now.

Lol the orange bowl was old but at least it was the most historic football stadium in the country. No stadium will ever surpass her history. You felt proud when you walked in there. The swamp, not so much.

"Florida does value education."

==> Reality: dropped Bright Futures scholarship program; dropping like stone in academic rankings; the state of FloriDUH is 48 out of 50 in public education spending.

==> Reality: from an article last year: Florida universities need $250 million for maintenance and infrastructure in 2013 or “large-scale, systemic failures will inevitably result over the coming years.”

So says a draft report of a state task force expected to be given to state lawmakers in November.

Colleges and universities are at a crisis point because Florida’s main funding mechanism is broken, and the schools expect to get no money for construction and maintenance in 2013.

Zero. Not one cent. Not even for leaky roofs.

“This is unprecedented,” Chris Kinsley, director of finance and facilities for the state university system, said at a September Florida Board of Governors meeting. “We talk about how there’s no PECO [Public Education Capital Outlay Trust Fund], but we take for granted that there will be maintenance.”

But gaylo still say:

Duuhhhhh, Go Gatah.

The Orange Bowl was a toilet bowl in the middle of Little Havana. It was so beautiful and historic that the city of Miami tore it down! Where were all the Hurricane "fans" to protest such a move? Probably too busy to care, just like they're too busy to come to a game.

It's okay though. Now we have beautiful Marlins Park where the crappy Orange Bowl once stood, and the Canes can take a long journey to Miami Gardens (aka Carol City) to rent the Dolphins' stadium.

But Ben Hill Griffin stadium still stands, and it is beloved by all Gator fans, and it will NEVER be torn down. Look at any list of most intimidating stadiums in college football, and The Swamp is always in the top five.

Get a life Cane losers. U sUck and Miami loves U so much they tore down U're crappy stadium.



Errr, the Ben Hill sewer tank is owned by me, as a taxpayer. That it won't be torn down really means nothing as the bloated public diploma mill will just take more from the academic budget to fill in the gap in funding for athletics.

It's what massive state public diploma mills do. It is why, academically, that skewwwl is a pit. I am sure as an upstanding educator of young minds, that has to bother you, Suckyco, although as a graduate of the skewwl I am not so sure.

In any event, the UFilth is in the SEC where academics is a long word that most students can't spell so, carry on.

Lol suckio is back. All stadiums are eventually torn down. Baseball and football. The swamp will be demolished one day too. The only difference is taxpayers will build you a new one.

Wow, you really told me. You own Ben Hill Griffin stadium, and you own the University of Florida, and you own the parks and the libraries. Heck, you own the police department as well. Oh wait, so do I! And so does jls, and even Jesse is an owner.

Guy, you are the biggest loser the world has ever seen! Keep spending your life on this blog, while the rest of us continue with our lives.

When you die, and there is no woman to weep over your corpse, and no kids or friends to surround your coffin, maybe some of the people who comment here might show up and read a few of your quotes, and talk about how dedicated you were to defending the University of Miami. They should name a building at the school for you. Maybe one day. Keep posting and it just might happen.


Also , more has been said about the orange bowl than the swamp by far. She was a great stadium and outlived her life expectancy.your stadium will never have that legacy.


Ok, "guy."

Suckio, if he has a building named after him then technically he would not be a loser but be thought of as a hero for defending what he loved. Losers are beaten by div ll teams at home with a one dimensional game. Pound the rock.....pound the rock.

Bro, you might want to look at the US News & World Report ranking of universities before talking about how "bad" UF is. Looks like the rankings say UF and um are ranked toward the bottom of the top 50 universities in the US. With the extra restrictions placed on a public university as opposed to a private university, I'd say you're off base there, buddy. Does Miami even play football anymore? UF's worst team in 30 years barely lost a nail-biter to miami last year and the only news I hear out of South Florida is the QB getting in trouble for drugs. I will concede that the drunk homeless crack dealers miss the Orange Bowl.

"With the extra restrictions.."

Such as? All we hear about is the unlimited resources, budget and funds that the UFilth receives. And with 18K graduates pumped out every year, albeit sorely unprepared, seems that the public diploma mill would be able to overcome any alleged restrictions.

Plus, when a skewl produces a graduate who peppers his posts with "Bro" and "buddy," I've proven my point.

And the only news you hear out of south florida is about Kevin Olsen? Really? You must not know how to read because there are many and more important items written and talked about in South Florida than Olsen getting suspended for marijuana.

Now, I could get into the news out of Trailerville but that has been beaten into you so bad you may not be able to handle anymore. Safe to say that the epicenter of university criminality resides in the cesspool in Alachua County.

Good post SUICYCO. The only thing you are off base is when you tell the Moron "and talk about how dedicated you were to defending the University of Miami"

This Moron is not "defending" the University of Mediocre. This Moron is here spewing lies and exaggerations and attacking the Flagship University in the Great State of Florida. Big difference.

