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From my Gay Q&A: Why are straight men turned on by lesbians???

Posted today to the Gay Q&A:

Hello Steve:

Hope all is well with you. Question: Why is that straight men embrace and even get turned on by the notion of Lesbianism, but immediately get repulsed about the notion of two men being together? Why the double standard? It is almost hypocritical when you really think about it because a homosexual is a homosexual whether you are a man or a woman. I want to know what you and other readers out there have to say about this issue.

kquicksilver, Miami 8/18/06


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Steve:There no reason for a long social diatribe here. Men who like women, get turned on by women. If they see two women, they get twice as turned on. It's same when men witness orgies in pornography. Beyond this generalization. I should point out that not all men feel this way about women, if they are straight men or men, if they are gay men. But whomever we're speaking of, the enjoyment of "doublemint" fun does not cross sexual preference lines. In other words, the man who likes seeing lesbians having sex has not crossed any boundaries on his "manhood" or his acceptance of different sexual politics. He is merely enjoying more of what he likes.This might sound simplistic, but having heard some of these guys talk, it causes no consternation for them because their focus is still clearly the sexual arousal of seeing women. And that's OK with them. What do you think?ES

i have to disagree...how many straight women would be turned on by watching 2 men get it on?

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