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Castro's niece fights for new sexual revolution


HAVANA - Mariela Castro is leading a Cuban revolution less well known than her Uncle Fidel's: one in favor of sexual tolerance within the island's macho society.

Castro, 43, is leading the charge from her government-funded National Center for Sex Education, based in an old Havana mansion.

As director of the group, she promoted a soap opera that scandalized many Cubans in March by sympathetically depicting bisexuality. The controversial show depicted, among other story lines, the life of a construction worker who leaves his wife and children for the man next door.

Now President Castro's niece is pushing for passage of a law that would give transsexuals free sex change operations and hormonal therapy in addition to granting them new identification documents with their changed gender.

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I want to take to your knowledge that human rights against a transsexual individual are been committed right now at a federal facility in Miami Florida. Mr. Roberto Barragan alias: Patricia, its 35 years old, she has been living as a woman for the last 10 years, she had to leave her native Country of Peru to protect herself from homophobia. She was granted asylum in the US for a year, but the courts revoke her asylum petition and she was ask to go back to Peru. Mr. Barragan knows how hard and difficult if not dangerous her life would be in Peru, out of desperation and afraid for her security she stayed illegally in the U.S., unavailable to look for a job without the proper documentation, she tried to get an American passport with a fake identity when she was caught and she was locked at the Miami Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami. The problem is that because Mr. Barragan is neither a woman nor a men, police CLAIMS that they could not lock her with the male inmates at a regular jail room, afraid for her security; and because she is not 100% a woman, he can't be locked up with the females either. So their solution was to lock her on "solitary confinement" this place is better known as "the hole", this is a 2 by 2 SOLITARY DARK ROOM, that is made specifically to punish dangerous inmates for bad behavior. Mr. Barragan has been living in this isolation room with no light, no windows, and no communication with the exterior world for the last two months. She probably would have had more luck if she had been a rapist, murderer, thief or drug dealer, but because she is NOT any of the above but a transgender she has been confined to the worse of rooms under the worse conditions at the Federal State Detention while she waits for her Court appeal. Mr. Barragan’s Mother beg the Miami police to allow him to get out with the other inmates and see the light of the day once a day, but they refused. Mr. Barragan is losing it, day by day, locked at this dark solitary room, she is under medications and she is suffering of psychological trauma.He is at the Miami detention center her case number is 22873-069Maurizio Montoya

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