"when a skewl produces a graduate who peppers his posts with "Bro" and "buddy," I've proven my point"

Wrong again Moron, he is talking down to your level so you may understand. The only thing you have proven is what a pathetic loser you are.
BTW so far this year the "epicenter of University criminality"( what a stupid phrase that is)resides in Coral Gables. By a long mile.

Keep talking while you can Miami Morons, soon we will be winning again and you will be whining.
You imbeciles are always world beaters in the offseason.
You are the champs, in your puny delusional brains only.

Hey I'm Coach Muschamp and I'm a RETARD

Thank you JLS.

I guess the Cane trolls don't really live in Miami because that's how we talk in Miami.

Just because you bought an orange and green jersey on the internet doesn't mean you're from Miami, poser.

Where are you from? England? You're a snob, and I'm pretty sure you would get your behind handed to you in Miami. Not even that ugly Canes jersey will save you.

another 4-8 season....prepare thy anus

If they get punched in the mouf by the Vandals then it will be a long season. If not they may win 6 games.

That's not how the people I k ow in Miami talk.....are you from liberty city?

"that's how we talk in Miami."

Oh, Suckyco, perhaps the "we" you refer to is the ghetto or latin trash. It is hardly the "we" I grew up with so you are generalizing from specific which, in elementary logic, is a fatal error in reasoning. Of course, someone with a degree from UFilth missed out on that.

As for "being from England" or "being a snob," it is not snobbery to expect someone, especially an alleged university grad, to speak somewhat proper English. You can choose to be a boastful ignoramus, proud of your poor English and use of slang, but it does not make someone a snob because they prefer what is correct.

That you are a teacher of high school kid says all you need to know about the poor quality of public education in Miami-Dade County. Teachers like you filling young minds with the concept that "bro" and "buddy" are acceptable everyday speech because "that's how we speak in Miami" is a sad statement. I'd like to see them take that on the road and try to get a job in Manhattan or Chicago or even Buenos Aires.

And by the way, I am sure a clown like you is from Hialeah, not Miami. So perhaps your statement should have been, "bro, that's how we speak in Hialeah, bro. Got it, buddy?" That would make far more sense.

UF Football
Florida Gators coach Will Muschamp plans practice changes with heat in mind


LMAO...the HEAT from his own HOT SEAT perhaps

Foley will only schedule teams who agree to play at 7 AM or 7 PM to avoid the heat.

We wuz injuried.
Driskel interceptions.
Too hot.
The band was in the upper deck.

Waaahhhh. Wahhhhhh. Waaaahhhhh.

Go Gatah.

"As for "being from England" or "being a snob," it is not snobbery to expect someone, especially an alleged university grad, to speak somewhat proper English. You can choose to be a boastful ignoramus, proud of your poor English and use of slang, but it does not make someone a snob because they prefer what is correct."

OK, so now you speak "proper English" do not use "slang" and "prefer what is correct".
Like when you say " Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Maggots, you know it's true. " or " when a skewl produces..."

Schizo perhaps, hypocrite for sure, delusional always.
Do you really believe our own lies, exaggerations, and conflicting statements?
See here bud, bro, homie, you be one dumb S.O.B., one low life pathetic loser. Even your name of the day is a delusional reflection of who you are. What are the canes #1 in? I tell you what, the canes are #1 in having the most disgusting and ignorant followers. Not fans but followers. Big difference Moron. Like the #1 Moron Sid whose validation as a cane follower comes from his Jacory Harris tattoo. Not from having attended UM but from his UM related tattoos.
You are all a bunch of losers. Delusional and pathetic losers.

You are all a bunch of losers. Delusional and pathetic losers.
Posted by: jls14234 | August 05, 2014 at 11:11 AM

And he wonders why people think he is going to die alone and bitter, too fat to get out of his trailer, after years of trolling as his only life goal.

I am from Hialeah... and I'm damn proud of it!

Where are you from??? Eh, don't worry about it. Nobody really cares.

Thanks for having my back jls.


Suckyo, I am sure Jlo and gatordumb have your backside night in and night out. In and out boys, keep it cumin.

And he wonders why people think he is going to die alone and bitter, too fat to get out of his trailer, after years of trolling as his only life goal.

Posted by: the death of jls will be mourned by nobody

Come up with original thoughts once in your pathetic life. This was said about Sid the Moron on this site already and it applies to him. Lonely, bitter, lives to troll and no one would notice if he was gone. No one but Gatorclause. It's been said before, it's documented so stop projecting. Stop stealing and come up with your own stuff. Better yet, go F yourself and leave us alone loser.

wah wah wah wah wah...
Posted by: jls14234 | August 05, 2014 at 09:09 PM

TRANSLATION: Mommy, he is picking on me, and it was okay for me to do that to him, but he is not allowed to do that to me, it is unfair!

And I am confused, mommy, I thought they were all one guy, but they writ differently and at different hours, could I have been WRONG again, like when I said the Gators were going to the SEC title game?

Now look out mommy, I have to go to the bathroom, again, and we both can't be on the same side of the trailer at the same time, you know how it tips over from our combined tonnage.

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