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Gay Pride in New York: Liza Minnelli judges a dog show at a lesbian bar


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Hi Steve,I have a question for you, but first let me clarify this: I support gay relationships and gay marriage one hundred percent. My question is in regard to the many gay-pride marches that have been taking place around the world in the last couple of days. I support the marches as statements of pride and empowerment. I think it’s important to march holding your head up high denouncing intolerance, discrimination and demanding equal rights. But while I see it as a civil rights issue, others – including some participants in the marches – saw it as a big party (making out in public and walking around naked).My question: Do you think some of this behavior is detrimental to the gay cause? I think it helps perpetuate the stereotype of gays just being irreverent and hedonistic.Best regards,A.

I dunno, A. Do teenagers making out at the mall and Britney Spears displaying her mammaries to the masses on national TV affect your civil rights as a heterosexual?

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