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Ties for two: More gay men are celebrating Father's Day as they join the baby boom

IT'S A GIRL! When Jeff Mello learned he was going to have a daughter, Logan, he knew it would be a hairy situation. 'That is my biggest problem,' he says. 'Being bald myself, I don't have to worry about coifs. My daughter has the worst-coiffed hair in school."


Little Angelina Jimenez-Alicea's heart belongs to daddy. And papi.

There is no mommy. Angelina's parents are Richard and Manuel ''Tony'' Jimenez-Alicea, a gay Miramar couple who decided their lives needed a child to be complete.

''It's a calling a lot of people have. It's a pain in the heart,'' said Richard, 41.

Tony, 37, says he never thought he'd have children. ''Hey, I was gay,'' he said. 'It was not until Richard and I started talking about it that I said, `There's a possibility.' ''

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I applaud gay men and women for giving of themselves to have a family--it is a calling that is admirable and mature. What i do not understand is the surrogate option. with so many children needing families in America, why bring ANOTHER child into the world. I DO understand you want it to be of your own flesh and blood but really, some flesh and blood kids may "look" less like you than adopted kids--it's all about the interaction and the nurturing in the end. As to the friends that no longer speak with the man who now had a girl, who cares. Those Fags are usually the fickle sluts who have little understanding of anything except a gay bar opening on Saturday night or an X rush--good riddance.

Carl, you make good points. One hitch: In Florida, it is illegal for gay people to adopt.As for the gay friends who no longer call Jeff, the same thing often happens with straight people. Childless people tend to interact less with families - they have less in common.

Steve:Look pal, tomorrow is Father's Day, not gay day! How about writing for regular dad's instead of a couple of gay-flamers? What the heck is the matter with you? You take up space in the paper for crap on gay men! Sincerely,George

fags and kids what

What is my Country coming to? I am a 45 year old male living in Kendal.I have a full time job and a part time job. I am also in the Air Force and spent two monthsin Iraq last year fighting against people that would like to destroy our way of life and killus if they could.Most of all I am a Husband and a Father to two wonderful children now 21 and 17 years old.I enjoy reading the paper (Miami Herald) when I have the time and this Saturday for relaxation I thoughtI would do just that.I came across Section E "Tropical Life" and in smaller letters "Family Values".Top story on the front page of this section "TIES FOR TWO".This story about two Gay man raising a child also took up a whole page on page 4.This is very disturbing on so many levels I don't know where to begin.I was truly insulted and outraged that this is being portrayed as a good/normal thingand more outraged on the amount of coverage it received in this Section.It literally made me sick like I needed to vomit.Raising kids to be good, productive persons in our society is hard work.It takes Parents a Man and a Woman to share this difficult task.I am a true Father a Man, the way God intended.I will continue to fight enemies of our country and enemies of our Americanway of life including our traditional values.lCarlos M. Paz

Carlos Paz,I applaud your hard work and dedication to your family and our country. Being a dedicated father to your children is one of the most important things a man can do.You reply does not recognize Tony and I as human beings created by God with the similar goals, dreams, emotions and dedications for our family.Though our family does not fit your ideal picture of what a family is, our family shares the same joys and challenges as your family.We are hard working, church going, family focused and dedicated to our daughter. Tony & I have been in a successful relationship for 10 years and like many couples wanted to add the joy of a child.I have encountered people with your same opinion in the past. I have found that once they have had the opportunity to know our family, they can then recognize that we are just another family with 2 parents who happen to be men. Gay men can not fall into parenthood as many other parents can. We had to go through major soul searching and challenges before we could make our dream of being parents a reality. I hope in time and with new understanding you will be able to see that as fathers, we share more and are more alike than you now believe.Sincerely,Richard Jimenez-Alicea

How wonderful! My partner and I have two children 9 & 4 1/2 whom we adopted. It's nice to see famlies like ours visible in Florida. Raising a child takes committed and unselfish parents - gay or straight.KeithVirginia

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