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Campaign Launched to Combat South Florida Meth Crisis

News release:

Coalition Urges Gay Men to Take a Stand Against Crystal Meth by Learning About the Dangers of This Increasingly Popular 'Party Drug'

AIDS HealthcareFoundation (AHF), the largest AIDS organization in the United States, is joining the AIDS Community Action Foundation, AIDS Walk Ft. Lauderdale, and the Crystal Meth Working Group in calling attention to the growing problem of addiction to methamphetamine in South Florida, through a manifesto printed in last Sunday's Miami Herald. The Manifesto will also appear in El Nuevo Herald on Sunday, October 1st, The Key Reporter on Friday, October 6th and The Key Noter on Wednesday, October 11th, as well as in upcoming issues of 411, Express and The Independent.

According to the manifest, 35 million people worldwide use crystal meth, making it the second most frequently used illicit drug after marijuana. It also notes that "while most meth use in the U.S. is among heterosexuals, here in South Florida it's a widespread problem among gay men." In light of this fact, the document, which was originally created by the Crystal Meth Working Group and first appeared in the New York Times on June 15th, specifically calls on gay men to recognize the threat that crystal meth poses to their community and states that "we cannot stand by and do nothing!"

"AHF salutes the AIDS Community Action Foundation for organizing the effort to bring attention to this menace in our midst. We hope that by ringing the alarm loudly, we will stop the glamorization of this insidious drug," said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The executives of the sponsoring health care and advocacy organizations ask that the community take responsibility by making informed choices about sex and drug use, not be silent and talk to other gay men about the dangers of crystal meth, show compassion for those who are addicted and help get them into treatment, fight for more drug treatment money, and finally, not to let crystal meth destroy an entire generation of gay men. To sign on to this manifesto and for more information, please go to http://www.gaymeth.org.

SOURCE: AIDS Healthcare Foundation


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